Use Godrays in any light source?

So I was watching a video on how to make Godrays/Lightshafts and so i tried it, but i realized that lightshafts couldn’t be used in my case because i’m using a Spot Light, i wanna know if i could add lightshafts/godrays to a spotlight. Please help!

Thank you so much! This did the job nicely!

Probably not how they’d emit from a sunsky light or directional light. Yet it could be simulated at least somewhat using volumetric fog (a volume material + exponential height fog…look those up in the docs) and the spot light. A post process volume could help too, and/or an IES profile. Would this screenshot show a similar effect to what you’re looking to do? It’s from the Volumetric Fog page.



You’re welcome. I was wondering how it would be done too after doing the tutorial for skyshafts in the lighting learning path. Then I read that page a number of times, finally comprehending what it would involve beyond using a skylight or directional. Another thing that could be useful with it is blendables, or simply post process volume(s) that are bound, weighted, and have the right priority and blend radius set (because they don’t only blend with other post process Vs, they also blend with other lighting actors).

Cool, you can check out my game here!