Unreal Engine Livestream - Building a Music System in Blueprints - Apr 5 - Live from Epic HQ


Technical Sound Designer Reynolds will walk through an approach for building a music stitching system within Blueprints. He’ll also discuss design considerations to help you customize music behavior for your own projects.

Download this project file to follow along!

Thursday, April 5th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Reynolds - Technical Sound Designer - @dannthr](http://twitter.com/dannthr)
Tim Slager - Community Manager - @Kalvothe](http://twitter.com/Kalvothe)
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](http://twitter.com/amandambott)

Is it going to be about dynamic music system or something else?

I’ll be discussing creating a system that allows you to dynamically link smaller music clips together as well as dynamic layering.

Looking forward to the stream !

interesting topic… Music needs luv too!

would like to see that one too franktech! & a lot more topics that have been suggested,etc.

need to double up with more streams, Amanda! go sneak in & unplug their computers and get them off Fortnite! so we can get Tuesday streams back for a while! :cool:

No date yet, but I’ve been following up with Zak. I’ll be sure to schedule it as soon as we can.

Hoping to ramp up community-led training again soon, so keep an eye for that :wink:

Would love to see this one.
Is it going on tomorrow?

Yup! Tomorrow at 2pm ET/ 11am PT

Psyched!!! I’ve been playing around with the new audio engine since getting back from GDC. Had the pleasure to meet Aaron McLeran (tho mostly while he was proteccing the all-holy fortnite replay-playback machine).

I also got to pick around on the procedural music system you had set up there! Fascinating seeing how you used timelines to control the meter, and arrays of notes to hold the procedural melodies.

I hope you have time to touch on some of those basics just to get us going on making our own procedural music! I think it’s a much better use of my time as a developer rather than painstakingly writing out music that will always reach its end point - procedural music allows us to make ambient background sounds that don’t repeat, which is a huge psychological factor in replayability, if you ask me!

I’ll be streaming on youtube/twitch (iamisandisnt) messing around with the basics of the synthesis plugin if anybody wants to chill and chat while we wait for this to start :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:

I might not be able to attend the live stream today unfortunately :frowning:

But here’s a demo of the randomized arpeggiator (sounds like the intro to a Radiohead song :D) that I made from scratch today using my memory of the GDC demo!

Any tips on what to do about that popping sound when the note off / on takes place? Might just be clipping from the overall mix

Anyone have an issue where the music ceases playing before the first transition (or in some cases earlier?). The progress bar also doesn’t fill up.

It’s a bit odd because the first time I downloaded the project files they worked perfectly and then have subsequently refuse to work again, even with me re-downloading and extracting the files. Same issue. This is all in windows 4.19. Hmm…

Edit: Have just tried the (freshly downloaded) files on an OS X 4.19 install and the progress bar fills up too quickly and the transitions come too early.

That’s really strange, you say they worked once but then not again?

Are you sure you’re on the New Audio Engine?

We have a sticky on how to get it set up on Mac:

I admit to never having tested this on Mac, but I did build the system originally for a middle-to-high-end mobile device, so I would expect it to work generally okay on Desktop platforms.

Ah wonderful! I had to be running the new audio engine. Thank you so much.

How strange that it worked the first time…I suppose maybe I happened to test it out in an Epic-provided project that included the ini file?

Hey whats up with the stream ? I tried to find it on youtube and twitch but there is no way to find it. I couldnt watch it live and I thought i maybe had to wait a couple of days but i see that other streams have been uploaded on youtube since so i was wondering.

They uploaded it on Youtube today :slight_smile:

Hey, @.reynolds ! Awesome work! I suppose the New Audio Engine is required for using “OnAudioPlaybackPercent”. Does it work on some other platforms except Windows now? I use 4.19 but can switch if it does.

Hi @.reynolds this is brilliant. Do the music assets have any licensing on them? Attribution or creative commons etc.

@Kruul Like most of our sample content, samples can only be used on UE4 projects.

This was a great event, but in recent versions of the engine, OnAudioPlaybackPercent doesn’t work. It works when you first set up your game, but when you close and re-open the editor, it returns a Playback Percent of 0. The result is that this code never transitions to the next clip. :frowning:

In the stream you mentioned making a zip file with the assets, but I can’t find it anywhere. Did that ever happen?

Edit: Nevermind, this tutorial is kind of outdated, as TimeSynth has made this stuff obsolete. I found the Timesynth Tutorial and downloadable project.

Late reply but thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: