Updating from 4.24.3 to 4.24.6

New here and trying to use Unreal Engine with SolidWorks. I got a HP Reverb G2 recently and the thumbstick will not work on other packages like eDrawings VR or Pixyz.
I’m having the same issue with Unreal Editor. Googling it and a site says “Unreal Engine 4.26 and either OpenXR or SteamVR is required to access the HP Motion Controller plugin you’ll need to work with the HP Reverb G2 controllers.”
I downloaded Unreal today version 4.24.3 and am not sure how to update it to 4.26

I see the controller issues are mentioned here. Reverb G2 controllers not working in UE4 4.25.4 - #17 by Bevman00
Still looking to find out how to upgrade to 4.26 however.

Ok, I got it in the library tab.