Unreal Engine 4.27 Released!

I’m asking why Epic is hiding the details of what’s been fixed though… How many of those Issues above are visible vs hidden? Epic made a deliberate decision around 2017 to start hiding wishlist / request issues. Wasn’t a fan of that, but I get it. But why hide the details of bug reports. Especially on things that are now supposedly fixed. That makes no sense? :wink:

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Another issue with 4.27 that we encountered in our Paper2D game is that tilemap editing breaks when a tilemap grows too large in the Y direction (too deep). When that happens, tiles cannot be selected or edited when viewing the tilemap with the default viewport Orthographic, Right).

After a lot of debugging we figured out that it was due to the raycast that figures out which tile is underneath the cursor doesn’t start from in front of the tilemap object. This means that the raycast always misses and nothing can be selected.

This happens when a tilemap grows to above 300-400 units deep in the Y direction. We have tilemaps with 12-15 layers, with 32 units of separation between each layer, so this happens for us with pretty much all our tilemaps.

Why does this happen? Well, the raycast starting position is determined based on the Bounds of the tilemap object (for some reason).

Our solution was to modify GetDesiredFocusBounds() in TileMapEditorViewportClient.cpp as so:

FBox FTileMapEditorViewportClient::GetDesiredFocusBounds() const
	FBox Bounds = RenderTileMapComponent->Bounds.GetBox();
	Bounds.Min.Y = 0.f;
	Bounds.Max.Y = 0.f;
	return Bounds;

This makes the raycast start from Y=0 regardless of the size of the tilemap, and now the raycast hits regardless of the size of the tilemap. :slight_smile:

UE-111807 seems to be fixed for 4.27.1-release (related commits were merged and the status says it’s fxed), but it is missing from that list and also says its target is 5.0 on the issue tracker.


Steam is still Broken even after the Hot Fix. When will this be Resolved???

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@Amanda.Schade It would be great to hear what’s going on with the Path Tracer and GPULM for AMD 6000 series cards. It used to all work on 4.26, now on 4.27/5 only realtime RT works. TDR settings don’t effect the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG that happens.

The Steam issues are also pretty severe. Broken Create Session BP node, SteamAuth kicking, SteamSockets.

I’ve tried submitting bug reports for everything.

UE-125019 VPRoles not set by Switchboard