Unreal Engine Livestream - Creating Complex VFX - Oct 12 - Live from Epic HQ

When is the live steream i hope i didn’t miss it ??

  1. Can you tell us more about Niagara, or at least unveil the curtain a little more?
  2. Can you show an example where you use the 2nd uv of a beam/ribbon/animtrail emitter?
  3. What if you dont want to use a beam-emitter for a similar effect? how would you go about using either meshes or ribbons for this?
  4. what can you do to make beam emitters to not look like the generic beam emitters you see in 99% of use-cases? (to the point where they arent even used in the new UT)
  5. how can I make sure one mesh emitter is always rendered on top of another mesh emitter regardless of their size and shapes? (without falling back to always drawing on top of everything)
  6. what do you consider a good workflow from initial concept to final product, or can you tell us more about the workflow that epic uses. specifically the paragon one since time is extremely limited.

Is it possible to download sample project?

I didn’t found any link for this

He said he’d be happy to share it - he’s just got to clean up the project a bit and we’ll share it!

I’m trying to recreate and stack on mesh)…2f1309ba08.gif

Always look forward to your videos Williard, and again you did not disappoint!

Thanks Amanda, looking forward to it.

Looking forward to play with this project. Alan should not worry about the clarity of the project - we have his excellent video tutorial as a reference. Thank you for these streams!

Alan made his project available over here!

Thanks to you and Alan for following through Amanda.

Hi !

Link to projects ( are broken :frowning:

Is there any other locaion to get them and have a look at the code ?

Is there a place to download the finished blueprint?

I second this

There is a blueprint made available, I am not sure of if it is the complete BP or not. Let me see if I can find something for you on that front! But, fair warning because it is over a year past the stream I can not make any promises.