Unreal Engine Water Plugin Multiplayer pirate game

Hello greetings, I have a problem in which I have been trapped for a few months, I am making a pirate game, and I cannot make the ocean replicate, the ships start to shake, because the ocean does not know how to replicate it, but I replicate the movements of the actor and creates a conflict between what the buoyanci tells the actor how to react and what the server dictates to reply

I read something about a config variable for the water system that lets you sync the water between server and client on the Unreal Slackers Discord.

Though this was at least a 6 months ago so I can’t find the exact message right now but you can try asking there in the general or graphics channels.


I found some more info for you.

From the author of the Water Physics plugin on the marketplace:

This topic also has some tips


Hello good afternoon friend, a greeting, thank you very much, I was talking through the Discord group and looking for the person who created the system but unfortunately he has not been connected for a long time

I will review this documentation thank you very much I hope I can solve the problem

unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem :frowning:

You might just want to bite the bullet and get a plug-in to do it for you. I’ve spent a lot of hours figuring it out when the water system was relatively new and got nowhere, unless you’re proficient at unreal, networking and physics you can lose weeks if not months on these topics alone.