Unreal Engine 4.27 Preview

Any documents for UE-As-Lib?


Agreed. For apps (any non-game), I’d much rather use native UI, Xamarin, etc. But I still want access to some UE goodies.

I’m pretty bummed Slate/UMG didn’t get a major overhaul in UE5. It really, really, really needs it…

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No datasmith CAD at runtime import?

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Does anyone know if the native Support for apple silicon macs in runtime is already included in this preview? :slight_smile:


4.27 should run fine using rosetta 2, i.e. with no bugs. But it still isn’t native arm

Ok thanks for your reply, I‘m installing the preview right now :slight_smile: . I still hope they will add native ARM support for the editor in the future or at least native ARM support for runtime as stated in the 4.27 roadmap. As someone that only uses UE4 on an apple silicon mac this would be really important to me, and I am sure there are a lot more people who would apreciate it as well.


I installed UE4.27.0 now.
Testing InCameraVFX Template,but InCameraVFX template is none(curved map only and BP_incamera actor is nothing).
Is changed template settings?

I think template data losted…

native arm support for runtime is experimental in 4.26 so it should be production ready in 4.27, or will at least be better than what we have in 4.26

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Oh I didnt know that it is already experimental in 4.26. Do you have to enable ARM support or is it enabled by default? And also in the roadmap they mention that the ARM support is only for runtime, does this mean the game will run native under apple silicon when you play test it in the editor or does it only work when you package your final game?

I’m very happy about Path Tracer updates! Many ways to render stuff inside Unreal right now I hope it will be painless to jump between them. Great work.

I have to see what the API offer, let imagine hook Unreal Engine in a scientific application and use the render to draw molecule.

Or something like this, it really depends on what the API offer.

“ Remote Control Improvements (Beta). We’ve made improvements to how you can remotely control the engine in a live environment. There have been several improvements …”

Please tell us more.

i think there was a checkbox to enable arm target support in the project settings somewhere but i am not 100%. and no the editor will still be running on rosetta, it is only native if you package your game for apple silicon.

heres the relevant quote from the 4.26 release notes:

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Great first preview release! Very much hoping in Preview 2 we get Live Link Face Calibration:

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Thank you!!! Now I finally understand everything, and I also found the checkbox to enable Arm64 support for the packaged game. :smiley:

As a UI designer I totally agree. It took 5 years to even get letter spacing so I’m not holding my breath. I hoped that was because they were saving a whole new system for UE5, at least something comparable/competitive with Unity UI.

it is not there ???

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What version did letter spacing appear in? I can’t find it!


Click the little down arrow next to 4.25.4