Upgrade version Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit

i have this Multiplayer First Person Shooter Kit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
i try to download 4.12 when i press start this project for start my game… but i have a little error. "The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version: UE4Editor-FPSTemplate.dll Would you like to rebuild them now? " I use for version 4.12… and error… can fix this? or what version i need to so for no bugs… but if i use old version is wrong for another products?

Hi SorinSmon,

You should just need to press “yes” to to rebuild with 4.12. The item will work fine in the version you are using if between 4.9-4.12 as advertised on the Marketplace page. However, if you are running into any errors after this message, please let us know the error and provide any screenshot you may have.



same problem here so i need Enigne Version 4.12 to rebuild?if i press rebuild on 4.18 again error see pic 2