Unreal using only 1 of 2 xeons. Does UE4 supports dual xeon rigs?

I’ve built a dual xeon machine.
I tested it on cinebench first and it works like it should. 100% load on all cores.

but with unreal engine (and other programs) the load is only 50%.


whats wrong with this? can anyone help?

For the Swarm Agent:
Developer settings > Show Developer Menu > True

LocalJobDefaultProcessor Count XX
RemoteJobsDefaultProcessor Count XX

i know, i have that set to 72. but it doesnt work. the picture above is what i get. no where near 100% load.

Are you trying to build lighting?

yes i do.
(i need 10 characters)

cmon, anyone with dual xeons? i need an answer on this pretty fast guys. thanks

A couple of things to check:

  • What does the log file say?
  • How many bars do you get in your swarm agent? This should indicate how many actual threads lightmass is trying to use.
  • Are you sure it is only using one physical CPU? It might be using all physical cores, but not hyperthreading them.
  • Do you have sufficient RAM? The cooking process limits the number of parallel threads when you don’t have enough RAM, maybe lightmass does something similar?
  • How complex is your scene, in a simple scene lightmass might just not be able to split the work up into enough pieces. (Though it would be quite a coincident if that happens to be exactly half your core count)

But Dual Xeon’s are you talking about dual CPU’s on one Mobo, or one physical chip?

-the scene is very complex:

swarm settings:

It’s possible having less than 1 gb for thread is part of the issue. Answerhub might be a better place to post this, to get some eyes from Epic, not too many people are going to have access to 72 thread computers to test out this issue.

A temporary solution might be to disable hyper threading so at least you’ll get more a bit faster bakes (if it then uses all cores). About how many static meshes do you have in the scene? As I understand it, lightmass likes to assign 1 mesh 1 thread so if you have less than 72 static meshes it might not spread the work out enough.

its obviously not less then 72 meshes. im trying to solve this for a few days now. other programs have problems as well. i want to know if there is support on this from epic. one processor = one processor group in windows. the program has to support multiple gropus for this to work. or im looking for someone with dual xeon rig.


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Have you solved the problem? I have 2x Xeon E2698 V4 80 logical core… and have same problem. Can you helpe me. Wher I can find swarm agent? Does UR4 suport UDK?