Unreal Engine Livestream - Unreal Engine Marketplace Updates - November 1st - Live from Epic HQ

On this week’s livestream, we’re joined by Josh Fleming, senior developer support manager, to discuss upcoming changes to the Unreal Engine Marketplace and the big takeaways from the survey conducted earlier in the year.

Thursday, November 1st @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Josh Fleming - Sr. Dev. Support Manager
Tim Slager - Community Manager - @Kalvothe](
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](



Hope we get a wishlist :slight_smile:

Hope stuff can be a lot more affordable in the Unity Engine Market place you can get more assets for a lower price or just free

Fingers crossed that a last updated date is included in all marketplace listings with optional changelogs (for every update and their date of release) from the seller. This has been a pain point for me with the Paragon Assets where they get stealth updates and I don’t know what’s been updated and when they were updated. Since I’ve moved those assets around in my project (consolidated a lot of duplicated materials and shrunk file paths because the Editor won’t package certain things like Crunch skins as is because the filepaths are too long), I need to know exactly which files have changed to manually import and replace references into my project.

I’d like to request more than 3 previous-versions of Packs / Plugins on the Marketplace.
Overall I’ll give you 3 reasons: 4.19, 4.20, 4.21. To be blunt, there’s nothing in there for me.:stuck_out_tongue:
There’s just less reasons to upgrade atm. The jump to 4.10 was big and to 4.18, but now?..

I just need one simple thing, favorite list or something like that. I’m sick of having 50 items in my cart just to “follow” their progress and prices.

Cheap price is a danger flag for me.

I actually don’t want free stuff to pollute the store, the reason being, it’s very difficult to confirm if you are violating copyright by using the item.

External stores such as sketchfab, cgtrader etc… are full of copyright infringing stuff in the PAID section, the free section I don’t touch unless it’s from a university or an artist I know from unity/unreal marketplace. For example many downloadable animals and people are directly ripped from game content and put up as free cc0 items, some of this content is probably sold on the site too.

Recently I had cause to test what happens to someone on sketchfab for repeated copyright violations on the SAME seller. Models were at the $5 and $20 price mark.

Day 1: Reported for copying static models verbatim, textures where put through an auto cartoon process.
Sketchfabs response : Delete offending item from sellers list.
Day 2 : Report for ripping off an animation and model via poly reduction.
Sketchfabs response : Delete offending item from sellers list.
Day 3 : Report for ripping off an animation and model via poly reduction.
Sketchfabs response : Delete offending item from sellers list.
Day 7 : Report for ripping off an animation and model via poly reduction.
Sketchfabs response : Delete offending item from sellers list.

Seller untouched.

You now get the picture… you buy from here you are at serious risk of being sued.

I want confidence that what I buy on here is legitimate, I prefer what I buy I can actually use in my game and not 6 months down the line have to rip out and replace due to seller being a thief.

Though I don’t really know why the stuff on here costs more than on the unity marketplace, I’m guessing either limited marketshare or percentage cut, I suppose there are a few quirks on import like multiple bones, bone naming etc… to convert from one to the other adding to the workload.

No, we don’t need that. Folks who put a lot of hard work into making assets for others have bills to pay and families to feed.

This is precisely why I use Unreal instead of Unity. The assets work on average, they’re not just shovelware. Sure, the stuff for Unity is cheap as chips, but a lot of it looks and performs very poorly (if it even works)

I just want to see more X+ forward assets :slight_smile:

Perception versus reality is a big part of the problem here…

Unity appears to offer lots of ‘free stuff’ because the AssetStore includes a webpage zero-cost search option. Whereas the Marketplace doesn’t promote free-content except Epic’s and certain Plugins. That doesn’t mean there isn’t free stuff about. But you have to search for it, which is harder for devs from other engines etc.

The other issue is that there is some low-hanging-fruit on the marketplace that’s overpriced and / or of questionable quality, versus the top packs (See POLL). But overall its a relatively minor problem. However, if you’re coming from another engine and you’re time starved, your perception is going to be skewed here again.

Why don’t Epic ‘champion more of the free stuff’? Who knows… But its clearly an executive decision that’s been made somewhere… However, should the day come when the success of Fortnite and the Engine itself isn’t enough and Epic starts to come under increased competition from 3rd-parties, then that may have to change…

Regarding screening / quality: I’d love to see a try before you buy option. I know I’m dreaming. :stuck_out_tongue: Especially when essential features like a reliable not-easily-manipulated rating / comments system doesn’t exist. But it could be an exclusive-option reserved for high-roller VIP forum users and trusted marketplace big-spenders.

How do we as developers and content creators make money? Learning the skills we have has taken some of us years and the content we create can take hours, days and even months. We do not work for free or at least I do not. If you work a job you expect to get paid the same as any one of us. Fair pricing models is a good rule for any developer. I have not seen anything here on the Marketplace that was insanely priced. This is called Capitalism. Work, Earn, Save and Buy!!! Rinse and Repeat!!!

i would love to hear about being able to use “local currence” in the market, currently using only US currence is very complicated in my country and could be good to
be able to use local currence to buy things in the market.

many others groups are doing that like microsoft, ubisoft, EA, steam are doing that and it’s helping a log.

I’m in EU and paying in EUR, so that is “local currency” for me. Last year, some seller be told the actual US price of some asset I had bought, and some quick calculation seemed to show that Epic was taking rather a large cut on top of the exchange rate (like way more than 5% above the exchange rate + taxes). So I’m not sure if paying “local currency” is a benefit in this case. But I might be wrong, and it was a while ago. If anyone has reliable numbers on this (the actual cut Epic takes in the EU, on top of their “standard cut” (which they reduced recently), the exchange rate and taxes), I’d like to see them. Note that I’m not complaining about the general prices themselves; I bought plenty of assets, but being “punished” because I’m in the EU (here or on another marketplace) doesn’t seem fair, IMHO. It’s not like I can personally help it.

I think they will make great improvements! Epic always does in my opinion. I think a notification system through the marketplace would be great. For example, let the seller know when comments or questions are made on the product page, also a favorites page I agree with that, to check progress on the products and refer to for anything else. As well as notifications to customers or consumers about when the seller upgrades to new unreal engine version. So in short better communication and a reference page :wink: Those to me would be the greatest improvements I think.

I hope not…this is actually RESPECTLESS regarding the work and effort of the artist and it has terrible side effects, like attracting the wrong people. FREE stuff often feeds a freeloader mentality.

Free until published would be amazing, it’s hard to tell which assets you are gonna need for shipping but you can’t try everything to find the best one cause of the price barrier.

Unity has cheap assets… but people still pirate them anyway.

For Unreal Developers:

Every time I’ve tried to sell my assets I get this answer:

  • Not enough content
  • Asset not of high quality

Seriously guys, what exactly is “enough content” for you? and how do you measure “high quality” ? (all my props were smoothed w/ quads topology, textured, scaled, lods, etc). I may not be the best modeler in the planet but I majored in 3D animation, so please… be open to receive new assets from unknown developers, not just your favorites.

Well here on BRAZIL it is on US$ and using or currently conversion of 3,70 a 10 US become 37 R$ which is almost 4x the price and we also ending paying a “extra taxe” for paying in US from the credcard, which is also based on US then it can easy go near 40, is really unfair for us, i’m not saying which it is epic fault and is more like our country fault, but as i told normally others companies which make the “conversion” it ending beng much more fair and more like instead of a 10 US become 40 RS it’s ending becoming like 20 to 30 RS at best wich i much more affordable fo us, that is why others companies like blizzard, ubisoft, EA GoG, steam and others use the own way to convert to our local currence it make the products become much more affordable and even in some cases like blizzard, gog and steam you can pay in payments, well it could be really cool for countries/places like here where the US currence is bigger than local currence.