Unreal Engine Livestream - Creating Complex VFX - Oct 12 - Live from Epic HQ


On this week’s livestream, Alan Willard will demonstrate the creation of complex in-game effects using Blueprints, Particle Systems, and Shaders. He’ll show how these three systems can be interwoven to create complex dynamic effects for in-game use.

**Download **his project file here.

Thursday, October 12th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Alan Willard - Sr. Developer Relations Technical Artist

Have questions for Alan? Drop them in the comments and we will try to answer on them on the livestream.


Awesome epic!

Sounds like an awesome topic.
I’m interested in how to get particles to have dynamic source and destination like making a plasma ball that can react to interaction in game similar to how it would in the real world. Also whether it is possible to vary the number of forks and destination points dynamically.

This I agree with.

For my game I want to create some sort of “force field” (a sphere really) that shows some effect when hit by a collider. For that, I need to know the approximate location of intersection. Therefore, I’d like to know how to get this kind of data into the shaders.

cant wait to see! This will be my first time learning about vfx… hope i understand something

Any chance Epic can show us how to make effect like this:

Willard time! :cool:

This will be Epic!

Looking forward to it.

If they could show how to get some good looking jet flames with particles that would be great. Problem I was getting was when the jet would turn the flames would not turn with the jet. Instead flames that were already emitted would maintain the direction and velocity they were pre-set to have in the particles system. This means curved flames would be seen when the jet turned as well as flames that went back into the jet engine if the plane stalled. It did not look good. I could not figure out a way to update the particles velocity, position, or speed dynamically depending on what was happening in the blueprint so it could look better. Not sure if it is even possible with particles. The thought was then if they can’t be updated dynamically after being emitted I’ll just have them go really fast with a life span so short they will die out before the curving is seen too much. This didn’t work because they were going so fast and dying so fast they were not being seen at all.

I’m also confused what “Convert to seeded” in the particles might be used for.

this is going to be freaking awesome i wish you can show us something like the sort of recreation ability from red faction armageddon that ability that let’s you recreate things or rebuild them it’ll be cool and maybe something creating a tornado what about creating ice effects or what i’d like the most the kamehameha wave from dbz and things like that i’d love to see that it’ll be the best thing ever

I would very much like to see how to create a world space effect such as heat shimmers in the desert or a ground fog in a cemetary using shaders.

From what I gathered on discord, this is going to be another lightning & blueprints kind of deal. since that was already done cant we get something more in-depth and advanced?
the amount of tutorials on lightning & blueprints so it traces and hit walls and what not has been done to death.

I rather see a breakdown on some of the very advanced paragon effects.

Quexlaw, is this what you are looking for.

Is this what you are looking for?

I agree with @Luos, we need more in-depth tutorials & breakdowns. Practically every other kid has made some sort of “connect your blueprints up like this to have a particle system spawn and hit the wall” kind of tutorial on youtube. Don’t need more of that is what I’m sayyyinn!

Yay, Alan Wizard again :cool:
Hope I don’t miss this one too (thank VOD for last week tho) :confused:

I’d love to have a poke around Alan’s blueprints that are used in this demonstration. Would it be possible to make this content available?

Alan ? Gotta B GUD !! :slight_smile:

Oh, yes w8 4 it!!! Maybe we can see how something like this is done…

great, i will not miss (y)