Update on "The Vineyard" Challenge and July's #UE4JAM Results! Jul 30 - Live from Epic HQ

Lead Technical Artist Wyeth Johnson returns to give us a more in-depth update on “The Vineyard” ArchViz challenge from Ronen Beckerman. Epic is proud to be a sponsor for the event, and can’t wait to be blown away by the final results, all built in Unreal Engine.

Also, we’ve got the results in from July’s #ue4jam! TONS of excellent games made in just over three days. Don’t miss it!

Thursday, July 30 @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager - @iveytron](
Wyeth Johnson - Lead Technical Artist - @SirWyeth](
Dana Cowley - Senior Marketing Manager, Epic Games - @danacowley](
Alexander Paschall - Engine Support Technician, Epic Games - @UnrealAlexander](

Edit: The YouTube archive is now available here](

Nice! Thanks for the countdown and clarity Chance. That’s so useful :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone, saw some excellent games indeed.

So much Dana on stream recently. Just like the good old Days :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thanks, Brainshack!

Very interesting twitch cast this time around and more than anything have always been interested in visuals be it in game or for preVis.

That being said, and maybe just me, there does seem to be a lack of information as to how to establish a good working lighting solution as a working base and could be the subject of a Tuesday Tech Talk?

To point out as well the realistic samples available are way out of date, considering they were made available with the release of 4.0, and do not seem to take into account the changes over time or the requirement of a humanoid character even walking by (even if it’s blueman).

I have been eyeing the vis stuff on the market place but if Joe sitting at the kitchen table does not look realistic then it’s not a very realistic environment?

This is awesome.
Just knew there is contest.
Thank you for your information.