Unreal Engine 4.24 Preview

That’s the most horrible part about Unreal in my opinion. I always install GPULightmass, but they haven’t compiled it for 4.24 yet.

I believe support for VS 2017 was dropped on 4.22 or 4.23.

According to the documentation it was not (Setting Up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation), I also don’t remember any of the change logs mentioning anything about deprecating VS 2017. VS 2015 was just dropped a few versions ago.

Does anyone know why in the 4.24 preview the VR controller inputs are missing? Can’t make my previoulsy created blueprints to work properly anymore.

VS2019 is still far from really stable. They added support for it in UE4 but dropping support for VS2017 would just be unwise.

Still no flag/report button…

what i ve tried :
Check plugins and enable all chaos plugin
try to make a blueprint from chaos solver class
add it to your map
fracture a cube added previously

play , it does not crash but i can’t enable gravity to check collisions and fracture

Hey @ClavosTech, I did some testing and you’re correct that a report option doesn’t exist for all users. I will figure out why this is the case and if it’s something we can enable. Appreciate the link to the report from 2018!

Motion controller keys have all now been set with a new flag where they can’t be directly referenced in blueprints. Instead you are expected to make actions for each of them and use those action events instead of directly referencing the keys.

This is because they are moving to OpenXR and that input modality is entirely based around rebindable “actions” where the exact keys / buttons being used are abstracted away from the development side.


No worries.

If enabling the Flag option for everyone is a big ask, maybe just allowing mods to delete posts in those threads will help. Anyway, I mentioned it because even just inadvertently hovering over malicious links in those threads could leave users exposed…

Trying to compile 4.24 P2 using Vs2019. Getting this “GenerateProjectFiles ERROR: Unable to find a valid installation of Visual Studio. Please check that you have Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio 2019 installed, and the MSBuild component is selected as part of your installation.” When running “generateprojectfiles.bat”.
The installation works. Has no trouble loading a sln file from a previous compile. The bat file is not set to the right location.

Should GTAO be working fine in 4.24P2? When I was testing it in 4.24P1 it worked, but now in 4.24P2 I can no longer get it to work.

@frostic try using the Weld Edges tool. This may fix your problem. Otherwise you will need to use a tool like Maya/Blender/etc to “stitch” or “weld” those open edges. (You might need to use the Normals Tool afterwards)

Preview 2 crashes when moving folders in the content browser, on Linux. This same folder causes issues when attempting to move it in 4.22.3 as well, when attempting to move it and fix redirectors it leaves “empty” folders there instead that can’t be moved or deleted, where if you look outside the editor in the file explorer you will see files(likely to be redirectors, but am not sure) left in those “empty” folders, but you aren’t able to see them within the editor. Not every folder does this, but many of them do, often ones from the marketplace, which is nonsense because you need a way to organize those files into your own project.

Not only was the issue not fixed from 4.22.3, but it’s actually worse in 4.24.0, it actually will crash the entire editor now if you attempt to move the folder…
You can follow two other topics of mine which are related to this one, here…-related-files And here…-still-in-them

Would really appreciate a backported fix for this into 4.22.3 as it is making things a nightmare to have this specific bug across 3 versions. To be honest I think this is a bug even as back as 4.18 and earlier…

“Exception was “SIGSEGV: unaligned memory access (SIMD vectors?)””

Caught signal!UWorld::Tick(ELevelTick, float) [/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/LevelTick.cpp:1722]!UEditorEngine::Tick(float, bool) [/Engine/Source/Editor/UnrealEd/Private/EditorEngine.cpp:1504]!UUnrealEdEngine::Tick(float, bool) [/Engine/Source/Editor/UnrealEd/Private/UnrealEdEngine.cpp:407]
UE4Editor!FEngineLoop::Tick() [/Engine/Source/Runtime/Launch/Private/LaunchEngineLoop.cpp:4479]
UE4Editor!GuardedMain(char16_t const*) [/Engine/Source/Runtime/Launch/Private/Launch.cpp:175]!CommonUnixMain(int, char**, int (*)(char16_t const*), void (*)()) [/Engine/Source/Runtime/Unix/UnixCommonStartup/Private/UnixCommonStartup.cpp:242]!__libc_start_main(+0xf2)

part of the log:

 73]LogDirectoryWatcher: Error: inotify_rm_watch cannot remove descriptor 206 for folder '/Content/Maps/Demonstration_sharedassets' (errno = 22, Invalid argument)
 73]LogDirectoryWatcher: Error: inotify_rm_watch cannot remove descriptor 204 for folder '/Content/Maps' (errno = 22, Invalid argument)
 73]LogDirectoryWatcher: Error: inotify_rm_watch cannot remove descriptor 209 for folder '/Content/Particles' (errno = 22, Invalid argument)
 73]LogDirectoryWatcher: Error: inotify_rm_watch cannot remove descriptor 206 for folder '/Content/Maps/Demonstration_sharedassets' (errno = 22, Invalid argument)
 73]LogDirectoryWatcher: Error: inotify_rm_watch cannot remove descriptor 204 for folder '/Content/Maps' (errno = 22, Invalid argument)
 73]LogDirectoryWatcher: Error: inotify_rm_watch cannot remove descriptor 209 for folder '/Content/Particles' (errno = 22, Invalid argument)
 73]LogAudioMixer: Display: Audio Buffer Underrun detected.
 73]LogCore: === Critical error: ===
Unhandled Exception: SIGSEGV: unaligned memory access (SIMD vectors?)

 73]LogCore: Fatal error!

You could always make your own template. Check out this bit of documentation: Converting a Project to a Template | Unreal Engine Documentation
Also make sure to check out the template folders in your install location under Templates for more info.


We have just released Preview 3 for 4.24! Thank you for your continued help in testing the 4.24 build before its official release. As a reminder, the Preview builds are for testing only, and should not be used for the active development of your project.

For a list of known issues affecting this latest preview, please follow the links provided on the original post in this thread.

Fixed in Preview 3

Fixed! UE-80985 Double Clicking on Virtual Bone breaks it
Fixed! UE-67058 Ensure when compressing an animation with Per Track Compression and Max Zeroing Threshold greater than Max Pos Diff Bitwise - Ensure condition failed: MaxZeroingThreshold <= MaxPosDiffBitwise
Fixed! UE-67606 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UAnimSequence::BakeTrackCurvesToRawAnimation() [animsequence.cpp:4467]
Fixed! UE-79523 Crash when setting Anim to “None” with URO
Fixed! UE-61522 If “Additive Anim Type” isn’t “No Additive”, constant values of curves can be broken
Fixed! UE-84225 UE - Sounds may need to be imported twice in order for them to play
Fixed! UE-83481 StrategyGame has frequent static during audio playback on Android devices
Fixed! UE-83371 Editing values in ReverbMasterSubmixEffect causes crash
Fixed! UE-80125 GitHub 6203 : Steam Audio Beta 17 Update
Fixed! UE-84322 Linux: Profiling a LIVE Trace in Unreal Insights Crashes Immediately with Assertion Failed: NewColumn.ColumnId != NAME_None
Fixed! UE-52635 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib!UPackage::Save() during COTF
Fixed! UE-84240 Mesh normals are not build correctly on IFC files imports
Fixed! UE-84239 AxF: Crash UE4 with a basic import with Binary version only
Fixed! UE-84432 Package path different from path previously used in Dataprep, when path is the same
Fixed! UE-84207 zebra stripe environment oriented on wrong axis
Fixed! UE-84521 Imported .asm assets rotation is ignored when importing through Datasmith
Fixed! UE-84309 Tessellation reimport impacts only one static mesh.
Fixed! UE-84288 Dataprep editor is enabled in blank project
Fixed! UE-84456 There are 2 Variant Manager categories listed from Blueprint node when using a Blueprint Utility widget
Fixed! UE-83158 Datasmith CAD importer creates master materials that are not used by any asset
Fixed! UE-83255 Transforms are wrong when importing Wire file with Stitching Sew
Fixed! UE-83379 datasmith freezing on Alias Wire import
Fixed! UE-83157 Wrong shader setup for datasmith CAD materials
Fixed! UE-84512 Tessellation options are ignored when importing CAD file through Datasmith when DatasmithCADWorker is available
Fixed! UE-83381 Datasmith CAD importer creates unused Material instances
Fixed! UE-76958 CATProduct that are slow at importing.
Fixed! UE-78121 Unexpected material is created when importing CAD files
Fixed! UE-84390 Cinema4D import not supported on Mac platform
Fixed! UE-84404 Dataprep import error regarding path isn’t clear to explain the issue or how to fix
Fixed! UE-84267 MDL Importer crash with the Binary package - Assertion failed: DllHandle [File:Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/Windows/WindowsPlatformProcess.cpp] [Line: 117]
Fixed! UE-84233 Datasmith VRed Exporter scripts are missing from the UE4 Binary package
Fixed! UE-84372 Launch on fails for a content only project after disabling plugins
Fixed! UE-82433 Debug Editor and DebugGame freezes after Live Coding Hot Reload
Fixed! UE-84340 Editor fails to build because metahost.h is missing
Fixed! UE-84204 GitHub 6357 : Fix exception message
Fixed! UE-83463 GitHub 6355 : Fixed outdated linker comments
Fixed! UE-83461 GitHub 6353 : Template version of GetPawn
Fixed! UE-83460 GitHub 6352 : Templated GetHUD
Fixed! UE-60482 Delay nodes occasionally don’t fire the “Completed” output in a nativized build.
Fixed! UE-84550 Changing blueprint function signature does not force blueprints referencing it to compile
Fixed! UE-83354 Using the Floor or Trunc math function on a very high number results in a negative number
Fixed! UE-70220 Shaped Trace by channel traces do not return true when the starting and ending point are the same
Fixed! UE-83160 PhysX Clang Builds Broken
Fixed! UE-82814 //UE4/Main - Run Incremental EngineTest Physics_Win64Editor - Test aborted: No activity observed in last 5.00 minutes
Fixed! UE-83401 Chaos Fracture Editor is available in the Binary build, crashes if used
Fixed! UE-83154 Bloom and other flare post-process related effects cause aliasing on level lighting
Fixed! UE-84295 Crash when opening editor in Linux
Fixed! UE-83443 Without Platform Downloaded in EGL - LinuxAArch64 packaging fails with ERROR: GetBuildPlatform: No BuildPlatform found for LinuxAArch64, different from Linux option
Fixed! UE-83299 Project fails to open with glTFImporter plugin enabled on CentOS
Fixed! UE-84253 Deploying TM-Decals package to mobile devices causes a crash on launch ‘MaterialShared.cpp’
Fixed! UE-83494 Error launching TM-Shadermodels shader compile failed with requires extension GL_OES_EGL_image_external_essl3 to be enabled
Fixed! UE-83478 Action RPG is inverted/upsidedown while playing on Android devices
Fixed! UE-83473 Fatal Error launching TM-Shadermodels due to shader compiler on SHIELD K1
Fixed! UE-82844 Spawning Attenuation shapes in AEOverviewMain crashes app
Fixed! UE-82593 Cert Failure: STR 106 - UNASSIGNED-CoreValidation-DrawState-InvalidQuery
Fixed! UE-82592 Cert Failure: STR 106 - UNASSIGNED-CoreValidation-DrawState-QueryNotReset
Fixed! UE-84248 Crash on launch (Mojave Mac)
Fixed! UE-84530 Android compile fail - HairStrandsVisibility.cpp: declaration shadows a local variable
Fixed! UE-79052 Paper2D performance regression due to TArray resizing
Fixed! UE-82438 Screenspace artifacts from light functions outside of their attenuation radius
Fixed! UE-84346 4.24 Instanced Stereo Distortion Error in ComputeBufferUVDistortion
Fixed! UE-84294 Color scheme in the stack overview is confusing.
Fixed! UE-84229 Stompmalloc crash in GPUInstanceCountManager
Fixed! UE-83287 Crash serializing emitter compiled data
Fixed! UE-83358 Duplicate System nodes in System Overview on undo/redo
Fixed! UE-83167 Emitter is incorrectly deleted when modifying the timeline.
Fixed! UE-84426 //UE4/Release-4.24 - Run Incremental EngineTest Niagara_Win64Editor - ‘Texture2DGPU_RT_After Runup’ test failed due to screenshot defferences
Fixed! UE-83072 Niagara Preview Disappears After Making a Change then Undoing/Redoing it in System Settings
Fixed! UE-84485 Skeletal Mesh Reproduction example in Content Examples renders with missing particles
Fixed! UE-84251 GPU driver crash when setting RT Reflections to 2spp or higher
Fixed! UE-83064 DXC multi line error messages truncated to only the first line
Fixed! UE-83051 Flickering and stretched textures occur in VirtualCameraSample on Mac
Fixed! UE-82849 TM-VCamFocus crashes while connected to Unreal Remote 2
Fixed! UE-84449 Launching Editor with -Vulkan argument causes an Ensure
Fixed! UE-47098 Moving transform section into existing row causes UI to flicker
Fixed! UE-81736 Dragging a section at the top row above itself gets moved to the bottom row
Fixed! UE-81333 Moving a section with multiple same name tracks in sequencer causes unexpected track swapping
Fixed! UE-81156 Missing UI indication of where an Audio Section loops
Fixed! UE-84302 Crash Compiling and Saving the sequence director after playing the sequence in PIE
Fixed! UE-84264 Audio track crashes
Fixed! UE-84245 Crash right-clicking in the Sequencer Control Rig graph timeline
Fixed! UE-83422 Restore state doesn’t work in Blueprint actors when sequence is set to Allow Sequencer Edits Only
Fixed! UE-83402 Actor being moved via sequencer has inherited velocity that ignores play rate scale
Fixed! UE-83415 Crash trying to load widget animation event test level
Fixed! UE-84389 Undo toast appears when exporting from a shot created by Add Master Sequence
Fixed! UE-79878 Animation sections not visible when dragging a section down a row that has already been expanded
Fixed! UE-84561 Filmback Setting reset to default when upgrading project from 4.23 to 4.24
Fixed! UE-84438 Sections are not visible when object is pinned in sequencer
Fixed! UE-84265 Update DefaultEngine.ini file when open project settings tab.
Fixed! UE-84250 Crash re-importing font asset - Fatal error …Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/Templates/Casts.cpp] Cast of nullptr to FontFace failed
Fixed! UE-84232 Session Durations / Timestamps issues.
Fixed! UE-83456 Toasts related to Source Control do not appear on Mac
Fixed! UE-83453 New Window Left/Top Position changes every time the window is closed on a display using custom display scaling
Fixed! UE-83412 Spline Component Tangent Handles are hard to distinguish from the Spline curve
Fixed! UE-83387 Project Browser warning for including Starter Content in Mobile projects does not display correctly
Fixed! UE-83344 Wizard writes settings in wrong place
Fixed! UE-83339 Disaster Recovery can fail to recover its session when the project is opened from the Project Browser
Fixed! UE-82962 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!CastLogError(wchar_t const *,wchar_t const *) [Casts.cpp:11]
Fixed! UE-84483 CDO Constructor Error when creating and opening C++ project
Fixed! UE-84462 Deleted material slot can lead to bad materialID for generated LODs
Fixed! UE-84383 Collections submenu does not list in content browser asset context menus
Fixed! UE-80859 Loading an Editor Layout closes all open sub-editors
Fixed! UE-80569 Display Modal Slate Dialog When Saving Custom Editor Layouts
Fixed! UE-84316 Crash overtiring merge destination with asset of different type (UObjectGlobals.cpp] [Line: 2334] Objects have the same fully qualified name but different paths. New Object: StaticMesh /Game/test/Mesh.Mesh Existing Object: Material /Game/test/Mesh.Mesh)
Fixed! UE-84497 Generating lightmap UVs sets incorrect Light Map Coordinate Index
Fixed! UE-84381 Importing .glb file results in crash
Fixed! UE-83391 Landscape behaves erratically on iOS
Fixed! UE-83168 Automatic Lightmap UVS setup don’t set appropriate index
Fixed! UE-84441 Material ID error when regenerating a LOD
Fixed! UE-84243 VRPresenceActor not seen with headset or controllers in a MultiUser session
Fixed! UE-82414 nDisplay input dispatch/sync issue with latest 4.24 refactor
Fixed! UE-84358 Emoji don’t work on iOS
Fixed! UE-83413 Collaborative Viewer - Feature pack is not accessible through Add Feature or Content Pack
Fixed! UE-84422 Collaborative Viewer - Can’t add feature pack to current project
Fixed! UE-84336 Enabling World Composition does not populate Sub-levels in the Levels window
Fixed! UE-84214 Virtual Production Template - Composure Description contains typos
Fixed! UE-84192 Virtual Production Template - Typo on VCam level description “Always show Touch Interfaces”
Fixed! UE-84199 Virtual Production Template - CineCameraActor does not frame the Title and Description in all Levels.
Fixed! UE-84195 Virtual Production Template - Virtual Camera TemplateDescription , TemplateTille and SM_ColorCalibrator are tagged as “Actor Hidden In Game”
Fixed! UE-83109 Fatal Error creating a Virtual Production Template Project
Fixed! UE-84519 Virtual Production Template - Many typos in the displayed level description
Fixed! UE-84369 Virtual Production Template - Description of the Template Contain Typos
Fixed! UE-81610 SteamVR Spectator Screen appears zoomed in
Fixed! UE-84318 Automatically generate bindings for SteamVR Input
Fixed! UE-83416 TrueDepth API Included when Face Support is disabled
Fixed! UE-83191 HoloLens 1: Crash when entering PIE
Fixed! UE-83000 HoloLens 1: Crash when remoting with PIE and hands are tracked
Fixed! UE-84484 Add a warning before we stomp over SteamVR Input bindings
Fixed! UE-84397 WMR - Packaged win64 project produces error: Failed to load WMR interop library
Fixed! UE-84395 Add deprecation warnings for MotionController bindings
Fixed! UE-79475 Depth submission broken for OculusVR

TSoftObjectPtr seems to be losing references to assets when re-loading a project (Preview 2)

Also, TAssetPtr no longer gives any deprecation warnings and is a “valid” type. Should probably be removed by now…

не могу обновить до Prev3. нету связи с сервером на 74 %
can’t update to Prev3. там связи с сервером на 74 %

I’m running into the same issue.

same here for me.