Missing Animations Uncovered—Update Your Game Animation Sample Project

Hey folks!

Earlier this week, we released the brand new Game Animation Sample Project, a sample designed to showcase fully functional animation systems commonly needed in games and help you get started with Motion Matching.

A few of you noticed that the project included less than the “over 500 AAA-quality animations” that was noted on the project page and other materials. We unearthed the missing directories where these animations were tucked away and have now updated the Game Animation Sample Project to include them.

Please update your Game Animation Sample Project via the Vault to snag these extra files—and a bonus bug fix, squashed live on Inside Unreal, which addresses an animation blending timing issue.

Note: If you’ve already created a project with the original sample project, you’ll need to create a new project to get the changes.

Should you have work you don’t want to lose, you can create a new project and migrate the folder at /Game/Characters/UEFN_Mannequin/Animations/... from the new project to your original one.

Sorry about the mix-up and thank you so much for bringing this to our attention.

Haven’t checked out the Game Animation Sample Project yet? Pop over to the overview on the Unreal Engine feed.

Happy developing!


Ty for the modern and professional animations.

  1. Do UE Market sellers have permission to include any anim (from the free project), in their asset?
  • Justification: these anims are from Epic (given free) just as UE4 default anims are (considered community content - open use within the UEngine). But UE4 Mann and his default anims have bad posture. Thus sellers should be able to include the ‘modern’ free anims in their asset - to better display [content] to buyers.

  • I.e. it helps Epic to allow sellers to give a better advertisement (more sales). UE4 hunchback anims are cringe and have bad/imprecise weight painting at the shoulders (because UE4 mann had bulky imprecise robot shoulders).

  • Reason 2: I’m helping a seller setup a CharBP (to better display his asset). So I had to find my own anims for the basic AnimBP. Yet [if I got quick ones from Mixamo], then when I give the preview to him, he would not be able to include the [Mixamo free] anims because of your rules.

  • So let us use your [free anims] - so that sellers dont have to constantly strip assets “anims shown in the video are not included.” That is annoying and wastes our time to have to re-setup an AnimBP and go get [free] anims from Mixamo or UE.

    • (Meaning it is illogical to force the community to strip something that is free, when everyone can still get it for free, yet it wastes time to make 1000000 people redo the same thing. It would be like if Epic didn’t let sellers use a new & free Function in assets sold on the Market, and instead made sellers strip the Function from their code, before selling the payload.)
  • You can make the rule that only sellers on the UE market can include your free anims, but not distribute [your anim asset] in their project sold at the Unity market.

  1. So if this is not already allowed, then who can we petition to allow this logical use of anims for the UE community?
    Thank you.