Unreal Engine Livestream - Animation Blueprint Setup & Walkthrough - Mar 29 - Live from Epic HQ

Epic Games has released 20 character assets from Paragon and now we want to show you how to get started with those assets! Shinbi’s animation Blueprints are included to give you an example of how to setup the characters. In this livestream, Jay Hosfelt will be walking through the steps to help you prepare the other characters for use in your games.

Thursday, March 29 @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Jay Hosfelt - Lead Animator - @HosFross](https://twitter.com/HosFross)
Amanda Bott - Community Manager - @amandambott](http://twitter.com/amandambott)



Is this stream going to show how to use Paragon characters for player only, or for an AI/NPC, or both? I am more interested in using these awesome assets for NPCs.

This is a great idea to show how to setup these characters! Prepared for lots of knowledge! :slight_smile:

Do you guys use animation Root Motion in your projects? If you don’t, could you explain why?

Any tips and tricks you guys used in Paragon and/or Fortnite would be totally appreciated.:slight_smile:

please cover how to handle weapons (equip/unequip) keeping them on character hands during different animations … etc .

can’t wait for that <3

nice! :slight_smile:

** would like to see all the characters available animating, possibly in a clip while the stream is running maybe ?? **

  • anyway, again, thanks Epic! -

Any tips on how to nicely blend between different montage sections (within the same montage). Or if you used any other approach, please enlighten us with your knowledge :slight_smile:

Would love to know how to setup clean turn in place like how they did it in Fortnite

I’d like to know how to blend the 4 cardinal direction lean blendspaces in addition to stuff mentioned above!

with fortnite plz

Yes Please help with the Turn in Place setup… not just for first/third person, but ALSO for a Twin stick setup, where the right thumbstick rotation is 360 degrees, not just left or right inputs. PLEASE, been stuck for weeks on this

I’m waiting for other paragon assets and source code !

I have more questions about montages: What are the advantages/disadvantages of using one single montage with multiple sections vs splitting that into lots of unique mini-montages with just one section each?

Would it be possible to show at least the basics on how to do a “Turn in place” and “Quick Stop/Change Direction” setup? That would be priceless

Would love it if you include strafing, turn in place and aim offset! I have been struggling to get decent result so with these!

I’m not sure it fits into this stream, but it would be nice to have an overview on how to share the animations between characters or the default UE4 guy. I always seem to have trouble getting retargeting to work cleanly.

I won’t be able to watch live but I’m curious how to use the direction part of the blendspace with the minions.

Hey i would like to follow along, should i start a new blank project with Shinbi added in ? Just so i can get a heads up on the download ^^

that will not happen today…

Are there any VOD’s of this?