4.26 new water system and replication?

Been fiddling with new water stuff recently but didn’t really found anything hinting that this system intends to support replication. Does it? Will it in future? If not then at least the wave generation should be synced and we could rep the simulated actor location ‘manually’ I guess?

ps. why there’s still no sub forum for multiplayer related stuff?

You can’t really expect to sync physics over the network with 100% accuracy (probably true for any movement).
That said, the system is based on a pre-built function.
As long as you sync game time the two clients will solve the math the same way. It should also already be frame independent.

As far as water interaction, splashes etc. That’s done at a local level with vector fields and particles in fortnite. You should aim to do it the same way.

For what I’ve been playing with (two clumsy ships) should be good enough to simulate buoyancy on server and rep it to clients, problem is that ship will hang in air if ocean waves go out of sync

The only way that the waves would go out of sync is it you don’t sync whatever time variable is in use to run the waves along with the buoyancy… to do one, means you automatically can do the other.

Time is relative and all, but you do have just 1 ocean that uses 1 time to and x/y loc to return buoyancy right?