UnrealVoxel - blocky Minecraft-like infinite world + download

Hey, whole example should be located in Content of the plugin, there is also documentation included:

If you have any questions just let me know on our discord: TefelDev

This looks awesome, I’ll have to tinker with it when I get some time.

Thanks, I think is a really good start if you want to make some cube generation from noise like Minecraft, Cube World. I am sure it can also run on Wandows95 :wink:

Do you have vid making the infinite world map if you do pls send me the link if you dont can you make one :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

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The whole series was made on Twitch as a 12h challenge:

thanks but i need landscapes not blocks


Hi @Tefel,

I’ve started on a project that is using your plugin. Looks great, btw :slight_smile:

I’m on MacOS and am having a problem loading the plugin…

The error occurs as soon as I add the plugin to the project. I’ve tried MacOS 10.14 and 11, reinstalled the plugin into the engine, and completely reinstalled unreal, but hit the same issue each time.

Is anyone else running in MacOS, or experienced this issue? I’m not sure how to go about debugging.

Thanks in advance for any advice.