Unreal Engine Bug Submission Form

It is nice looking and useful form but isnt there too many fields? Devs will get discouraged from the amount of effort they have to put to send info about bug

Thanks for the feedback, @yourfriendkarol. What fields do you feel are not useful?

I do not think so. In my opinion this is a very good move. This function will be useful

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It’s very great in all person opinion this great

I just tried it with 4.24 P2. Not much feedback.

I am also agree with you. I liked this great move.

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How long does the process take? I’ve submitted the form with my project files, UE4 keeps crashing every time I try to retarget animations.There should at least be a confirmation email when a form is submitted.

I wouldn’t expect anything till mid January. Everyone is out for the holidays and it takes time to repro, do a fix, and then submit it for the next hotfix patch. Just be patient.

Is the bug report submission form broken?! I can’t submit a bug using Chrome browser.

I can also not submit a bug, using Chrome and Firefox.

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we have movie render preview problem we have 4.24.3 and 4.25 preview is not proper in both engine

Even though I’ve left 3 replies on the bug report I’m told ticket will be closed if I don’t reply back.

Any ideas?

The submission form button does not work, tried it under Firefox and Edge.

The submission form button didn’t work for me when i tried to upload a txt file (FF and Chrome). Work once i removed the file… Can someone confirm?

I’ve tested, and currently there is no issue with the bug submission form. PickupLines PakiDigest

What’s the problem???

I have tried the bug submission form available at https://epicsupport.force.com/unreal…language=en_US several times over the last few months. It has never worked. Now I am trying to submit an error report for the error report submission form …

I have tried Firefox, Edge, and Chrome. They all share the same errors - when a file attachment is used, the Submit Bug Report button is non-responsive. When I do not attach a file, the ‘lightning-spinner’ element comes up and appears in console output… but apparently there’s no description of what is causing the wait on submission. Basically, the form is hung, and my error report never gets submitted.

Any ideas? I’d dearly love to solve the problem with Unreal Engine…

Clicking through to the unavailable Source Maps, this is the error… I find it hard to believe that the Unreal 5 support server has been down for maintenance for a few months…

Also, perchance, cannot reach Unreal Developer Network: https://udn.unrealengine.com/oauth/error.html

And, I get an invalid page when I log into Epic Community Portal: https://communityportal.epicgames.com/s/&startURL=/s/
even after using my authenticator token, and going through the usual login process. I actually attempted to enter via the URL in the error message above: http://epicsupport.force.com/UE5

@Amanda.Schade please address… why are bug submission reports still unable to be submitted? Thanks