UnrealVoxel - blocky Minecraft-like infinite world + download

Hey everyone,

I want to share with You my version of voxel based Minecraft-like infinite world. I wasfocused more on C++ instead of BP to get the best performance possible. I create only the front faces from the outward voxels. I even manage to remove the chunk connections using the additional information shared between chunks.
Two weeks ago You could follow creation process on my twitch channel (http://twitch.tv/) where I did almost everything from algorythmic point. During last two weeks I was improving graphics, effects, menus and also adding more functionalities and features.

Video & Download link:https://.com/watch?v=WXJw1pswLRM
Marketplace link:

Don’t forget to check my Unreal Engine 4 channel. I upload there my work (tutorials and prototypes). Every single like and subsribe can help me to grow. Thanks!




Graphics: All assets in this project are either created entirely by myself or were released as Public Domain and then used directly or edited by me.
Music: free, classical, ambient made by Sergey Cheremisinov & Philipp Weigl

This is just small side-project, prototype made on my twitch stream (http://twitch.tv/) where people could follow a creation process. To make this more enjoable I was trying to be really close to the original Minecraft game. While it’s looking similar to Minecraft, my intention was not to create a game similar to Minecraft but just challenge myself and check overall look of all additional Unreal Engine 4 effects.

There is a lot of small things You can notice while trying this prototype

  • procedurally generated World with wide range of randomness (seed makes whole thing looks much different every time)
  • wind effect for the trees and all other custom elements like flower and grass
  • advanced materials with normals, displacement, shaders, shifting grass, removing tiling effect and adding additional 3D noises for sand and stones
  • advanced particles like falling leaves, birds
  • independent scene actors - the butterflies
  • cracking effect, destructible mesh effect
  • simple inventory based on UMG
  • savegame system based on C++ finding .sav files - simplicity 1 file = 1 game
  • more than 50 sounds for different type of voxel and tool using
  • menu system with GPU / CPU settings
  • additional options to make this thing more funny like rounded material for trees, BIGGER/SMALLER blocks etc.

I decided to upload source code but it all will depend on people being interested. Some likes and subscribes can help me to grow my UE4 channel where I put a lot of effort recording tutorials and other UE4 related materials.

Funny fact is that I have never played Minecraft but maybe I will :slight_smile:

Please share Your thoughts about this!


Awesome work, looks great!

Very beautiful i would like to see more !
it will be awesome to see the implementation of the generation/culling …

Thanks! Here is a direct download link: http://bit.ly/UnrealVoxel

very nice! i would be very much interested in source files if possible :slight_smile: if not, thanks anyway for what you released so far!

Wow very nice! Keep up the awesome work

Beautiful work. Can you share the material for leaves of crown tree, especially the wind for leaves of the tree? Thanks

this is just wind function node + world displacement

You mean SimpleGrassWind or Panner node? Could you take a simple screenshot?


nice work.

By the way this is not a game. It is only a prototype but maybe it should turn into the game? I am thinking about something like Harvest Moon with challanges of finding resources like water etc. I have also an idea how to change basic shape square to be something more unusual and not being Minecraft clone.

turn it into a game yes :slight_smile:
Its very cool.

I’ve updated the information

if i had a good pc… i would already have made a letsplay out of it XD
I sooo much love voxel games like this. :slight_smile:

But its lagging extremly even on lower settings… Its horrible :c my blueprint clone is even faster.
Any ideas?

Hmm I can make the render settings starts from 1…

Is Your CPU the bottleneck or GPU?
This is developement version because I wanted to keep Savegame folder inside the game folder. You have all commands available so You can set even more settings if You want.

yee that sounds cool :3
Just go ahead on this im eager to see where this can go.

OK, You can check it right now. I’ve changed configuration to start from render range 1. Enjoy


I changed it once again because it wasn’t applying range1. Right now should be really low range.

it did changed a few things. But theres still much work to be done. Thx tho :slight_smile:

check this once again pls.