Unreal Engine 5.4 Released

Thanks for the fixes ! :slight_smile: Keep them coming.

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I tested 5.4.1, 5.4.2 and I have about 15% less FPS compared to 5.3.2.

Edit 1: I have many more Triangles drawn in the same Levels.
Edit 2: There seems to be a problem with the landscape being too detailed.

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I’m seeing an issue with Construction Script and HISM…

If I make simple BP that adds an HISM component, then sets static mesh based on a public variable, the construction won’t update to the new mesh unless I force it to update (by moving the actor, etc.).

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Has anyone tested any packaged build with 5.4 and find the game crashes a lot?
For example the groom asset crashes in the packaged game.
The performance seems to be improved from 5.3 on my laptop which has the cpu bottleneck, improved by about 15% - 20% resulted from cpu usage optimization.

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I am still getting this error message when I try to compil my project with 5.4.2 :

Ensure condition failed: !NavCollision->IsDynamicObstacle() [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\Components\SplineMeshComponent.cpp] [Line: 917]

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I was waiting a lot for that one, thanks!


Another issue I noticed in my project after the update is the spikes in FGatherShadowPrimitivesFinalizeTask execution time from ~4ms to ~25ms.

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Why can’t I download just 5.4, 5.4.2 is buggy??

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5.4.0 is more buggy :smiley: ( that’s why it’s not available… )

  • Landmass is not compatible with World Partition.

  • I’m experiencing numerous crashes with texture nodes, including issues when collapsing, converting textures to objects, and undoing these actions. Also blueprint and other functions in general.

  • Crash because it crashed and so on.

Good job, Epic. I’ve been waiting for another 3 months for an update…

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Well nanite trees from quixel from the marketplace gave me 50/50 percent chance to crash on startup in packaged build. Unfortunatelly I did not test them before 5.4.

Also nvidia dlss plugin crashes when i change screenpercentage between 33 and 34 few times for some reason.

All major issues I experienced with the previous version were fixed so thank you a lot! Specifically string tables and local fog volumes artifacts.

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I recently added the SMAA commit to my source build of 5.4.1 and didn’t remember having scene brightness affecting the SMAA output, but now in 5.4.2 it’s completely broken without overblown exposure.

Epic has not accepted the commit(We need a NON temporal implementation) so I went ahead and tested Unreals FXAA, I found a similar issues:

No AA, FXAA Epic, FXAA Epic with overblown exposure:

SMAA won’t detect edges(Test via Temporal AA samples 0) via unless you overblow brightness.

Can anyone confirm if this happened with FXAA in 5.4.1 with FXAA?

@Amanda.Schade When are we going to get the Motion Matching Sample???

It’s been released today!

hi @EddieChristian and all

My original posting on this has now been updated to reflect the release on 13th June 2024
Where is Motion Matching sample released

There is a new update patch posted
Missing Animations Uncovered—Update Your Game Animation Sample Project

OI BOA noite eu gostaria de sabe pra que serve esse UNREAL ENGINE

Watch out for this one guys, it’s a doozy!

When 5.3 dropped, I came across a really annoying issue which wasn’t present in versions 5.2 and before, so I pointed this out on the 5.3 topic but didn’t get any feedback on the matter, unfortunately.

It took me months to finally figure out what the heck was actually causing this, and unfortunately, with the release of 5.4 the problem still has not been resolved.

After upgrading a 5.2 project file to 5.3 I was surprised to find that my interior appeared much dimmer and the Editor would begin to flicker Gold and glow like what can be seen in this clip. The problem would become much worse if one were to hover the mouse over items in the outliner or objects in the content folder.

This issue occurs after a mesh is converted to Nanite and has a material set to two sided on it. So two sided materials aren’t working on Nanite meshes properly anymore starting with 5.3 and on into 5.4.

Another little thing to add to this problem is that disabling two sided material on the static mesh instance won’t always work on its own to fix the issue. With some meshes you actually have to open the original static mesh and set the material to worldgridmaterial in order for the material on the instance to display properly. All of this is really inconvenient.

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