Dual Xeon build ONLY 1 of 2 xeons are working when building light and shaders

Hi Everyone!

I would like to ask you a question regarding a thread that seems to be unresolved from way back 2016. Where user jazvec asked why only one of his two Xeon processor is working when building lighting and probably shadders as well.

heres is the thread: Unreal using only 1 of 2 xeons. Does UE4 supports dual xeon rigs?

The picture posted can no longer be seen but as I’ve read the entire conversation it seems like the problem is left unsolved.

I’m planning to build my own dual xeon rig mainly because its 5x cheaper than buying a 24 core Threadripper. and the dual xeon will only cost the same price of just getting an 8 core 16 thread ryzen 7 3700x. I was just wondering if I’m going to commit with that build that I might stumble on the same issue. Any advise?

My plan is to get dual xeon e5 2660v3 2.6 its a 10 core 20 thread cpu (20 core 40 thread for dual xeon build) which is close to the 24 core threadripper but this is something that I’ll be able to buy already haha. Thanks in advance :wink: :heart: :heart: :heart:

PS: I thought I would try to message jazvec to ask him if the issue has already been resolved. unfortunately he is no longer active :frowning: