Unreal engine landscape: No importance volume found...add a tightly bounding lightmass..."

Hi guys, I just used a heightmap to generate a landscape in Unreal. The height map is 256x256, after I generate the landscape, and try to re build the lighting, I got this warning. How can I fix this issue?
I created the landscape maps in L3DT terrain generator.
Sorry for my bad English.

Hi ALTWang,

You will need to add a Lightmass Importance Volume to your playable area.

Although, this would resolve the issue for the warning, I would not recommend using pre-computed lighting for very large scenes. The number of calculations and amount of ram needed to build lighting for larger scenes will likely cause lightmass to crash while building (this is not an editor crash though).

Also, from the look of your scene, it looks like this is only using dynamic lighting, because there is no indirect bounce light (Global Illumination).

Thank you!


Thank you Tim.
Could you tell me how can I apply the Indirect bounce light for my level?

Indirect light bounce happens automatically of using any static or stationary lights. There isn’t any special setup for it. You can adjust some of its behavior by going to the world settings tab and adjusting the lightmass settings. You may also want to change the environment color in this tab to not be black as well. Something like a light gray can lighten the baked shadows.