Unreal Engine 5.4 Released

@Amanda.Schade Epic please fix this problem: Constant and Step interpolation are no longer working properly as of 5.4. Here I make a direct comparison to 5.2 so that it is easier to distinguish and see exactly how this has become broken.

These animation settings are vital to my current project and overall animation workflow.

yea, that was my reaction too!

Thanks for pointing this out! I also noticed just yesterday that they already have a fix implemented (a single line of code changed!).

Hopefully it will come as a hotfix for 5.4, rather than the 5.5 target noted in the issue. :slight_smile:

5.4 and looking at the roadmap for 5.5, Epic Games have not listened to major feedback from developers for years regarding TAA. Epic and their graphic programmer’s have failed miserably to address issues that don’t harm consumers in the process.

The overwhelming proof shown in this video needs to be supported. We show how UE5 has perpetuated one of the biggest visual/performance problems in modern games.

We exposed a spiral of complete disregard for true optimization after showing how EACH unperformant feature in unreal depends on another broken or unperformant feature. Epic is investing in fundamentally broken technologies.

Epic, we are open to giving you a proper roadmap for unreal, since what you’re currently doing with the engine is anti-gaming, anti-performance, and anti-visual quality. But of course Epic has zero obligation to anyone considering how well they’ve done with Fortnite(but that’s the problem).

Hi, anyone know which UE5 version does Black Myth: Wukong use?

Can’t believe the results and the performance that it has achieved using UE5

That’s a joke right? They have be using a 4070 for all their fake upscaled 4k content.

Their 1080p recommendations are going to fall apart into temporal mush at garbage 30fps on hardware 85% faster than base PS4.

Black Myth: Wukong is certainly no joke but has become the no.1 most popular wishlisted game on Steam, they aim to run the game smoothly on most common PC and there are lots of demo videos on YT showing real time performance on RTX 3060 equivalent hardware.
I wish my game could achieve a fraction of its realistic quality, but I’ve been developing my game using potato laptop and currently using 5.3 as the most stable version, 5.4 has been tested for weeks but has lots of unexpected behaviors when compiled, when my packaged game runs more than 20 fps I’m super happy assuming the average player can run it with more than twice fps.
Missed the stability and performance of 5.2 but couldn’t revert back but hope the 5.4 would eventually become production ready
I don’t have the hardware to test any open world or PCG maps and I prefer realistic style and avoid stylish games, the laptop is used to develop realistic games which would be replaced by a powerful PC, have been crazy to work 16 hours a day on potato laptop developing realistic style game as a one man studio and it’s so addictive with endless techniques to learn
Black Myth: Wukong does not use open world but relies on small and linear levels maybe that’s the key of their performance
The question is still not answered, which UE5 version did they branch and then modified?

Mark my words, it will not being running 60fps with significantly better 8th gen graphics on a 3060 at real 1080p nor with crisp graphics unless they are baking their lighting and NOT using nanite/VSMs.

If that’s the case they would just revert back to UE4.25 with baked lighting and level streaming and the game would still look AAA
and you’re right with the question: how many UE5 features are really needed for solo devs?
The YT video is also true that last gen games are generally better o_O
I’m planning for my next game project to use UE5.4 or UE5.5 for the cinematic,
but using UE4.25 for the actual gameplay mechanics,
what do you think about this solution?

UE5 tends to be faster at rendering UE4’s same features, so I wouldn’t recommend going back to UE4 unless your want support for better technologies like VXGI and HBAO+ here: https://github.com/Kryptexas/UE4-GameWorks-4.19.2/tree/master-

But I’ve also heard improvements have been made to the CPU side in unreal too. It’s just that new stuff like Lumen, Nanite, VSMs, and TSR are garbage for performance and clear motion. But unfortunately remain the only options for basic interaction.

This is why in the video, custom solutions being brought to unreal is a must since Epic has decided to slowly force people to use their broken software as more and more of these slow rendering approaches require other slow rendering approaches.

A lot of testing needs to be done, but everyone using this poorly managed virtual production software is doing the best they can.

Systems like baking detail into depth maps and better LODs, GI that takes advantage of static objects that allows for dynamic lights. These are things we actually NEED. But no, that doesn’t benefit FN’s production.

UE5 is currently trending to the similar route that it’s advancing / breaking at light speed

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Useful features take iterations and user feedback to be improved and become production ready.
One of the best examples is the UE5.4 automatic retargeter, which takes iterations to improve and finally become production ready, another is the enhanced input context switching which has been matured in UE5.3 and become really useful. Most other features remain experimental or broken.
Good code lasts decades but experimental features get abandoned because nobody wants to fix other people’s broken stuff.
Even as broken as the public version of Unity engine, there are still miracles made with some heavily modified branches developed by big studios themselves, for example I couldn’t understand how could they develop this game using the so called broken Unity engine:

As indie developers we rely on the public version and market place assets and could only hope the public version isn’t terribly made

Are there any games that actually developed using the 4.19 branch?

I’m not about saying unreal shouldn’t be your option. I’m saying unreal needs to fix unreal since THEY have the correct budget and team members, but that’s never going to happen since they don’t do anything or unreal unless it relates to FN or virtual production.

The only option is a branch with compiled software integration, so I guess the best thing Epic could do that could benefit FN would to make it easier to integrate new graphics codes though plugins. Like changing the subpixel jitter values, SMAA, etc. Drag and Drop solutions(which current unreal is pretty big on).

It’s already possible to add custom AA solutions to the engine through plugins by implementing FSceneViewExtensionBase.

You can’t modify subpixel jitter coordinates as far as I know with plugins.

Why would you need that, you have all the common sample patterns by changing r.TemporalAASamples?

Why would you need that, you have all the common sample patterns by changing r.TemporalAASamples?

Not only do upscalers like XESS trained on certain patterns, but the coordinates used in the Decima TAA are way better for specular and thin objects. You want to do as little jittering so you can limit frame re-usage to prevent over blur and long ghosting trails.

My studio has already submitted a commit replacing the MSAAx2 pattern with the Decima pattern. This isn’t new, the community has been asking for improvements based on the Decima TAA for years.

For the decima pattern you can use TemporalAASamples=5 and compensate with an 1 pixel offset for the 3rd and 4rd sample.

For comparison purposes that definitely works. Didn’t realize TemporalAASamples=5 contained an even numbered sequence(which is needed) until I looked at it again.
EDIT: I think I remember seeing

lines 4856-4859 and wanting to keep it simple, for now I just deleted those.

Going to look more into that and I am already looking into more plugin options.

EDIT: Yeah, r.TemporalAASamples=5 gives me this problem no matter what:

Hi all,

Im trying to use the new motion designer rundown feature with the remote control for broadcast live graphics. We have a seprete app that has all the controlers and pushes in data like love score and names and so on, and i can see them change in the rundown but nothing happens when i preview the sign or take it live. Is this a bug with the rundown?