UnrealVoxel - blocky Minecraft-like infinite world + download

Thank you, I see you’ve done a great job! It’s cool! I’m thinking support.:slight_smile:

By the way, is there a version on sellfy of those textures from the demo video? And is there a demo version supporting the latest unreal engine release?

Yes both versions are supporting the latest Unreal Engine 4.23. In the marketplace you get slightly modified version with cleaner BP but no texture pack due to legal terms.

I bought this plugin two years ago, from sellfy .
How can I get the new version?


You can still download newest version from sellfy :slight_smile:

For free, or I have to pay again?

If you send me your email of course is for free! :slight_smile:

Email sent!

Still waiting for your email :frowning:

Plugin is now available in the marketplace with 70% discount! Thanks to BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

Tefel is this stuff still planned?

It got a little bit postponed, but plugin is supported and will be. Yes above stuff is planned as next updates.

Plugin is now available with 50% discount during Epic Flash Sale!

[Voxel Sandbox Toolkit in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace](Voxel Sandbox Toolkit in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)

Some people had problems to configure the plugin so I wrote detailed step by step guide how to run the plugin.
Here you can check updated online documentation:

Plugin is now available with 50% discount during Epic Sale!

I bought your plugin from sellfy two years ago. Can I have the new version? The transaction was 4XV59619DN3910934 on 2017/11/16 . My email is

Yes, please check your email

This Plugin one has a big problem, the player falls through the cubes!

Thank you for reporting the bug, it’s going to be resolved soon.

Plugin is now discounter 50% during marketplace flash sales.

Hi … I’m new in unreal engine … i have purchased this plugin, but I’m very confuse how to import/open this plugin to the project? regards