Use multiple textures for one actor?

I’m trying to build a Minecraft like game. One of the goals I have though is being able to use existing resource packs. In order to do so, it looks like I would need to apply multiple textures to a single item. I found the naming scheme for resource packs, so I have that…but I don’t know where to start with trying to apply multiple textures to a block. Any suggestions? Any command or functionality I should look at and mess with to do this?

If needed, this is the link to resource pack naming (textures are at the bottom): Resource pack – Minecraft Wiki

If you don’t want to read…which I don’t blame you…here is an example:


All of that would be needed to get the different variants of a grass block. Dirt would be applied to the bottom, grass side would obviously be the sides, and grass top.

Hope this is enough…thanks for your help ahead of time! :slight_smile:

Before answering, i would like to mention that in UE, you don’t apply textures to actors. Instead, you apply textures to materials, then apply materials to meshes, and then include meshes in actors (or just use these meshes without putting it in actor, but it will not allow you to add blueprint logics to these blocks.)


You need to use material slots on your meshes. in 3DsMAX/Maya/Blender or whatever 3D software you are using, create a few material slots and apply each for different polygons (faces of the mesh blocks).
then in UE editor, click on the freshly imported mesh asset, and you will be able to assign different material to each material slot. (you will have to create 1 material per 1 texture, or optionally use material instances if you know how to.)

p.s. in a minecraft clone that would be 1 material slot for bottom face, 1 material slot for the top, and 1 material slot for the sides (all 4 using the same slot)