Unreal Engine is broken, why do people use it and like it?

Getting very low fps from many shadowed objects can mean that you just configured your light incorrectly. Have you set your directional light to movable or stationary? If it’s stationary, make sure the CSM distance is not zero and inset shadows for movable objects is disabled.

Have you seen how sexy and fast Unity HDRP with RTX really is? Makes me think of Unity as like a 800hp Subaru STI against your Lambo. Boils down to the skill of the driver. But a Subi costs way less, and maintenance is easier

I was absolutely looking at all of them at the same time. They’re slanted on spawn specifically so I can see all of them. Not to mention: The shadow map cost is based on culling from the point of view of the light, which, being a directional light, sees all the objects. Objects you can’t see (because they are behind other things,) still can cast shadows you can see, so the engine can’t not draw those objects in the shadow map.

The very clear correlation was “number of physics objects simulating” versus “frame rate.” With all objects simulating, it was at 80 fps or so, when all of them come to rest it tops out at the rate of the display.

Number of triangles is a very weak correlate to performance on any modern graphics in my experience – all the cost is in the setting up / coordinating the drawing of each “batch,” and the graphics cards are just SO GOOD at drawing triangles within each “batch.” Especially if the triangles cover the same number of pixels in the end, most typical game scenes will not be triangle count limited. (And then, with Nanite, that becomes double true …) (But then, “typical” varies for each creator.)