Unreal Engine 4.27 Preview

Preview 1 of the upcoming 4.27 release is available now on the Launcher and GitHub. We are making this Preview available so you can try our new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

Please be aware that preview releases are not fully quality tested, are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

Links to known and fixed issues for this release are provided below. If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

Known & Fixed Issues

4.27 Preview Summary

This list provides a brief summary of updates in this Preview which may benefit from additional testing. Not all updates may be listed. Full release notes will be made available with the final 4.27 release.

Audio Updates:

  • Quartz Improvements. Updates include:
    • Quartz can now run without an audio device, providing audio designers with the ability to run it on a dedicated server.
    • Quartz has new Clock Handle Blueprint functions that provide audio designers with quality of life improvements - including starting, stopping and pausing the current clock.
    • “NONE” has been added as an option to the Quantization enumeration to allow Quartz commands to execute as soon as possible.

Cinematic and Virtual Production Updates:

  • Take Recorder Shortcut. If the Take Recorder plugin is enabled, the Start Recording button will now appear in the playback controls. It can be used to start recording any selected actor into the current sequence, whether they are bound to that sequence or not.

  • Sequencer Director Shortcut. A shortcut to opening the Sequencer Director window has been added to Sequencer’s toolbar.

  • Property Multipliers. You can now multiply the properties of Template Sequence, allowing for scaling the intensities of animations and other properties from them. Right-click on a template sequence section and locate Property Multipliers.

  • Render Tool Selection. If the Movie Render Queue plugin is enabled, then the Render button in the Sequencer toolbar will now open Movie Render Queue. You can also specify which renderer you want to open with a dropdown menu next to it.

  • Object ID Groups. You can now specify Object ID groups in Movie Render Queue. Examples of groupings are by actor, material, folder, or layer.

  • Command Line Encoding. Movie Render Queue now supports Command Line Encoding, allowing for custom video render formats, such as using FFmpeg and the codecs it provides.

  • MRQ Config Asset Editing. Movie Render Queue config assets are now editable directly by opening the preset assets from the Content Browser. Previously these were only editable from the MRQ editor. This applies to Movie Pipeline Queue, Movie Pipeline Master Config, and Movie Pipeline Shot Config assets.

  • Virtual Camera Improvements. We continued to stabilize the Virtual Camera system, including improving Multi-User support for Virtual Camera.

  • Remote Control Improvements (Beta). We’ve made improvements to how you can remotely control the engine in a live environment. There have been several improvements so that you can control more properties and functions, and replicate them properly.

  • Remote Control Presets now support:

    • Per-property metadata
    • Rebinding properties
    • Ability to expose custom events
    • Actor functions
    • Thumbnail previews over WebSockets
    • Remote Control Replication over nDisplay
  • Remote Control Plugins for DMX, OSC, and MIDI. You can now use existing live show protocols, such as DMX, OSC, and MIDI, with the Remote Control system in Unreal Engine.

  • Remote Control C++ API. The Remote Control system now includes a C++ API to provide more ways to access and control the engine remotely. Previously, you could only access properties in the engine through web applications that used the Remote Control’s HTTP and WebSocket APIs. With the C++ API, you can now also control the engine and use the exposed Remote Control properties in external desktop applications.

  • UI Builder and Improved UX for the Remote Control Web Application. You can now quickly build complex web widgets without any code using the new drag-and-drop interface. We also redesigned the widget interfaces, and added more widget types focused on Virtual Production scenarios, including:

    • Stage Position
    • Wall Color Corrections
    • Light Cards
    • Level Snapshots
    • Sequencer
    • Green Screens
  • nDisplay Improvements. This release, we focused on improving the user experience with nDisplay by redefining the workflow around setting up your nDisplay cluster. There’s a new nDisplay Root Actor to consolidate all nDisplay-related features and settings into one UAsset, and a 3D Config Editor to design your nDisplay setup.

    This new workflow replaces the previous method of modifying configuration text files outside of the engine to create your nDisplay network. You can import previously created .cfg and JSON configuration files to convert them to the new UAsset format.

  • nDisplay Supports MipMaps on the Inner Frustum.

  • Improved mGPU Support in nDisplay (Beta). Effectively offload viewport rendering to another GPU using the improved mGPU feature for nDisplay. Increased parallelization and reduced lockstep overhead maximises further the expected performance gains from mGPU-enabled systems.

  • nDisplay Overscan (Experimental). By overscanning, you can now achieve continuity across multiple nDisplay render nodes for visually impactful post-processing effects such as bloom, ambient occlusion, and motion blur. Overscanning does come at a configurable performance cost.

    This feature works with simple screens and projection policies, but more advanced policies, such as Mesh, are currently not supported.

  • Linux Support in nDisplay (Experimental). We added preliminary support for Linux in nDisplay and its tools ecosystem. Linux support is dependent on graphics card drivers, and some rendering features, such as ray tracing and Vulkan, are not currently supported.

  • nDisplay Synchronization. Leveraging previous work in 4.25 and 4.26 releases, we made improvements to Sync Policy #2 in both performance and usability. Improvements include:

    • NVIDIA drivers 461.72 and later that support non-blocking present
    • A refined internal sync render-thread barrier management, which will fix crashes and timing issues
    • Exposed cvars to help with debugging
  • OpenColorIO Support in nDisplay. We added support for OpenColorIO in nDisplay to enable accurate color calibration that connects content creation in Unreal Engine to what the real world camera sees on the LED volume.

  • Level Snapshots (Beta). With Level Snapshots, you can record the current state of the level in a snapshot. Later, you can choose what to restore from that snapshot to update the level. This tool is especially useful for stage operators on a Virtual Production shoot because you can accommodate complex restore requests from filmmakers, such as “Go back to Take 6 and move all the trees, except for these five.”

  • Lens Distortion (Beta). Unreal Engine now supports Lens Distortion for projects using live camera tracking and live compositing. We created a Lens Distortion Shader based on the Brown-Conrady model and a new Lens Distortion Asset. The Lens Distortion Asset supports multiple zoom and focus calibration points and multiple STMaps.

    We’ve also added support for Lens Distortion in Unreal’s tools, including:

    • Live Link
    • CG Layers with Composure
    • Cinecamera
    • Movie Render Queue
  • Live Link Improvements. We made improvements to Live Link, including adding rebroadcast support for virtual subjects.

  • Live Link FreeD Plugin (Beta). Live Link now supports the FreeD data protocol, which is a commonly used protocol for camera tracking and Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras. Many PTZ cameras, such as the Panasonic AW-UE150 and the Sony BRC-X1000, are now supported through this protocol, and can be a cost-effective way to add tracking data to your projects.

  • Live Link VRPN Plugin (Beta). VRPN is a commonly used protocol for virtual reality and virtual production. The Live Link VRPN plugin allows multiple tracked devices to be distributed and replicated over nDisplay. This solution is replacing the previous workflow of setting up VRPN through nDisplay.

  • Frame-Accurate Sync of Videos with Sequencer and Movie Render Queue. Playback of videos with Media Framework will be frame-accurately synced to the timeline in Sequencer independently of the media player’s real-time behavior. Sequencer internally handles communication and setup for this synchronization with the media player.

    Currently, only ImageMediaPlayer supports this new synchronization. If you use a media player that doesn’t support this feature, playback will start or stop close to what is indicated by the Sequencer timeline; however, frame-by-frame alignment could be random.

  • EXR Mipmap Support for Image Sequences in Media Framework. Media Framework’s image sequence playback now supports mipmapped EXR images. Mipmaps can be used in image sequences to reduce the amount of data loaded in. In UE, the mip level is selected based on an estimated pixel-to-texel density for each object displaying the image, unless otherwise set in the settings.

  • DMX Improvements. We continued to improve the DMX plugin, increasing its overall performance and stability under stress conditions, including improvements to protocol, Blueprint, and sACN. We also added integration with other engine features, such as Remote Control and nDisplay, and replaced Controllers by Ports with the new network settings DMX Ports.

  • DMX Pixel Mapping (Beta). We revamped the Pixel Mapping UI panel and core functionality. You can now effectively drive low-resolution panels or matrix fixtures by fetching the scene buffer, or any live texture, to generate the required DMX data at high performance.

  • Per-User Take Recorder Control in Multi-User. You can now control which nodes in a Multi-User session contribute to a Take Recorder capture. This means you can set nodes as recording nodes that contain additional simulated or animated data that is not visible to the Multi-User main operator.

  • Switchboard Improvements. We continued to improve Switchboard, adding the following features:

    • Switchboard Listener remote binary updates
    • Remote UE command execution on nDisplay nodes
    • More telemetry information such as temperature and RAM usage
    • Auto Multi-User server builds
    • Improved p4 sync performance
    • Ability to set the priority of launched Unreal and nDisplay processes
    • Auto-scroll checkbox and line-wrap checkbox added to the log window
    • nDisplay-only projects can set the name of the executable

Core, Iteration, and Cooking Updates:

  • Georeferencing. Georeferencing associates physical locations, like an area of a planet’s surface, with virtual locations, like UE4 levels. UE4 supports geographic, geocentric, and projected Coordinate Reference Systems to map real or fictional locations, including support for systems such as latitude/longitude and UTM coordinates, to your in-engine levels.

  • UE-As-Lib. With UE-As-Lib, you can build the UE4 runtime as a library and interact with it through a minimal, built-in API. This API starts UE4, optionally accepting a command-line and window handle, updates (ticks) it, receives Windows messages, and can shut it down. You can expand the API to suit your needs, exposing any existing or new functionality for external use.

Datasmith and Import Updates:

  • Datasmith Exporter Plugin for ArchiCAD. This release features a new Datasmith Exporter plugin for ArchiCAD. This plugin brings the Direct Link workflow and the ability to export .udatasmith files to Twinmotion and Unreal Engine-based applications.

    Support includes:

    • Geometry and hierarchy data exported in a structured way with Metadata
    • Materials
    • Lights
    • Cameras
    • Layers
  • Datasmith Exporter Plugin for Sketchup. The Datasmith Exporter for Sketchup has been completely redone, adding support for the Direct Link workflow and Sketchup Pro 2021. This release also brings a new PBR Material graph, support for Metadata, and new batch exporting options.

  • Datasmith Exporter Plugin for Rhino Improvements. We have made a number of improvements to the popular Datasmith Exporter Plugin for Rhino. With this release, we have added Direct Link functionality between Rhino and Unreal Engine-based applications, such as Twinmotion.

    Additional Improvements:

    • Support for a wide range of geometry modifiers
    • Support for Worksessions
    • Named views are now exported as Cameras
  • Datasmith Exporter Plugin Improvements. 4.27 brings the release of several enhancements and quality of life improvements to our existing Datasmith plugins. Beyond improvements to plugin stability and reliability we have added support for new versions of Rhino, Revit, 3ds Max, and Navisworks.

  • Visual Dataprep Improvements. Visual Dataprep provides you the ability to automate the process of importing and preparing your 3d data using a visual interface. In this release, we have made a number of enhancements and quality of life improvements:

    • New Operators. A variety of new operators have been added, such as Plane Cut, Set Collision Complexity, Set Max Texture Size, and Select by Volume.
    • UX Improvements. We have added a new Statistics panel, as well as added the ability to resize Action nodes.
    • Core Improvements. We now have support for Actor components and per file format settings.
  • Universal Scene Description (USD) Improvements. This release features several enhancements to our Universal Scene Description (USD) toolset, with the largest focus being additional export options. This includes the ability to export Levels and Sublevels to USD, and support for Foliage and Landscapes. Unreal Engine 4.27 also features additional support for multi-user editing, additional options at runtime, and support for the Nvidia Material Definitions Language (MDL) schema.

  • Alembic Improvements. Unreal Engine continues to expand support for Alembic. We have expanded support for hair and fur by making it possible to bind Grooms to Alembic data that has been imported as a GeometryCache. We are also excited to introduce the ability to import an animated groom directly from Alembic to a GroomCache asset that can be used as part of a GroomComponent.

  • Design Configuration Template and Product Configurator Template Improvements. With Unreal Engine 4.27, we have released the Design Configurator template, an updated version of the Product Configurator template, into the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction category. This new template demonstrates the same interactive features and best practices for buildings as the Product Configurator template does for vehicles and products.

    Both templates feature many UI enhancements and configurable interface options.

  • LiDAR Point Cloud Plugin Improvements. Unreal Engine 4.27 brings several enhancements to the LiDAR Point Cloud plugin that improve the import and manipulation of point cloud data.

    This release contains the several improvements:

    • Better Point Size Algorithm. The scalable algorithm has also been improved and a fixed point mode has been added. This new mode can be especially useful when working with a noisy asset.
    • Improved Performance and Stability. Several improvements to the processing and streaming of the point cloud data have significantly improved performance for the end user.
    • Improved Save/Load Performance. The serializer and streaming mechanic has been significantly improved.
    • Simple Gap Filling. Points are enlarged and rendered using a new technique that minimizes visible overlap.
    • Disable Frustum Culling. It is now possible to disable Frustum Culling which can help with the data stream delay when shooting cinematics.
    • New Selection Methods. New Polygonal, Lasso, and Paint selection methods have been added.

Gameplay Updates:

  • Enhanced Input (Experimental). A streamlined but highly configurable input handling system supporting run time input remapping and complex customizable trigger rules.

  • Game Features and Modular Gameplay. Using the Game Features and Modular Gameplay plugins, you can create standalone features or data sets that are easy to add to, or remove from, your project. These plugins keep your project’s codebase clean and readable, while avoiding accidental interactions or dependencies between unrelated features. This is particularly important when developing live products that change their feature sets over time, or large and complex projects where minimizing unintended interactions between features is important for stability.

  • Data Registries. You can use Data Registries to load and cache global USTRUCT data based on discovery and caching rules that you configure. Data Registries provide an efficient way to store and access data from sources like data tables, integrate with the Game Features and Modular Gameplay plugins, and support dynamic resolution.

Mobile Updates:

  • Mobile Rendering Improvements.The mobile rendering pipeline is improved, including both optimizations of existing features and newly available post-processes. The highlights of these improvements are:

    • Distance Field Shadows, Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA), and Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA). These features are now available in the Mobile renderer.
    • The Mobile Deferred Renderer. This feature’s performance and stability are significantly improved, and it runs on a wider range of Android devices. It also now supports Light Functions, IES light profiles, and simple lights.
  • Mobile Toolchain Improvements. We have revised the toolchains for iOS and Android in 4.27 to make them more useable and reliable.

    • Android Toolchain Improvements
      • Added Android memory profiler support.
      • Added support for Visual Studio debugging for Android projects.

Niagara Visual Effects Updates:

  • Module Versioning. You can now version a module, function, or dynamic input. This gives you flexibility when making your own modules, since you can set the functionality and save it to a version number. When you create a new version of the module, each time you add that module to your system you can choose which version of the module you want to use.

  • Behavior Examples. When you create a new Emitter you now have the option of selecting Behavior Examples. These are pre-filled emitters that are used to show one particular functionality within the Niagara system. They can help you to learn and explore Niagara functionality.

  • Niagara Debugger. This new panel gives you the option to turn on a HUD that will show detailed information about the Niagara system. It will also give you some options to help you debug your Niagara system in the Level Editor, such as:

    • Play, pause, and stop Niagara simulations.
    • Speed up or slow down Niagara simulations.
    • Display detailed information on each particle in the system.
    • Display a summary of information on each Niagara system in the level.
  • Debug Drawing. This functionality allows you to see a visual representation of some modules in Niagara systems, such as sphere, box, and more. You can debug your system and adjust the parameters of the module as needed.

  • Mesh Arrays in a Mesh Renderer. You can now add more than one mesh to a Mesh Renderer. By adding more than one mesh, you are creating a Mesh Array. You can either randomly spawn particles of those meshes, or you can use them in sequence as a flipbook.

  • Curve Editor Improvements.

    • The Curve Editor within Niagara has been updated to match the Curve Editor in Sequencer. This gives you more advanced editing tools to adjust keys and retiming.
    • Inline curve editors, which are displayed in the Selection panel, have also been updated. You can click on pre-made templates to quickly apply those commonly-used curves.
    • There have also been performance improvements in the Curve Editor in this version, resolving an issue that was causing slowdown when dragging keys.
  • Parameter Definition Libraries. There is a new asset in Niagara called Parameter Definition Libraries. You can create a Parameter Definition Library to assign a collection of parameter definitions to a set of Niagara assets. Assets that use Parameter Definition Libraries are subscribed to those libraries, so that when a change is made to the source library that change is synchronized to the subscriber assets.

  • Select Node. There is a new node for Niagara scripts called the Select node. You can specify a selector type (integer, bool, or enum). You can use this node to define if, then statements. Depending on the value that is input into the Select node, it will output a specified value.

  • Hash Functions. There are two new nodes for hash functions, Hash Integer and Hash Float. By providing a set of integer inputs, they will output a random value. The difference between the Hash functions and the Seeded Random is that given the same inputs, Hash will always output the same value. In contrast, Seeded Random will generate a different output each time.

  • UX Improvements. There have been a number of UX improvements across the Niagara editor. This is included but not limited to:

    • Auto-fill all options are available in the Filtered Bones and Filtered Sockets lists for Skeletal Meshes.
    • Hotkey support for Niagara: J and K to cycle forwards and backwards in playback. S to isolate selected emitters. D to disable selected emitters.
    • New and improved menus for Niagara scripts, modules, and dynamic inputs.
    • Added a Library Only checkbox to the script actions menus.
    • Suggested feature that lets you pre-label an asset as Suggested. These actions will appear at the top of the list as a section during search. In the case of dynamic inputs and modules they show at the top without searching.
    • Many of the data interface functions now show helpful tooltips.

RAD Tools Integration:

  • Oodle Compression. Oodle Compression is now part of Unreal Engine, including the following products:

    • Oodle Data. This feature provides the fastest and highest ratio compressors for game data. Oddle Data Compression is now enabled by default in Unreal Engine, providing significant compression and faster loading for packaged projects.

    • Oodle Texture. This feature, combined with Rate Distortion Optimization (RDO), are the fastest and highest-quality encoders for block-compressed BC1-BC7 textures. Oodle Texture compression is enabled by default in Unreal Engine and RDO encoding can be enabled in the Project Settings.

    • Oodle Network. This feature provides a unique solution for real-time compression of network traffic, greatly reducing the bandwidth required by game servers. Oodle Network compression is used by Fortnite already, and can be turned on and trained for your game’s own network streams.

Rendering Updates:

  • Path Tracer (Beta). Unreal Engine 4’s reference Path Tracer has now moved to Beta and is closing the gap between real-time Ray Tracing features. It includes physically correct and compromise-free global illumination, physically correct refractions, feature complete materials within reflections and refractions, and super-sampled anti-aliasing.

    Improvements in 4.27 include, support for more Material Shading Models and Blend Modes, light transmission with glass (including approximate caustics), a wide range of light parameters, nearly unlimited number of lights in the scene, improved sampling techniques to reduce noise, support for Orthographic cameras, and improved support for Movie Render Queue.

  • GPU Lightmass (Beta) Improvements. GPU Lightmass continues to add improvements with features that include support for a wide range of light parameters, baking for Levels of Detail (LOD) meshes, colored translucent shadows, improved Multi-GPU (mGPU) support through Nvidia NVLink and SLI capable graphics cards, along with many bug and stability fixes.

  • Hair and Fur Rendering Improvements. Hair and fur rendering now supports two new cache-related features: attaching hair grooms to an Alembic Cache and the ability to import grooms that have already been simulated and contain cached per-frame hair data.

    During import of an Alembic groom, the importer detects if the groom has animation or not. If so, it automatically generates two Groom Caches: one for the strands that have been animated and one for the guides that have been animated, which use simulation to animate the strands being rendered.

    The Groom Cache can be assigned to a Groom Component using the Groom Cache assignment slot.

XR Updates:

  • OpenXR Improvements. We added general improvements to the current set of features, and support for the following new features in Unreal Engine’s OpenXR plugin:

    • Stereo Layers
    • Splash Screens
    • Motion Controller Visualization
  • Redesigned VRTemplate. We built the new VRTemplate using the OpenXR framework. The template is designed to be a starting point for all your VR projects. It includes encapsulated logic for teleport locomotion and common input actions, such as grabbing and attaching items to your hand.

    The VR platforms currently supported by VRTemplate include:

    • Oculus Quest 1 and 2
    • Oculus Quest with Oculus Link
    • Oculus Rift S
    • Valve Index
    • HTC Vive
    • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Eye-Tracked Foveated Rendering (Experimental). Foveated Rendering is a technique that improves performance on VR devices by reducing image quality in the peripheral vision. Foveated rendering delivers a significant GPU performance boost with little perceptual loss of quality.

    In 4.26, we offered support for fixed foveated rendering on Oculus Quest when running Vulkan. Now in 4.27, we’ve broadened our support to include eye-tracked foveated rendering using NVIDIA’s Variable Rate Shading (VRS).

    This feature is currently only supported on Windows platforms with DX12 and GPUs that support VRS Tier 2.

  • Collaborative Viewer Template Improvements:

    • Multi-scale support
    • Section tool
    • Works with Datasmith runtime, but the Datasmith files must be accessible by all participants

Fixed in Preview 2

Issue Summary
UE-112064 Set fixed bounds option on the dropdown does not work on system bounds
UE-112063 Set Fixed Bounds in emitter asset only works if the emitter was selected beforehand
UE-117196 Curve with Material type is displayed in Anim Curves panel when ‘Material’ checkbox is unchecked
UE-116024 ChaosDestructionDemo does not have Chaos enabled by default
UE-110119 Enable output velocity on translucent material causes D3D12 assert with -d3ddebug
UE-115976 DatasmithRhinoExporter - DatasmithDirectLinkConnections command not working on Mac
UE-117340 Lens Distortion - Crash if user try to reset to Default the Target camera component with Lens file enable
UE-117263 Samples Compat - Virtual Camera - Packaged game places player underneath the ground
UE-117301 Offset character when exporting FBX out of a Subscene via Python
UE-116820 nDisplay Screens change shape when modifying Outer Screen Percentage
UE-117430 Import JT file failed
UE-114112 Change Niagara Script Source Filters’ visuals to match the Content Browser filters
UE-115180 GitHub 7901 : Fixed Lightmap Density view mode crash when using tessellation
UE-113915 Lens Distortion: Setting an overscan FOV on a cine camera can result in a focal length that is below the minimum (4mm)
UE-117470 DatasmithCSharpFacade does not compile on build using < .NET 4.5
UE-117483 //UE4/Release-4.27 Compile error in RemoteControlField.cpop
UE-117001 Web Remote API - Specific parameters can not be rebind
UE-116881 Remote Control Preset - Changing exposed function parameter type crashes
UE-116839 Remote Control API - Can’t set string parameter of a function in a preset
UE-116279 Spawning web app from remote control preset doesn’t use current preset
UE-116985 Web Remote Control API - Backward compatibility issues with 4.26 assets
UE-109409 ReadBackTexture could be released in GameThread
UE-113854 Enabling Apple.InstrumentsEvents crashes the engine
UE-96587 GitHub 7248 : TSampleBuffer multi channel bug fix.
UE-117140 Applying changes to parameter definitions assets recompiles all scripts
UE-116448 [Audio Bus][Tool Tip] - Audio Bus Channels Tool Tip refers to Source Bus instead of Audio Bus
UE-113980 DS Materials: [M_StdEmissive] Does no longer handle opacity mask since 2020.1
UE-116784 Multiple PropertyAccess nodes in a single anim fails to compile
UE-116822 RandomPlayer node fails to deal with zero or v small blend in times
UE-117373 GitHub 8123 : Add a nullcheck to GetOwner in GetBlueprintForSequence
UE-112390 Crash when running commadlet -run=resavepackages and -noshadercompile is specified
UE-117336 Distance field collisions are broken in Content Examples
UE-117529 Too strict PSO filtering removes valid PSOs from the cache.
UE-117513 Animation in the Spawned channel is removed when exporting FBX
UE-116849 A level couldn’t be GC in some circumstance and the world is always in memory with Async and PendingKill flags
UE-110817 Launch is blocked on IOS by message about webauth plugin failed to load when WebAuth plugin is disabled
UE-117094 iOS Compat - iOS 12.X - Apps ran on iOS devices running iOS 12.X crash on launch
UE-116386 Boundary Bleed Color does not affect the boundaries of intersecting subsurface materials
UE-117308 Avoid generating Velocity and TAA shaders unexpectedly for mobile platform
UE-103733 DMX - Fixtures with Color Mix do not properly reset on Begin Play
UE-114534 DMX Patching - Cannot reset an attribute back to a null value
UE-116519 Crash while opening foreign project with a Unique Build Environment
UE-117337 GitHub 8109 : Fixed typo in #jira UE-117300 fix
UE-112986 It seems wrong process about clearing Render Targets in RenderBasePass
UE-115150 GitHub 7860 : Configures the procedural mesh object to accept ray tracing updates
UE-116220 Crash on Android When Launching Inclusively Nativized Match3 Game Due to Error in OpenGLShaders.cpp
UE-117105 Fatal error: /…/Runtime/OpenGLDrv/Private/OpenGLShaders.cpp] ActionRPG crashes on SHIELD Tablet
UE-117569 USD - Meerkat skeletal mesh has offset skeleton from its body
UE-117512 //UE4/Release-4.27 Compile error in RCWebInterface.cpp
UE-117456 nDisplay: Add 4x4 Matrix
UE-117291 Crash when reimporting USD asset whose material was assigned to a different USD asset
UE-117273 Parameter panel may sometimes be empty on first opening a script/emitter/system editor
UE-117052 Switchboard UI doesn’t launch from the Toolbar
UE-97297 Handheld AR camera freezes when rotated between portrait and landscape
UE-116882 Switchboard - nDisplay can not be launched after the Editor since the nDisplayConfig.uasset is busy
UE-117417 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Slate!FUICommandList::ConditionalProcessCommandBindings(FKey,bool,bool,bool,bool,bool) [UICommandList.cpp:220]
UE-98030 Volumetric Material not compiling on Niagara Mesh Renderer
UE-105061 If use with mesh particles or use with niagara mesh particles is checked in the Usage flag of the material and the material domain is set to volume, compile error will occur.
UE-117531 Crash on Map with Existing Remote Control Preset
UE-117257 Tooltips for parameters that are not subscribed to parameter definitions are missing in the script graph
UE-114772 Make the Remote Control UAsset dirty after editing Remot Control fields
UE-114547 Remote API - OSC UI widgets not displaying
UE-114550 Remote API - OSC Floats properties clamped to 0-1
UE-114505 Remote API - Crash when using UI in Protocols section.
UE-114548 Remote API - OSC UI widgets Add-Remove inputs
UE-113406 Remote API - OSC Float to Boolean issue?
UE-114546 Remote API - Crash when clicking UI Entities
UE-100324 Create Duplicate Parent is not properly creating the parent emitter asset
UE-116808 [TM-FocusConcurrency] - Pressing Q doesn’t trigger the Concurrency rule for Audio
UE-117589 Focus tolerance is not verified when adding points to lensfile
UE-117206 Crash clearing Niagara Parameter Collection instance when previously created Niagara Parameter Collection is set
UE-116540 Dynamic animation baked through Sequencer doesn’t reflect what’s in viewport for some assets
UE-116354 Mac log spam with: Initializing EditorSessionSummaryWriter for editor session tracking
UE-115657 Crash when editing Niagara system added to the Actor with Child BP Class on mac
UE-117629 Automatic saving not working on spawnables in template sequences
UE-117012 Remote Control Preset - Preset Name is not displayed in the preset editor
UE-114120 Modifying Component to Control parameter somehow screwed up internal scales of the screens
UE-112057 Incorrect validation in FRDGUserValidation::Validation with 8 render targets
UE-104418 [Submix Effects][Crash] - Passing an array with empty pins to a Set Submix Effect Chain Override Crashes the Editor when triggered
UE-117678 resuming looping sound with virtual mode restart will result in incorrect sound cue state
UE-116335 [Stream Caching][Surround] - 5.1 Files cannot be previewed when Stream Caching is Enabled
UE-117680 importing 24 bit audio fails to properly import
UE-117620 Baking animation in sequencer broken
UE-117684 soloaudio persists in content browser after PIE
UE-115857 Remote API - Mapping range struct storage
UE-117046 Remote API - Crash deleting bindings
UE-116889 Remote Control API - Remote Control Preset needs to be reopen to display protocol bindings
UE-116103 Remote Control Preset - Crash when deleting a protocol from an exposed property
UE-116604 Crash - Remote API - Deleting 2nd MIDI binding
UE-117686 Improve attribute trimming for Niagara particle scripts
UE-114552 Remote API - OSC Crash with 4 Vectors in Postprocess
UE-113599 Remote Control Protocols Unsupported Types
UE-115444 RemoteControl - Linking a parameter with DMX leads to a crash
UE-117601 Hair card sampler is incorrect setup
UE-117696 Electra playback of mp4 files containing only video or only audio fails
UE-112473 Select overlapping actors fails on some edge cases
UE-117304 Material Preview with Clear Coat shading model and Clear Coat value set to 0 doesn’t default to Default Lit shading model
UE-103702 A single iteration source can be confusingly listed multiple times
UE-117230 Samples Compat - Win64 - Vehicle Game crashes with an Assertion Error on Play
UE-117270 Default Mode for Parameters that are subscribed to a Parameter Definitions is Library
UE-117706 The module version upgrade process is confusing for child emitters
UE-117236 Ensure can freeze the Editor for 30+ seconds
UE-115005 Package Fails for iOS - library not found for libCrashReporter.a
UE-114670 Avoid CRC sending telemetry and crash reports for third party titles.
UE-116552 Actor information persists in Level Snapshot Editor when snapshot is deleted and throws ensure when selected
UE-109057 A crash can occur during a batched compile of inter-dependent Blueprint assets via commandlet.
UE-117717 Datasmith content - Update material usage to avoid compile failure
UE-117708 Remote Control Preset - Exposing a property doesn’t set its edit condition to true
UE-117664 LensFile can crash if there are more points in the nodal offset table than in the focal length table
UE-117229 Missing Emitter.Age, Determinism, LocalSpace, OverrideGlobalSpawnCountScale, RandomSeed, and SpawnGroup
UE-115791 Parameters panel is not refreshed when selecting a different script version to edit
UE-117712 Can’t delete root category item when going from K1 to Distortion
UE-117674 Properties menu is empty on animation section blend context menu
UE-117756 Trim Left/Right menu does not contain hotkey info
UE-116909 The editor crashes after scrubbing backward from second audio track to the previous audio track
UE-117605 Copied sections are pasted on the same row in Sequencer
UE-113380 UE Editor Crashes During RHINO Resync After Changing Layer to Reflective Material (i.e Glass, Metal)
UE-117769 USD - Foliage instances missing when exporting LandscapeMountains
UE-117723 Revit 2022 Datasmith Exporter has depedencies on 2021 dlls
UE-117370 Crash after dragging a duplicate of a Dataprep’s filter to not allowed area
UE-117225 Crash selecting a Parameter Definitions parameter after changing its namespace
UE-107902 Niagara System’s override parameters in the Details panel are reset to default after refocusing the Level Sequencer
UE-117233 Make New and Add Engine Constant parameter categories are sorted with Parameter Definitions that have been promoted to the top of the creation/add menu
UE-117517 datasmith options not saved between sessions
UE-116302 Mesh Renderer Info enum is not populated with the mesh renderers
UE-111904 Precise motion vectors are incorrect for Sprites and Meshes with Emitter source mode
UE-95478 CompileTimeAnalyzer crashes with InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid
UE-117770 USD - Renamed prims persist after closing the stage
UE-117780 Keyframe is not adding via pressing the ‘Add a keyframe…’ button in the Details next to the ‘Actor to Track’
UE-117792 Adding two STmap points to a lens file that is currently being evaluated causes the editor to crash
UE-116884 nDisplay Configurator - Region changes on ViewPort are not consistent on projections
UE-117766 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Plugin crash after undo block command
UE-112195 VCam2 - Lens Kit Labels Do Not Update on Slider in UI
UE-116980 nDisplay: Enable cluster nodes OCIO checkbox doesn’t enable/disable the Cluster Nodes OCIO property
UE-103737 Niagara fails to alert users to gpu systems that fail to read from cpu systems using the attribute reader
UE-115531 FDistanceFieldAsyncQueue crash during cook with MetaHuman Hair assets
UE-116282 RemoteControl logger adds slate dependancy to RC Core module
UE-116735 AR Handheld/Android- 3d objects are not rendered in a AR environment
UE-115335 in HandheldAR, rectangular planes do not appear, origin gizmo
UE-112732 HandheldAR iOS: AR Planes do not have pink borderline around them in BP projects compiled through Windows
UE-116550 EXR Sequence Tearing Across Two Render Nodes
UE-117801 Sequencer : Control Rig: Undo of moving a key on second section causes selection to get lost
UE-117689 Crash in IOSPlatformTextField when copying buffer of editable text
UE-115584 Vector fields need to check for GPU access before errors about needing CPU access flag
UE-115028 GPU Lightmass - Performance regression at 16102191
UE-116435 Change title of popup window of datasmith runtime load
UE-117681 [Audio Playback][24-bit] - Audio files with bit-depth greater than 16 bits don’t playback consistently after import
UE-115827 Level Snapshots - Collections of structs are not restored properly
UE-117050 Camera Calibration. Curve management tools
UE-116333 Crash after GPU Lightmass Bake with multiple GPUs when resizing menu

Fixed in Preview 3

Issue Summary
UE-119386 Skeletal Mesh LOD reduction does not use retargeting for bake pose
UE-118584 Override Game Mode in Media Render Queue does not work properly
UE-118295 Crash adding a key to a SectionToKey
UE-118397 UMG Sequencer: Animating FMargin tracks from relative-to-absolute with easing do not blend properly without a relative track (legacy)
UE-118829 selected nodes only not retaining upon selecting keys
UE-118837 Deactivating a shot section from scripting does not affect evaluation
UE-118777 Incorrect additive keyframing behaviour
UE-118979 Deleting transform track can fail to restore state
UE-118984 Select Key in Selection Range selects keys on actors that are filtered out of the Outliner
UE-118680 Non smooth (staircase) curves when recording using existing levelsequence with Timecode framerate lower than engine framerate
UE-119063 PlayTo overshoots in low framerate situations
UE-119051 Project Settings for Take Recorder’s Animation Recorder do not persist after editor restart
UE-119293 Guid of Actor Reference does NOT replace in UMovieSceneActorReferenceSection::OnBindingsUpdated
UE-119482 Shift Marquee Selection crashes Sequencer
UE-119463 Sequencer: Auto tangents aren’t recalculated if you set values in sequencer or if you delete key in curve editor
UE-119715 Take Recorder records a camera but creates a camera cut section with unresolved bindings
UE-119960 Take Recorder inaccuracies with attached objects
UE-120164 Recording nearby spawnable without starting at current timecode sets the sequences end playback range to be the current timecode
UE-120161 Sequencer: Python: Make sure to use specified FBX and Control Rig Import settings from Python
UE-120083 Animations are not recorded correctly when Save Record Assets is enabled.
UE-120082 Two animation assets are created when Pawn is recorded in TakeRecorder.
UE-104004 Oscilloscope Object in Niagara Only Reads a Quarter of the Buffer When Part of an Emitter that Targets the CPU
UE-117888 [Audio Import] - Audio types other than Wavs fail to import; unrecognized sound format
UE-100009 [Concurrency][Resolution Rules] - Stop Lowest Priority Then Prevent New doesn’t stop lowest priority sound and doesn’t prevent new sound in AudioQA map
UE-99966 [Concurrency][Resolution Rules] - Stop Lowest Priority does not stop lowest priority sound
UE-119917 Deprecation warning for FDerivedDataCacheInterface::GatherUsageStats with VS2017
UE-119173 Severe performance regression when using UnrealPak with file sizes >int32
UE-119181 GitHub 8189 : Adding support for Linux for RiderSourceCodeAccessPlugin
UE-118800 macOS Big Sur libc.dylib not found
UE-119096 Untracked files are present in Github build
UE-113404 DMX Previs Sample (Missing files from build and wrong show file extension)
UE-118769 Collaborative Viewer - Material Issues with Loading States and 3d Cut Volumes
UE-118767 Collab Viewer - Oculus VR and Steam are disabled - should be Enabled
UE-118853 Replace Handheld AR Template icon in the Games category with the previous one
UE-119458 Collaborative Viewer - Remove Steam and Oculus VR PLugin
UE-117080 Meshes change their position upon interacting with Attach/Detach trigger boxes in TM-ActorToComponentOverNetwork, TM-ActorToActorOverNetwork and TM-ComponentToComponentOverNetwork maps
UE-117059 Renaming gameplay tag back to its original name after editor restart removes it from Tag List
UE-118544 Circular references between blueprints are not retained when nativized
UE-118545 There are no objects on the TM-Nat_BP level in packaged Inclusive game
UE-118816 [CrashReport]UE4Editor-BlueprintGraph!UK2Node_Timeline::PostPasteNode() [K2Node_Timeline.cpp:212]
UE-118416 Electra is flagged as beta plugin incorrectly
UE-117095 Assertion failed: InputState == EInputState::AwaitingEOS /…/Decoder/Android/VideoDecoderH264_Android.cpp] QAGame crashes on Android
UE-120073 Setting up Mipmapping for a JPG or PNG seqeunce crashes the engine
UE-118943 DefaultGameMoviePlayer does not respect RHI suspension
UE-119763 EXR mipmapping breaks when the folder is non-square res (example 1024x512)
UE-119026 ShooterGame Fails to open on Mac when attempting to open with certain commands
UE-118466 ShooterGame Client/Host crash when joining game via Hosts Invite through System UI
UE-120203 EOS: String buffers are incorrect size
UE-118195 PixelStreaming crash with DX12 RHI
UE-118846 VolumetricLightmapVoxelization.usf(132:21): (error, code:5476) - ambiguous call to ‘dot’
UE-119536 Crash on startup due to race condition on FPlatformProcess::PushDllDirectory
UE-118949 Failure to launch UE 4.27 on CentOS with /lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21’ not found
UE-119403 Installed build creation fails with RunUAT ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully
UE-119776 Assert on closing Editor after creating Third Party Library plugin on Linux
UE-101681 Error while creating Third party plugin: Failed to load example third party library
UE-117844 SkySphereBlueprint renders on Mac with artifacts
UE-119217 UnrealBuildTool can crash on Apple Silicon
UE-118830 Mac - 4.27 - Test_font displayed incorrectly in Text Render
UE-118436 Crash when launching ShooterGame with -game argument on Mac
UE-118734 vfork has been deprecated, use posix_spawn instead
UE-87774 MAC rect light does not use assigned source texture
UE-120156 FASTBuild shader compilation is broken on macOS
UE-116537 VirtualTextureFeedback never success to map on Android if open a RVT Level from an empty level
UE-115005 Package Fails for iOS - library not found for libCrashReporter.a
UE-118786 GitHub 8165 : Arm - Fix GMaxWorkGroupInvocations on Vulkan
UE-115236 GitHub 7979 : Fixed line endings for Android installer scripts
UE-117658 ES3_1 Preview Rendering Level renders black when MobileHDR=false
UE-119771 After launching UE4Editor -game -featureleveles31 once, bPreferFeatureLevelES31=true gets saved to the ini file
UE-118186 BinkMedia’ and ‘DatasmithC4DImporter’ plugins have copyright issues
UE-119737 High VRAM usage causes GPU Crash when attempting to render Bink Video - FD3D12Resource Error
UE-118527 Clicking “Convert to Parameter” on constant 3-vector node in Material Editor causes crash
UE-119035 When loading any project in Binary the editor will compile shaders
UE-118240 TM-AnimPhys (UE4). Dark textures and too dark shadows on the level
UE-118752 Crash when shifting world origin in map with landscape that writes to RVT
UE-118603 Renaming parameters in Niagara scripts does not work
UE-118773 Engine tests and old assets with mesh renderers have their mesh replaced by a default gnomon
UE-118615 GitHub 8157 : Make NiagaraDataInterfaceArrayFunctionLibrary.h methods public
UE-118641 Parameters do not automatically link to their Parameter Definition when renamed to match on a pin
UE-118461 The Set Parameter module’s add parameter menu displays the code-based parameters instead of the Parameter Definitions
UE-118521 Renaming a Parameter Definition while an asset containing subscribed parameters is open will create multiple renamed x transactions for each updated reference
UE-119439 GPU Content Examples fail while in and after exiting Simulate mode
UE-119573 Niagara Count Buffer Leak when Editor out of focus
UE-118523 Crash renaming a Parameter Definition used in scripts/systems
UE-119928 -wshadow Shadowing error in NiagaraParameterDefinitionsSubscriber
UE-120092 Typo in RibbonRendererProperties: RibbonUV0Override & RibbonUV0RangeOverride
UE-96474 Subsurface profile rt transmission broken with denoiser
UE-99901 subsurface scattering flickering under 4.26
UE-119079 Punctual lights overflow radiance buffer when no source radius is set
UE-119627 Ray Tracing reflections do not support Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh
UE-119471 DXGIGetDebugInterface1 could not be located in the dynamic link library dgi.dll when launching editor on clean machines
UE-119615 Stadia crashes when trying to use HDR mode
UE-119297 Vulkan bloom convolution causes crash
UE-119539 Crash in the TwinMotion project when counter UAVs are used
UE-115607 Hair physics not working in scene capture
UE-119341 The title hangs on the Warmup Island on Performance Alpha Mode with TArray<AVEncoder::FMediaPacket,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32>.
UE-118936 Vehicle templates are setup to use Chaos
UE-117328 Crash appears after reloading asset
UE-118707 Crash when baking materials for some skeletal meshes (like those found in Epic’s Car Configurator project)
UE-118812 GroomCache interpolation doesn’t work when scrubbing between 2 frames in Sequencer
UE-118623 Datasmith Sketchup msi: won’t install with specific region settings
UE-118737 Sketchup - Windows - Error at runtime in sketchup after plugin installation
UE-118500 DatasmithRhinoExporter - Plugin crash when deleting texture with DirectLink enabled
UE-118661 ArchiCad - Mac - Impossible to install plugin because need to be notarize
UE-119483 SolidWorks - Datasmith plugin - UI problems
UE-118970 Display states are not exported as variants if they’re not linked to configurations
UE-119624 DatasmithExporters on Mac automated build should .zip generated plugin versions together
UE-119870 Rotated UVs after Datasmith export from Solidworks
UE-119678 Datasmith Solidworks Exporter plugin MSI installer does not work with Solidworks 2020
UE-117464 Import CAD: Degenerate geometry
UE-93464 Inventor Assembly imports incomplete or missing geometry
UE-119435 HLOD not working in sublevels in cooked build when Save LODActors to HLODPackages is set to true
UE-118787 Linux: USD error with plugin enabled -’ for ‘usd’ failed: No such file or directory
UE-118602 [Crash Report] UE4Editor-UnrealEd!FReimportManager::ValidateAllSourceFileAndReimport(TArray<UObject *,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &,bool,int,bool,bool) [Editor.cpp:582]
UE-118311 Take recorder parent hierarchy not working in MU
UE-118775 Can’t remotely take record after exiting MU
UE-119479 Crash when persisting changes from MU
UE-119633 Use weak object reference for sequencer actors
UE-120118 Multi-User - Since CL 16909910 Opening a sequences is not propagated to the nDisplay nodes
UE-118548 Saving a sublevel that contains the nDisplay config asset crashes nDisplay nodes
UE-118561 No master sequence recorded - only sub scenes - when recording stage actor in MU
UE-118110 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-SlateCore!TArray<int,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> >::ResizeGrow
UE-120206 ICFX Camera chroma does not create transaction when using color picker.
UE-118530 Undo stack gets corrupted when using color picker in widgets
UE-118487 UE Logo needs to be updated to the new style
UE-118273 The STypeLiveLink plugin should be disabled on the GoldenPath project
UE-119028 nDisplay packaging fails
UE-118559 Playing multiple EXRs in nDisplay crashes nodes
UE-108821 Maya plugins do not contain options to set Unicast and Static Endpoints.
UE-119582 Playing multiple EXRs in nDisplay crashes nodes - Mip Maps
UE-119756 Attempting to play AJA media source with Media Player crashes
UE-118794 Can’t evaluate calibrated focal length when zoom not streamed through LiveLink
UE-119614 Editing a LensFile asset changes all previously recorded level sequences that reference that LensFile
UE-119854 LiveLinkCamera: Cannot override filmback sensor dimensions on camera component when evaluating a LensFile
UE-119583 Cinecamera FIZ min max threshold preventing calibration values to be used
UE-118895 Post Process Volume Lacks Control for Offsetting Screen Temperature
UE-118713 Unable to set channel# in DMX Output Console Faders
UE-103731 DMX Template project - Yoke of Moving Matrix sticks through the head.
UE-117037 DMX Pixel Mapping - Matrix fixture generates infinite logs that can lead to a freeze of UE
UE-97379 Crash - using Matrix and DMX Fixture BPs
UE-118878 DMX plugins causing Linux and Mac Editors to crash when opening GoldenPath
UE-119258 DMX - Uninitialized variables in FDMXInputPortConfig and FDMXOutputPortConfig
UE-119000 DMX - Cannot set IP address for DMX ports via commandline
UE-117026 DMX - Pixel Mapping - Undo is not supported in Designer
UE-117139 DMX Library - Mode Selection Box in Patching Tab is buggy.
UE-119717 Divide by zero warning in DMX Fixture Zoom Component
UE-119588 DMX GDTF parser bug
UE-119910 DMX - Dynamically created level sequence player do not play DMX in packaged builds
UE-119574 DMX Pixel Mapping - Cells index and output do not follow the PixelMapping distribution
UE-120189 DMXPrevis Sample needs updating for 427 since we changed the plugin and fixtures behaviour
UE-118745 Editor Crash on selecting/hovering Custom Filter in Level Screenshot Editor
UE-119601 Level Snapshots - Non-Unity compilation error after 16842999
UE-118991 No warning when over-writing a level snapshot
UE-118428 Crash on the render nodes when loading a level snapshot
UE-118669 LiveLink - SteamVR doesn’t work upon restart if used with a LiveLink default preset
UE-119579 Crash when PrestonMDR LiveLink source is added from a Preset
UE-119849 LiveLinkPrestonMDR: Warning message triggered when setting Incoming Data Mode to Encoder Data
UE-118236 OpenXR doesn’t support Vive Trackers
UE-119939 MayaLiveLink Plugin - UDP Endpoints are not reverted to after deleting the IP addresses
UE-118635 nDisplay Root actor initialization resets world instance on save in MultiUser
UE-118383 Enable flag for OCIO doesn’t work properly
UE-118040 Per-Viewport and Per-Node OCIO Settings Do Not All Work
UE-118437 OCIO is disabled when moving the nDisplay config actor over multi user
UE-118338 Final Adjustments to nDisplay Motion Blur Settings for Process/Traveling Shots
UE-118337 UX Design Discrepancies: nDisplay Viewport in Config Editor - Configuration
UE-118325 UX Design Discrepancies: nDisplay Config Actor - Configuration
UE-118668 nDisplay: Re-Import Not Available on New Imported Assets
UE-118320 UX Design Discrepancies: nDisplay Config Actor - Color Grading
UE-118321 UX Design Discrepancies: nDisplay Config Actor - OCIO
UE-118684 UX Design Issue: nDisplay Color Grading/Post Process Options and Organization
UE-118784 UX Design Issues: nDisplay Content Hidden Properties
UE-118834 Duplicating Post Process volume while in MU and nDisplay crashes nDisplay nodes
UE-118374 nDisplay template needs updating to 4.27
UE-118886 nDisplay Chromakey Post Process Blur Does Not Work
UE-118332 UX Design Discrepancies: nDisplay ICVFX Camera - Chromakey
UE-118776 nDisplay sometimes is not forcing focus successfully
UE-118329 UX Design Discrepancies: nDisplay ICVFX Camera - In-Camera VFX
UE-119078 Legacy .cfg files can be added to projects despite not being support by nDisplay
UE-119208 It is impossible to override RenderTexture_RenderThread behaviour
UE-119310 Incamera’s miplevels aren’t applied
UE-119312 nDisplay’s Viewport Override aren’t picking up changes
UE-118676 nDisplay / Inner frustum - Tracking marker tile distance corrupt marker texture
UE-119521 nDisplay screen reshape bug with locked aspect ratio
UE-119260 Chromakey marker UX updates
UE-119257 TextureShare duplication
UE-119686 nDisplay nodes crash after light bake, leaving MU session and attempting to rejoin
UE-119750 Regression in White Balance/Color Temperature Toggle in nDisplay
UE-119759 Deleting a cluster item in the nDisplay configuration editor does not clear the item from the details panel, allowing users to edit a deleted item
UE-118259 Non blocking editor crash
UE-118989 Enable Inner Frustum bool on nDisplay Actor Root Component disables OCIO and Light Cards
UE-120093 Chroma Key Tracking Marker Marker color does not update
UE-119660 Chroma Key Tracking Marker Tile Scale Setting is Backward/Inverted
UE-119661 Chroma Key Tracking Marker Tile Distance Setting Scales Content Incorrectly
UE-119766 Manual projection policy regression
UE-119321 nDisplay Manual Projection policy doesn’t work
UE-119758 Undoing an cluster add operation does not work after saving/compiling an nDisplay config
UE-118958 Remote Control Preset - nDisplay OCIO Per-Viewports overrides settings aren’t correctly exposed
UE-118885 Exposing the nDisplay Cluster Root Actor at Top Level not Sufficient when Setting Object Position in Remote Control
UE-118480 Remote Control API - Allow changing Widget Type from WebApp
UE-118749 Remote Control API - Can’t send images through websockets
UE-118535 Remote Control API - Missing preset ID in PresetFieldsChanged
UE-118536 Remote Control API - Register to preset change notification using a PresetID
UE-118670 Remote Control Web Interface not Reliably Responsive
UE-118739 Remote Cotnrol API - WebApp with List has bad performance
UE-118398 RCP asset gets repeatedly corrupted
UE-118838 Web Remote Interface - Web app is not available when it is not rebuilt
UE-118866 Remote Control API - Some thumbnails are not returned with the right headers
UE-118422 Post process should be enabled automatically when touching any PP value in remote control
UE-118173 Web remote control can’t set stage rotation min/max from iPad
UE-119362 Remote Control API - Register to preset change only to loaded presets
UE-119367 Remote Control API - WebApp does not discover newly created presets
UE-119418 Remote Control API - Missing Mini Color Picker option in UE
UE-119033 WebApp Widgets are non-functional in binary build
UE-118944 Web Remote Crashes Editor Box when Driving Slider
UE-119662 Remote Control API - Deleted preset in UE is not removed from list in webapp
UE-119486 Exposing per-viewport color grading properties on second viewport doesn’t work correctly in remote control
UE-119218 Remote Control API - Precision Modal
UE-119616 Remote API - RC and MIDI property initialization
UE-119872 Color Picker Value slider will not move below 10%
UE-119868 Negative values are accepted in the Color Picker precision mode
UE-119489 Remote Control API - Duplicate a preset does not generate a new PresetID
UE-118959 Remote Control plugin causing Mac editors to crash when opening GoldenPath
UE-118298 Remote Control DMX - Default range values are not considering the channel size (16bits)
UE-118883 Adjusting the Slider on a Vector Doesn’t Immediately Transact on Initial Change
UE-119555 Integrate missing blackmagic linux integration
UE-119593 Switchboard doesn’t detect newly created map
UE-118612 GitHub 8154 : Fix OpenXR LocateViews use correct pipeline
UE-118610 GitHub 8152 : Work around out-of-bounds problem with late latch on secondary views
UE-118766 Android Package Command fails with :app:assembleDebug
UE-119852 Quest 2 controller models don’t show up when using the native plugin
UE-119668 Collaborative Viewer - CutPlane Feature is not added To the VR Pawn
UE-120047 OpenXR Remoting fails to attach actions to remoting session in 4.27
UE-120192 Crash in HPMotionController extension plugin
UE-119892 GitHub 8231 : Arm - Add Mali-G78 device profile

Fixed in Preview 4

Issue Summary
UE-120342 As of CL 16942672 - Remote Take Recording always start recording at timecode 0:0:0:00
UE-120810 Create TraceAnalyzers module to share Analyzer classes
UE-120786 Crashes submitted from EGL binary is flagged with EngineModeEx=Dirty
UE-114648 Media player in TM-Shadermodels is failing to play
UE-120610 EXR ImgSequence fails when dataWindow is larger than displayWindow
UE-118624 Package with shipping configuration for IOS fails with error symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
UE-120289 XR-plugin allocated Textures crash on startup on Android OpenGL
UE-120086 Android package crashes on Quest / Quest 2 due to Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR)
UE-119610 Unable to add existing parameters to a Set Parameters module through the add menu
UE-119613 Renaming a parameter through the Set Parameters module to match a Parameter Definition does not automatically subscribe it to the definition
UE-119784 This specific variable names isn’t showing up in searches
UE-120475 Crash opening a Niagara System
UE-120631 Renaming a pin on select node or static switch can lead to a crash
UE-120788 R32 formats not converted properly
UE-118971 a suppressed part in a Configuration is translated as a material variant
UE-120144 ArchiCAD installer don’t detect ACAD 25 and SOLO
UE-120134 Crash when playing a GroomCache with varying topology
UE-120294 [JT] Degenerated Geometry
UE-120449 Crash when scrubbing in a level sequence with a GroomCache track
UE-120558 Datasmith textures doesn’t handle wrapping mode correctly
UE-120349 USD - Stage doesn’t load when rendering a different level with MovieRenderQueue
UE-120458 Frame warnings flood output log while playing SimpleComposure
UE-119910 DMX - Dynamically created level sequence player do not play DMX in packaged builds
UE-120069 DMX Pixel Mapping - UE crash if user set a negative size value on OutputMapping if Renderer Type is set as Material
UE-120197 DMX - IP address gets auto-changed to an ip available to the system when opening project settings, no way to change via BPs
UE-120435 DMX - DMX take recorder records the wrong matrix values
UE-120476 DMX - Pixel Mapping - Manual resizing of the DMX screen does not update correctly
UE-120479 DMX - Pixel Mapping - DMX output are not properly considering the cell distribution of a DMX screen
UE-118401 Level Snapshot nDisplay - Snapshots created without the nDisplay support plugin enabled are not properly restored
UE-118918 Ensure thrown when taking level snapshot - nDisplaySupportForLevelSnapshots
UE-120338 Level Snapshot - Deleted static meshes are not always restoring in nDisplay nodes
UE-117215 OCIO is disabled while moving actors in the scene (click drag)
UE-118330 UX Design Discrepancies: nDisplay ICVFX Camera - Inner Frustum Color Grading
UE-118333 UX Design Discrepancies: nDisplay ICVFX Camera - Override
UE-118621 UX Tooltip Discrepancies for nDisplay
UE-118896 nDisplay: Tracking Marker Texture Content Missing
UE-119259 Missing nDisplay output remap and textureshare post process settings in the GUI configuration
UE-119647 nDisplay’s OutputRemap regression
UE-119767 Override word should not be used in the naming of variables
UE-119978 Color Grading settings are still editable when Color Grading is disabled
UE-120195 Click and Drag Screen Percentage Fields Should Only Allow 0 to 1
UE-120227 Ability to specify cameras in a .ndisplay config for portability
UE-120282 Editor sometimes crashes when attempting to compile nDisplay config asset
UE-120284 Soft Edge Parameters are Ambiguously Named
UE-120285 Rename Override Section to Texture Replacement
UE-120481 Duplicating nDisplay actor sometimes crashes editor
UE-120611 Rename nDisplay ICVFX Camera Motion Blur Amount Setting to Intensity
UE-120674 chromakey shader compilation error in linux
UE-120675 DX11 quad buffer stereo regression
UE-120732 Mesh policy warp mesh visibility in packaged builds
UE-120792 ICVFX Template Project Cinecamera Actor Reference Missing
UE-120485 nDisplay/Switchboard - launching packaged .exe does not work without project files.
UE-116758 Remote Control - Merge settings into a common module
UE-119875 RemoteControl level snapshots default save directory is not the same as project’s
UE-119877 No feedback in remote control when taking a level snapshot
UE-120339 Web Remote - Editor crash while changing nDisplay inner frustum and chromakey settings
UE-120506 Remote web control - Web app displays incorrect parameters after editor re-joins multi user session
UE-119690 ARCore: FARCoreCameraTextureResource::InitRHI accesses NativeResource on RenderThread

Finally we can have oodle!


Would love to see the difference oodle makes in shipping size. If anyone is interested in doing comparisons, please share it here :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you guys,

Did you ‘fix’ or ‘improved’ the 30% performance drop present in UE4.26? 4.26 performance - #101 by Miguel1900

Is it forward compatible with UE5?

Is UE5EA backward compatible with UE4.27, as with 4.26?


This is interesting and cool!


2021 and still no Pointlight shadows for Mobile…


4.27 is not compatible with UE5 Early Access, but will be with the full release of UE5. UE5 EA is not backward compatible with 4.27.


From Welcome To Unreal Engine 5 Early Access: Compatibility:


I don’t have enough experience to fully understand what this means, would anyone care to elaborate?

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did they fix the weird flickering issue with Nvidia cards?

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So, lots of cinematic and camera fixes…

…yet no mention of the single remnant of Matinee (that even shipped with the UE5 preview) and that is camera shake.

There is a SequenceCameraShake class, but it’s undocumented and has literally under 5 mentions on the entire web.


Hi Victor and Amanda,
Is Action RPG template going to be fully compatible with UE5?
Thank you.

Matinee is deprecated for Sequencer. So you’ll need to use the Sequencer Camera Shakes now. You’ll likely have to wait till 4.27 fully releases if you want full notes on how to transfer your shake settings or not (unless you want to experiment yourself).

UE-As-Lib sounds very interesting. What are some use cases?

Is it a way to treat the UE runtime as a third-party library? E.g. I make an iOS app in swift, then call into a UE-As-Lib library to access any exposed UE runtime functions?

Is Chaos in it now? Will it be in 4.27? I didn’t use Chaos preview because it didn’t recognize plugins as the right version, and bug issues.


It would be really cool if we could somehow embed an unreal engine game into a native iOS app. Being able to use native UI would be really helpful in a lot of cases

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Instead of embedding C# in Unreal, we can now embed Unreal in any C# application, for example. Maybe even Rust devs can use it too.

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Is there going to be a “testflight” release of the new iPhone virtual camera app to go with this?

That would be amazing I have to fight with this issue the whole year.

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