Unreal Engine is broken, why do people use it and like it?

Just wanted to throw this out there, because I honestly do think this thing is awful. I have taken a look at Game Maker, Unity and this, and the ratio of the times I have had the ENGINE ITSELF:

  • Crash
  • Freeze itself when hovering up and down a menu, requiring a reinstall, and it continuing to happen soon after
  • Corrupt due to merely MOVING FILE DIRECTORIES
  • Not able to sync files properly and just error out on github, preventing pulling before pushing (provided I think github desktop itself is trash in that it doesn’t provide option to choose which files to push/pull or to simply overwrite anyway and edit individual files to sort out conflicts manually)

I have used UE3 in the past and that was even worse. Horrible mess, almost feeling like malware. I don’t know if it is because of the low level of C++ that is here, but this engine needs to stop allowing the developer to just crash it when they have basic programming knowledge.

Considering that you CAN make very good-looking stuff with Unity anyway if you know your way around, it baffles me why anyone would use it in any capacity. “Powerful” they say, is it powerful because it allows you to break it so easily? That doesn’t sound like a great product to me! Doing the most simple thing is also a pain, especially when using C++.

On top of that, I would make the comparison of drag-and-drops in game maker being the equivalent of blueprint and GML being the equivalent of GML with the two engines. For Game Maker, GML is the way to go after you grasp the basics of typical coding with the drag-and-drop. Unreal, on the other hand, because of how demanding c++ can be, results in way more things being done in blueprint than it feels like they should be. It’s great to use, but at the same time, it gets to a point where people default on it; any time I search for an issue, I get results relating to BLUEPRINT and NOT C++ until I put C++ in the search bar. I cannot code almost ANYTHING without the use of just blueprint nodes, which after a while seemed to be relatively comprehensive.

I get the idea that Unreal wants to allow its users to manipulate things on a very low level, but wouldn’t it be great to at least have the option to do things using some built-in functions to avoid unnecessary hassles? Blueprint is decent, but it just isn’t a way to transition to understanding C++ programming in any shape or form.

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I think the short answer is most people are not having the same problems as you.


Unreal Engine is a hell of a tool for artists! They are the ones that prefer it. Making games are not just programming, needs artists that can feel the tool fits for them. Since, they won’t go deep into the engine mechanics like source code, they just don’t care.

It takes time for a non-artist (means programmers alike) to be proficient with the engine, knowing how to create low-level stuff. On the other hand, you have full access to the engine source and several free plugins that will help you out in the learning process, which is not true with any other engine, unless you work in a company with an in-house engine.

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If they are happening to me, they should be happening for many other people. One thing that seems to be happening exclusively to me for unknown reason however is the menu freezing and crashing of the engine after I scroll through a menu. Might be exclusive to my pc, but everything else cannot be. Mine is this, by the way, may be someone might know why this is happening:

Make sure it’s set to use the correct graphics card. By default the system will try to use either the Intel GPU or the Nvidia GPU for the correct task so that it optimizes efficiency, but it does a poor job of doing that and you’re better off setting the Nvidia GPU to run everything (in the Nvidia Control Panel)

Can you please show me one engine that isn’t broken?

I’ve been looking for one for a while, since 2001.


There is not and never will be a game engine that is 100% stable on all hardware and all platforms. Feel free to report bugs here:

I strongly disagree with the notion that blueprint isn’t a window into the world of C++. I picked up UE4 when it was in beta and hadn’t written a line of code in my life - now I make a living from it. Blueprint is useful for prototyping, non-programmers etc, and learning the API of the engine. It also does a lot to guard inexperienced programmers from crashing, errors, bad practices etc. C++ is not as forgiving - it expects you to know what you’re doing.

While some people have gone the full hog and released games powered by nothing other than Blueprint, after plenty of experience I find C++ faster and more manageable - especially as a project grows. Blueprint still has it’s place though. Unreal is a huge toolset, don’t expect it to be something you pick up overnight.


Epic games lets you view the full engine source. A product worth millions of dollars, it is a privilege to be able to access and learn from something like this, that I would otherwise never had any access to. Unreal has been used to make many AAA games and used successfully in many industries. It is up to you to learn the proper way of using it and not crash the thing.


Any details you can share?
Perhaps someone else has had a similar crash and care some shed some light on what is happening.

Could be an odd combination of hardware.
I know that a number of people have issues with UE4 based games on laptops when the integrated graphics is used instead of any dedicated GPU they have.

Yeah, nah… had the engine freeze up before, but not by simply hovering over a menu.

Inside the editor or inside explored?
It is annoying that you can’t move things outside of the editor without it having kittens, but alas…

Inside the editor works well enough.
If you need to do a lot of things at once, I find it easier to disable the source control, do what you need to do then re-sync after the fact.

No clue about Github.
Use Perforce - works well enough.
Can’t say I’m a fan of Githubs client either :slight_smile:

Some people have made entire games out of Blueprints, so they can’t be that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I use them for quick prototyping, to extend C++ base classes and expose various things for artists.
If something becomes too heavy as a Blueprint, I’ll tend to make a C++ version.
Or when a Blueprint annoys me :slight_smile:

Low Level
Are you modifying the engine or game/project module running off a binary build (custom or otherwise)?

1 - Crashing:

Yes many many times with us here, the engine is highly unstable, one example is when we were recently working with alembic files, we experienced crashes sometimes by just scrubbing sequencer. We switched over to Unity for the project as there was no way to meet the deadline, and not a single crash plus super fast alembic workflow. The performance is like 20 times faster there.

Crashes also during gamedev, random stuff we just restart the editor and move on.

2 - Freezing: not really it just crashes.

3 - Corruption: don’t get me started of how i have to hold my breath everytime i put a file in a different folder in UE4 inside the asset browser! We had 4 project folders entirely corrupted becuase i renamed ONE root folder inside the editor! it failed to fix up dependencies and crashed midway while working, it corrupted all the files it was working on in the sub folders. UE is just unbelievable sometimes.

UE4 is definitely feature rich and a great tool, when it works. But, unreal engine crashes randomly for me all the time. Even when moving things from one folder to another, or just simply deleting something. It’s a highly unstable product.

I do see these posts are from 2019 but hey, that just means they’ve had a year to fix these issues.

at riybdoutt :

whenever you add new features, even in games, there is a chance something will become unstable, game engines are not any different.

I was having major crashes every 5mins in unreal version 4.24.3, and a lot of other people posted some similar issues.

I switched to version 4.23.1, and have not had a crash in 3 weeks, zero crashes.

switch over to 4.23.1, until they iron out the bugs with the new features, for indie dev, 4.23.1 prolly has more features I will not even get to before they end up fixes the new version of the engine.

hope this helps.

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google it, its Awesome.

i suppose i use it because it serves ‘my’ purposes… i keep things simple and i don’t get crashes… every project is created, shipped and exported in one version, then deleted…

back in the UDK3 days i was jumping from engine to engine finding my fit… i found most of them adequate, but epic had a quality that ‘i couldn’t accept anything less’ became my mantra… the engine is built by genuinely ‘nice’ people, not people with a stick up their arrogant ***… i could almost ‘see’ their future in my minds eye…

you could relate it to lots of things, nike over adidas, strawberry over vanilla, you just like what you like…

Philosophically speaking, Unreal’s problems are unrealistically solved or avoided.

IDK, because UE4 isn’t broken??? For sure it was in early 4.x versions, and in some recent versions (post 4.18) there are ‘issues’ for some devs in some circumstances… But basically if you don’t have to, don’t ever download the latest version without checking around first.

Overall, we’re NOT in this together…:smiley: So better to wait for the UDN’ers to see the problems first… :stuck_out_tongue: (Especially as more of Epics most talented move over to UE5;)). Also, look out for holistic problems. Try to not let things like Win10 updates or updaters / scheduled tasks bork your rig.

Sounds like you’re whiny and inept, that would explain the trouble.


L11777 Which engine program are you using now? I was looking for a decent engine game and I found CryEngine lack of information (a really nightmare), Unity is ok but the final image has better quality in Unreal, Godot is unfinished/experimental game engine.
You can try Amazon Lumberyard and tell us if is better than UE4

Short answer is you cant handle UE4, then you resort to calling Game Maker is the way to go. Probably it is suitable for you, so use that instead - no offense.

The thing is, a lot of people are using UE4 for lots of reasons - even filming industry is using it. Naturally, broken engine will not be used by lots of people.

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Using git with UE is asking for trouble. Just because git is popular for mainstream programming, it doesn’t mean it is a right solution for everything. In particular, git handling of binary files is really bad compared to svn (and probably perforce, but I don’t know much about Perforce internals).

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