UnrealVoxel - blocky Minecraft-like infinite world + download

How many times today did you updated this :smiley:
Will redownload again!

hehe twice, first was changing settings but not applying them. If You see less terrain like here everything is fine

Have You guys tried?

i have :stuck_out_tongue: still lags.
Should i make you a list with my things i found bad? :slight_smile:
That would be very accurate feedback.

Yeah why not… Thanks
But if You are not able to run this prototype on ultra settings how You can give accurate feedback? :smiley:

I know alot about ue4 :smiley: So i can tell you exactly what you should do. :slight_smile:

  • Make button to deactivate Motionblur
  • Make button to deactivate godrays
  • Make button to deactivate lensflare
  • Make buttons for SSAO enable and its quality settings
  • Make movement harder so that the items and the arms dont move up and down so slow
  • Remove shadows of items in hand and handmesh shadow itself
  • Hotbar scrolling should be in the other direction
  • Height of player is wrong, should be 2 blocks height
  • mouse sensitivity settings
  • autosave on map leave
  • interaction animations with same speed as the actual action
  • menu for speed settings
  • flying option? maybe. classified


  • Make music volume sliders
  • more feedback sounds on interactions

All advices really hit home but I am not sure if I really should go so far. It was just small challange to see how Unreal Engine 4 is doing with all these generation and effects.

  • I can add more settings but You can still use commands in developement mode.
  • Movement harder? I can slow down the movement speed or increase weapon up-down speed.
  • Hotbar scrolling, ok it’s quick fix so I will do it.
  • What do You mean height character is wrong? it is 1 voxel wide and 2 height - feets this tunel 1x2
  • Sensitivity hmm
  • Autosave why not
  • Yeah I can improve animations
  • There was flying options but in other controller. Right now I am using only personCharacter

There is a lot of sounds already. Walk sound, hit sounds of different voxel type, menu sounds etc.

Thanks for Your feedback!

The image on the camera clearly shows how small the player is :smiley:
Hes like 1,4m? or smaller :smiley: a dwarven game!!!

Dont slow down movement, make it faster, an sync the animations to the speed.
And add animations to the rest of the actions.
If i dig i just click the ground and all that happens is… well digging the block. But no animation is there.

And the sword… takes ages to attack!
Well not that there is anything to hit currently anyways.

“world displacement” you mean “world position offset” or tessellation inputs?
One screenshot will clear the air …

I think both are fine but we don’t need to use tesselation so I would stay with World Possition Offset.

I already tried with “SimpleGrassWind” or “Panner”+“Sin” nodes connected to “world position offset”, but the movement of the leaves is not even close to your leaves. There is something major else …

I will make tutorial about this

I finally figure it out. The keys here are the specific values for the four inputs of “SimpleGrassWind” node. Out of this node is multiply with const/param offset and insert in “World Position Offset”. The “Panner” + “Sin” is not produce good natural movements. Thanks

Great work! I have been replaying your streams on this and lots of information you have on there. Wish i could of watched this live but work and time zones got in the way.

This is amazing and exactly what I have been looking for!!! You said you would share the source code but where do we find this? I would absolutely love to have the source code to this.

This is absolutely awesome and I would love the source code to this! This is exactly what I have been looking for bscause I have been looking to create and have an infinite voxel world. You said you will share the source code but where do we find this?

I am VERY interested, since i already had all the gameplay for such a game ready, but i cant get the world-generation running in Blueprint (this just blows up everything… due to the overhead).

And this might help me to get it “done” in c++, after some learning.

I uploaded new version of this prototype. Much more settings for testing Unreal Engine 4. It is possible to start from empty terrain generation so it should work for everyone :slight_smile:

Wheres the official link?