Unreal Engine İs Dying?

lightmap baking method is very old, slow and chanceability is very low. All game engine and other programs using real time GI.
lumion 8 library is rich and object placement usefull.
lumion 8 better antialiasing (x16) render. unreal enigne made 1080p videos render 4k and downsampling.
İclone 7 supersampling is better antialiasing and video render engine is more stable gtx 650 ti is works VXGI, slow but if are you want, you can 4k 3x supersampling render 11520x6480. unreal engine is 5k resolution is error and closing.
iclone 7 vxao and vxgi is same time using but unreal engine is same time one work vxao and vxgi doesnt work together.
unreal engine photo Antialiasing is terrible. ansel and 30k-60k photo render and downsampling is long time like a vray.
vray is dying and maybe unreal now

It’s not really a replacement for vray or corona. If you want to be successful in using unreal you can’t use a workflow from a different software and hope it will work the same way. You’re having the wrong expectations, sorry. No one ever promised any of the features you are complaining about.

vray is example.
lumion 8 unity or iclone 7 oppenent to unreal engine 4, if unreal fall behind oppenents, this situations is dying?

For me lumion 8 play the big role in archviz now. The library is big +, you dont need migrate things and also stuff like people is great. In ue4 you need anima plugin.
Baking lights definitely is not the future.
But ue4 is game engine, free for archviz, and price for lumion is nah…big.

I wouldn’t say “a lot of other engines support real-time GI”. I think CryTek 5 may support it (?). Other than that, every engine I’ve seen that supports real-time GI is either proprietary or using Enlighten – and as far as I know, Enlighten licenses aren’t exactly like buying a candy bar from a local store.

No idea where you’re coming from on the resolution stuff.

VXAO/VXGI are just external tech that, by no means, are production-ready for games.

Unreal Engine has to handle a very diverse set of needs and, as a result, its specialization on any given area is not going to be perfect or immediately-available, but it’s still as exceptional a general-purpose engine as you’re likely to find. Not to mention that I can’t think of an engine with a more open development policy than Epic has (plus, hey, open-source engine).

ue4 game engine but everything is work. game arch and other
i am arch and film cg artsit and my eyes look:: i think ue4 must work stabilization problem.iclone 7 every resolution render but ue4 is error and closing.
Other programs antialising is solve but ue4 4x temporal (cinematic 6x but 4x and 6x not different) manualy i set 16x but sharpness is 4x ue4 best antialiasing is temporal 4x…i need animation video render 4k downsampling 1080p. i need 4k video is ue4 is purfpprpfp because minimum 5k video need but ue4 error and closing. same pc iclone 8k render not error no closing.

unity lightmap bake gpu and fast.
every engine go forward but ue4 only datasmith plugin.
its funy datasmith will be price and every people not using.

i want to epic games, ue4 more stable cinematic render engine is quality is up (antialiasing firstly) . gameworks integration is official githup useless more gameworks is work together. and datasmith works on gameworks branch. this is not hard for epic

“i mean deep cgi knowledge”
day end is unreal more tire people more time more pain

Heheh funny topic of the year.

i consider Lumion 8 as a tool for the people who maybe joined the visualization only for money not for the art and passion ,

and I dont understand how can Unreal Engine be compared to lumion 8 or vray or any other render platform , Unreal engine is a powerful real time engine and also free for any body to use ,i started using it for real time interactive architectural project and developing VR using oculus , and used it also few time to render super 6k quality with very nice quality , so if ur looking for final render image with less effort go for lumion 8 and stop ur passion for learning more cool stuff ,

Yep, UE4 is dead.

It might be confusing that the name of the forum still refers to unreal engine, but truth is that this forum is being used just for sharing cooking recipies and rate scarves.

I agree, I just visit it because I like to produce pain on myself (since the term cant be written, lol)

From my experience “%object_name% is dying” trends exist in any more or less developed communities, both as small as several people and as large as world population itself.

What is interesting, frequency of appearance of such trends has absolutely no correlation with real state of things.

Unreal Engine is a Game Engine that can also be used as Architectural visualization. Free.
Lumion is an Architectural Design, and visualization software, and cannot be used as a Game Engine.
UE4 has 1,000’s of features that Lumion doesn’t have. Lumion is dying.

Guys which start anything in any forum with “dying” are desperate to grab ppl to join them… because they are… alone…

Why not? Nothing like a little pointless chatter to keep entertained. Unreal is far, far from dying.

We are all technically dying…

Disagree. For the first time I can do animation! All my renders have been stills from maxwell render, thea,vray,brazil rs [i know dead lol] and my current favorite and affortable Fstorm. Dince i am limited to 4 cores at about 3ghz, animation is impossible unless I let it cook for years. Even a 5 second fumes fx flame takes 14 hours. But with unreal, i can bake for 3 hours and do unlimted instand animations! I do archviz so its soo helpfull. Best part, its FREE. And if you master the material nodes, you can push out nearly close vray quality. Here is my 2nd interior using UE, took me about 4 months to actually learn it and do this interior render animation.

ok ok i understand ue4 its perfect…
but some features is missing exaple:
stereo cinematic.
super sampling AA
Dynamic GI

for dynamic gi you can use **LPV **[bad] or nVIDIA **VXGI **[not bad but not so good!! not perfect productional] … my preferred method is static baking + awesome VLM!! awesome quality for any situation.
stereo cinematic can be done in 4.19 or 4.20 :]
super sample aa IS IMPOSSIBLE :confused: you can use awesome TemporalAA with Ghosting feature!! :smiley: some people implement SMAA and TAA antighosting methods but not productional and these are only on test phase!!

vxgi is problem is performance, its useless, must support old card.
maybe vxgi its enough (vxgi map size up)
i tell supersampling, example iclone set supersampling 3x3 versus ue4:5k and undersampling (video)
picture is 1080p iclone and ue4. ue4 aa its terrible
ue4 have a screen percentage but screen percentage not affect aa
set temporal aa or tonemap sharpness ohh its terrible plus because if set sharp knurl or very soft its blur.
smaa or txaa like a gameworks so external solution
vxgi its external solution

i test other programs out video its everything ok.
ue4 more faster but big file and if you need 1080p video 2160p out and downsampling and video need convert, small and lossless quality, video converter need a time.
out big resolution downsampling etc .ue4 not faster anymore. and more tire people.
maybe need 4k video need oh no :frowning: need 6k output but 5k 6k video its ue4 shutdown.

iclone 7 test 1080p 3x3 supersampling this mean 3240p video its ok works stable. and video out and share not need any convert
ue4 max 4k 3840x2160