Unreal Engine 4.8 Released!

Unreal Engine 4.8 is here!

Our latest update gives you all the tools you need to build expansive open worlds, VR experiences, and anything else you have in mind! Create huge, photoreal worlds with major optimizations to landscape, grass, and foliage rendering, or build new realities anywhere you like thanks to our multiplatform VR support. These and tons of other tool and performance enhancements await you in Unreal Engine 4.8, our biggest release to date!

This release includes 189 great changes that were submitted from Unreal Engine’s amazing community of developers. Check out the full list of contributors on the Unreal Engine 4.8 Release Notes page!

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Feature Highlights

Grass Rendering and Procedural Foliage Systems


We’ve optimized our Grass Systems for use with large open worlds. Use it to produce huge amounts of grass and ground cover with temporal LOD cross-fading. We’re also releasing an experimental preview of the procedural foliage system we used to paint foliage across our GDC 2015 Kite Demo.

Post Processing Enhancements and Tools


Major increase in accuracy of our Motion Blur, including morph target animations that can now generate motion blur. We’ve also updated our depth of field to be more physically-based, as well as added a new Tone Mapper to achieve more filmic look.

Multiplatform VR Support


Support for all the latest VR hardware including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Steam VR, Leap Motion, and Sony Project Morpheus.

Network Replays


“Scrubbable” network replays with rewind support and live time scrubbing.

Asset Size Mapper


Visualize the memory footprint of game assets in an interactive tree map UI.

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OMG amazing! yeahh!!

Wow its here!! Thanks Epic for all the hard work :slight_smile:

And thanks to all who were participating in the previews and have helped to make 4.8 better!

And now I spend the whole evening reading the release notes :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah cool! DLC and patch support!!!

nice work

Great stuff guys!! Keep up the amazing work :smiley:

nice! are we getting kite demo?

:open_mouth: Finnaly! Thank You!

Yes! Very soon, but not today. We are trying to have it available later this week.

Awesome!! thank you very much.

Thank you!
Also here is what I wasn’t expecting,

How stable is it and do you recommend us to use it for our serious projects yet or not?

Whenever something is “experimental”, then it shouldn’t be considered as stable or ready for serious development. Use at your own risk! :slight_smile:

edit: See updated information here.

What What?!? :smiley:

I have been waiting for this!

The procedural foliage system was shown on a twitch feed if I remember correctly. Everybody was very enthousiastic about it! Any idea when this feature will become stable?

wow that is a lot of stuff!!

Downloading… :slight_smile:
Yayyyyy :cool:

Again…thanks guys!
Best Regards

Finally! great job to all at Epic! I know ya’ll have to work hard to get these releases out on time!

also, I am one who is looking for stability. so better not disappoint! lol :wink:
(or get it fixed fast)(please) :cool:

btw: wouldn’t **‘experimental preview of the procedural foliage system’ **pretty much work or not ???
I mean once a person got it to work and in place, wouldn’t it like ‘not’ be likely to break ???
(hope so)

This is amazing. Thank you guys so much!

Reading release notes, could take few hours to read haha

When something is “experimental” then it certainly ‘works’. Otherwise we wouldn’t include it at all. But it either hasn’t been fully developed or tested enough for us to have confidence that it ‘works as expected’ under all conditions. As the name says, it’s experimental. You may use it, but you should do so with caution, and always be sure to have a backup plan.

edit: See updated information here.