Unreal Engine Livestream - Animation Blueprint Setup & Walkthrough - Mar 29 - Live from Epic HQ

that will not happen today…

Not today but Soon™ hopefully

Are there any VOD’s of this?

The VODs aren’t automatically available on Twitch anymore. I guess we have to wait until it’s posted on YouTube.

Why is this unlisted on youtube?

Thank you so much for this!
That took me 20 mins to find thanks. List it please many people gonna want to watch this

Thanks for the video.
I can’t wait for more in depth videos about the curve distance matching and the more advanced systems you used on Paragon to reduce foot sliding.
I watched Laurent Delayen & Ray Arnett presentation several times (as well as the more up to date presentation for and tried reverse engineering all that was explained but some of it is quite complex like that late 180D while running. Most of the slope warping and orientation warping technique is doable in vanilla though but I can’t wait for those tools to get released.

THanks all for this awesome video tutorial!! Would Love to know more about Paragon melee blending, foot matching and other tricks! you guys are awesome! Learned tons of things from this !

The youtube video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Truebones Motions. This is disgusting to ban knowledge. I hope Epic fix it soon.

this is why you should always download important videos like these :wink:

@Amanda.Bott were you aware the video was taken down from YouTube? ^^^

personally can’t imagine why Truebones would have it taken down. :frowning:

Yes, we’re working to get the video reinstated. Thanks for the heads up though!

Also - we’re doing the next animation stream this Thursday, the 3rd! -

awesome thanks… great job Amanda :wink:

Kai ora

Did the archive get put back anywhere, probley no point in watching these from the middle

can we have the first video back before the second stream.
unless its useless watching the stream tommorrow

i find out that epic already has uploaded the fixed file here:

thx epic!

Did anyone check the LegIK node and knows how to make it work? They never showed it in the livestream and I assume it’s not working? I imported shinbi into a 4.19 project and used the stairs in the starter content map, but the feet won’t adjust when going up/downstairs.

my pc not compatible xD

Why is part 3 not available anymore?