Unreal Engine 4.24 Preview


Preview 4 of the upcoming 4.24 release is available now on the Launcher and GitHub. We are making this Preview available so that our developer community can try our new features and help us catch issues before the final release. As fixes are implemented, we will release updated previews throughout the development cycle.

Please be aware that preview releases are not fully quality tested, that they are still under heavy active development, and that they should be considered as unstable until the final release. Developers should not convert their projects for active development on preview releases. Please test on copies of your project instead.

Links to known and fixed issues for this release are provided below. If you discover any additional issues with this preview release, please report them using the guidelines in the link: How to Report a Bug.

Known & Fixed Issues

4.24 Preview Summary

This list provides a brief summary of updates in this Preview which may benefit from additional testing. Not all updates may be listed. Full release notes will be made available with the final 4.24 release.

Animation Updates:

  • **Inertial Blending (Beta). **Creates a natural procedural transition between poses. It is based on bone velocities and momentum from the outgoing pose.

  • **Animation Blueprint Linking (Beta). **An extension to the sub-instance system allowing for dynamic switching of sub-sections of an animation graph, enabling multi-user collaboration and memory savings for vaulted or unavailable items.

Audio Updates:

  • Stream Caching (Beta). A feature enabled at cook time that significantly changes the way audio is loaded and released from memory. When enabled, almost all compressed audio data is separated from the USoundWave asset and automatically divided into separate chunks.

  • Audio Synesthesia (Beta). The Audio Analyzer module and Audio Synesthesia plugin expose extracted audio analysis data to be used for gameplay scripting via Blueprint. This enables designers to drive animations, effects and other elements tightly coupled to sounds being played in game.

  • Audio Mixer on by Default. The new audio mixer, as first announced at GDC in 2017, will now be enabled by default in 4.24. The audio mixer in UE4 uses a common software audio renderer across all platforms. This not only provides feature parity across all our platforms, it also extends the audio feature set in a wide number of areas and prepares UE4 for continued audio innovation.

Editor Updates:

  • **Variant Manager Improvements. **The Variant Manager allows editing and control of a variant system. It can be used in car configurators or other customizable product experiences. The variant manager also has potential for TV & broadcast applications, where users can switch between created scene setups at runtime.

  • **Datasmith for Alias Wire Support Improvements. **Alias Studio is a product design software used for surface modeling.

  • **Sun and Sky Actor. **We modified the existing Sun Positioner plugin to wrap a directional light, a sky light, and the newly introduced Atmospheric Sky created by the rendering team. The goal is to provide a workflow similar to the HDRI Backdrop actor added to 4.23, where users are provided with self contained functionality into a single actor.

  • Extended Editor UI Layouts. You can now create, save, load, export, and import multiple Editor UI layouts—even across different machines or devices. Team members can create specific Editor layouts that improve their workflow, and share these layouts with everyone on the team. .

  • New Project Workflow. The new project creation dialog has been completely redesigned! Instead of the dialog with tabs, there is now a New Project wizard. This simplifies the workflow for creating projects by breaking it up into smaller steps that are easier to understand.

  • **New Toolbars for Chaos Fracture Plugin (Experimental). **The UI for the Chaos Fracture Plugin has been updated! We have moved the Fracture and Cluster tools from the Modes panel into two toolbar palettes. These two palettes are designed to naturally progress through the phases of creating a destructible mesh.

  • Datasmith Improvements for 3ds Max, SketchUp, CAD, AxF

Dev Tools

  • **AutoSDKs (Beta). **The AutoSDK feature enables customers to distribute target platform SDKs while configuring them for the Engine on demand. UnrealBuildTool, AutomationTool and the Unreal Editor are all designed to work seamlessly with AutoSDK — the switching between SDKs is handled by UnrealBuildTool, which is invoked by the other tools.

  • BuildAgent Tool (Beta). BuildAgent is a utility for managing agents on a build farm. It supports fast cleaning of Perforce workspaces using locally stored information about file timestamps, as well as fast switching of workspaces using a local cache of files addressable by MD5 digest. It also includes functionality for parsing errors and warnings from build steps and propagating them to UnrealGameSync to display for users.

Geometry Updates:

  • **Modeling Mode (Experimental). **We have implemented a new Editor Mode that allows users to create and edit static mesh assets directly in the main 3D viewport using existing Actors/Components that are placed in the world. This does not replace the Static Mesh Asset Editor, but is a separate set of tools that are focused on interactive 3D modeling.

  • Modeling Mode Sculpting Tools (Experimental). Sculpting Tools are a subset of the Modeling Tools Editor Mode. We know that this kind of tool is of particular interest to artists, so we wanted to give you some details! The feature is a simplified version of 3D sculpting found in DCC tools like Mudbox or ZBrush. The basic concept is the same: you click and drag on your mesh to push the vertices around.

Mobile Updates:

  • **Auto-instancing on Mobile (Experimental). **We are planning to support the auto-instancing feature of the HLR on mobile devices for improved performance due to reduced draw calls. This functions the same as desktop auto-instancing, but it uses a texture instead of a buffer due to limitations on Mali devices, which can only support a buffer of 64 kb.

Networking Updates:

  • Network Engine Test Suite. In 4.24, we added automated testing features to the EngineTest project for networked features. We added a FunctionalNetTest to this project so we can create tests designed to make sure that different areas of networked games behave properly. With it, developers can test network features such as replication and RPCs between server and clients. This allows for testing with both Listen Servers and Dedicated Servers.

  • **DTLS Support (Experimental). **The DTLS packet handler component uses OpenSSL to implement a DTLS (RFC 6347: Datagram Transport Layer Security Version 1.2) based encryption scheme for network traffic. It provides two different approaches for accomplishing this goal, encryption based on pre-shared key values (similar to the existing AES packet handler), and a system based on exchanging self-signed X509 certificates.

  • Steam Sockets (Experimental). SteamSockets is a networking plugin that takes advantage of the new Steam network protocol layer that was introduced recently into the Steamworks SDK. This plugin empowers a project to take advantage of some of the finer benefits of Valve’s network functionality to provide a smoother (and safer) online experience for players when using Steam.

Niagara Updates:

  • System Overview (Beta). There is a new tab in the Niagara Emitter and System Editor, which gives a high-level overview of the system or emitter being edited. The System Overview panel combines the pan-and-zoom Graph node view with compact versions of the Emitter Stack. With this new panel you get something which feels similar to the Cascade editor, but matches the form, elements and style of Niagara.

Online & Media Framework Updates:

  • **Pixel Streaming Updates (Beta). **PixelStreaming plugin was re-architected to resolve various quality-related issues and for general improvement, plus adding features requested by current customers:

    • Fixed video encoding artifacts.

    • Improved streaming over limited bandwidth network connections like mobile networks.

    • Add “Freeze Frame” feature to Pixel Streaming API - to show a static image (either custom or automatically generated) and pause streaming by user request, e.g. to avoid wasting network traffic on user inactivity.

    • Added encoding support for AMD GPUs.

    • Early implementation, and not completely on par with NvEnc

    • Upgraded WebRTC version to release 70.

    • As an ongoing initiative, integrated PixelStreaming with UE4 Media Framework. This allows basic Pixel Streaming playback inside UE4.

Open World Updates:

  • Landscape Blueprint Brushes and Landmass Plugin (Beta). Up until now Landscape data could be imported and/or edited from the Landscape Editor Mode only. This new feature opens the Landscape data to Blueprints. It is now possible to assign Blueprint Brushes to the new Landscape Edit Layers. Those Brushes have a Render event that can be implemented in Blueprint that allows the user to inject landscape data (Height data and/or Weightmap data) into the Edit Layer.

Rendering Updates:

  • **Ray Tracing Features Updates (Beta). **We have a number of new improvements to highlight - some are:

    • New RTGI method that delivers faster results. (Experimental)

      • Enable it using r.RayTracing.GlobalIllumination.EnableFinalGather 1. It supports a single bounce and samples per pixel should be set to 8.

    • Improved instancing support for Instanced Static Meshes and Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes with improved efficiency for large worlds.

    • Multi-view support for Virtual Reality devices and split-screen. (Experimental)

      • NOTE: denoiser support is not yet in Preview 1. It will come later in the preview releases.

    • World Position Offset support for Static Meshes (enabled with per-Actor setting)

    • Improved multi-bounce ray traced reflections with better support for area shadowing in reflections using samples per pixel greater than 1. We’ve also added support for SSR fallback when using the command r.RayTracing.Reflections.Hybrid.

    • Niagara VFX support for Ribbons.

  • Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI) (Beta). We’ve added beta support for dynamic global illumination as a screen space effect. Currently, it can be enabled using r.SSGI.Quality. Use a value between 1-4 to choose a quality level. It’s intensity and tint color can be adjusted using the Post Process Volume > Rendering Features > Global Illumination category.

  • Material Layers (Beta). Will enable you to combine your Materials in a stack giving you similar functionality to Material Functions except that is supports the creation of child instances. Existing documentation on this feature can be referenced here.

  • **New Atmosphere Fog Component. **We have a new AtmosphereSky component which adds a physically based Earth-like atmosphere. It can be used to create exotic worlds and provides a ground view with and aerial perspectives, including ground to space views for planetary atmospheres.

  • **Burley Subsurface Scattering. **We’ve added the Burley algorithm to the SSS Profiles Asset. This method is more physically accurate and aims to improve the quality of skin shading and simplifying setup using physically based material properties. This SSS model targets high-end skin rendering with cleaner, more accurate falloff.

    • Enable it in the SSS Profile Asset.

    • The Editor Preview Level should be set to Cinematic

    • It requires Temporal Anti-Aliasing to be enabled.

    • For existing content using the standard SSS Profiles, it should require minimal changes to your existing content.

  • **Hair and Fur Rendering and Simulation (Experimental). **We have experimental support for hair rendering and simulation. In 4.24, you’ll be able to import your Alembic (.abc) groom from an external DCC application, create and setup your hair using the Groom component in UE4, Author and Edit your Material in UE4, and use Niagara to set up hair physics with some adjustable settings.

  • Runtime Virtual Texturing Improvements (Beta). We’ve continued to improve process and add useful updates to the RVT workflow for 4.24. These are some of the improvements coming this release:

    • Added settings for more refined control of your RVT through the RVT Asset.

    • Added RVT Material Types. We now have four options compared to the two in the previous release.

    • Added different RVT Base Color and Normal Storage settings for encoding.

    • Added two new RVT Asset actions through the context menu for “Find Material Using This” and “Fix Material Usage” to streamline workflows when creating or fixing RVT Assets and their references.

    • Ability to build a Streaming Virtual Texture from your RVT from its low resolution mips. This makes it more efficient to make use of both Streaming and Runtime Virtual Textures together to save memory.

    • Tied RVT to Scalability options for along with console variables to tune RVT settings per-project and/or per-platform.

Virtual Production Updates:

  • Pro Media Export (Beta). Currently, the export to disk capabilities from Sequencer is limited and does not address the production needs. We are adding Pro media codec support for Avid DNXHR to sequencer export to better integrate with film pipelines and TV Pipelines.

  • **3D Text (Experimental). **As Unreal Engine becomes used in the Broadcast industry there have been a number of requests to support Geometry based 3D Text.

  • nDisplay QoL - Revised Architecture for Pawn, GameMode & Inputs. We have a number of improvements to highlight:

    • Pawn - We were forcing users to use a custom nDisplay Pawn - nDisplay would not properly work with regular Pawns or Character Classes.

    • GameMode - Must be using a Custom nDisplay Game Mode. We’re getting rid of that as well.

    • Consequences - Adding rotations via rotation components vs the controller

XR Updates:

  • OpenXR (Beta). A new UE4 plugin that utilizes the new OpenXR standard to support a wide range of VR and AR devices through a single plugin.

  • Magic Leap Update. We’ve updated the Magic Leap integration with support for their latest 0.22 SDK. This required updating almost the entire surface area of the plugin and brings us from a relatively old 0.19 integration up to what they are currently publicly shipping.

Fixed in Preview 2

Fixed! UE-83264 Crash when opening the tab of an Animation who’s Anim Notify State has been Force Deleted
Fixed! UE-83165 Disabling Animation Output/Input does not mark the Control Rig as dirty
Fixed! UE-83178 Details Panel does not populate when selecting a Control Rig variable rig unit after selecting an existing non-variable rig unit
Fixed! UE-83174 Crash when compiling an AnimBP containing a Control Rig node that is passing a constant value
Fixed! UE-82817 Hard crash on double click of new control rig asset
Fixed! UE-82746 Disabling Execution of a Control Rig does not reset the skeleton/mesh to the unedited state
Fixed! UE-79707 Crash: Audio: Crash on launch when Stream Cache Size is set to low or negative values
Fixed! UE-55138 Inconsistent Behavior across platforms for StartTime values larger than the sound’s duration in PlaySound2D
Fixed! UE-67736 Audio: Streaming: Streaming audio is replaying segments at the end of oneshots
Fixed! UE-82896 LFO controlBus modulator is not applying dynamically in PIE session on re trigger
Fixed! UE-82888 HighPass modulated via control bus in LFO modulation settings default does not enable HighPass
Fixed! UE-82862 GitHub 6322 : Added check if AudioComponent is allready beeing destroyed by owning ?
Fixed! UE-82897 Removing and then re adding LFO control bus will encounter a failed assertion
Fixed! UE-82909 Envelope Followers fail to read and send data through a Submix Follower to a Listener
Fixed! UE-4531 Deprecated properties get written to ini file
Fixed! UE-82997 UE4 crashed after checking LODs in static mesh window
Fixed! UE-82864 Datasmith import of 3dm file produces bad geometry
Fixed! UE-83356 RHINO: Some static meshes (Cones) not imported anymore.
Fixed! UE-83313 DataPrep - Not all assets are imported when changing the output directory
Fixed! UE-83311 Dataprep - recursive Folder inputs : Assets not loaded in expected hierarchy
Fixed! UE-83306 DataPrep - Crash deleting commited assets (UE4Editor-Core.dll!rml::internal::internalPoolMalloc(rml::internal::MemoryPool * memPool, unsigned __int64 size) Line 2535)
Fixed! UE-83190 Cannot save a DatasmithScene created by a Datarep asset
Fixed! UE-83295 Crash importing solidworks file in dataprep
Fixed! UE-83110 Unwanted dialog popup when importing file with datasmith after dataprep
Fixed! UE-83085 Wrong default asset preview tab position in Dataprep
Fixed! UE-83348 FCoreTechFileParser errors when compiling Github builds
Fixed! UE-83157 Wrong shader setup for datasmith CAD materials
Fixed! UE-83156 Datasmith CAD importer fails importing solidworks files
Fixed! UE-83155 Multiple duplicate master materials after Datasmith CAD import
Fixed! UE-83007 MDL Importer .uplugin supported platforms lists only Win64
Fixed! UE-82397 Debug and Test Build Configurations are exposed in Installed Builds
Fixed! UE-83297 Adding code to a content project with intermediate target can fail
Fixed! UE-83245 Visual Studio 2017 install from the UE4Editor install button fails subsequent compiles with “Visual Studio 2017 requires the Universal CRT to be installed”
Fixed! UE-83244 Adding a C++ Class to a Blueprint project puts the project in a state where the “Generate Project Files” menu items doesn’t change
Fixed! UE-81677 UnrealMathTest fails when compiled with VS2019
Fixed! UE-80362 GitHub 6215 : Work to get clang-cl / lld-link working nicely on windows.
Fixed! UE-80562 Default Values missing from Local Variables in Blueprint Actor Construction Script
Fixed! UE-79672 Composite curve table cycles crash the editor
Fixed! UE-80976 Engine crashes when trying to copy a setter node for a GameplayTag variable from one eventgraph to another eventgraph
Fixed! UE-78251 Crash attempting to undo adding a Composite Data Table to its own Parent Table
Fixed! UE-83176 Crash attempting to view TSubclassOf property in Sparse Class Data struct after setting property to a blueprint, and then reloading blueprint
Fixed! UE-83175 Crash saving blueprint with a Sparse Class Data Struct containing a TSubClassOf property, after reloading a blueprint assigned to that property
Fixed! UE-83260 Expose FMatrix functionality to Blueprints
Fixed! UE-82104 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Kismet!TSet<TSharedPtr<FSCSEditorTreeNode,0>,DefaultKeyFuncs<TSharedPtr<FSCSEditorTreeNode,0>,0>,FDefaultSetAllocator>::Emplace<TSharedPtr<FSCSEditorTreeNode,0> const &> [Set.h:502]
Fixed! UE-81310 Sparse Data Class properties in blueprints do not update after hot reload
Fixed! UE-83241 Crash running Garbage Collection during Async Loading
Fixed! UE-82440 HDR enabled EXR files render black when capturing a movie in Sequencer
Fixed! UE-77999 The socketbuilders do not properly join multicast groups on iOS
Fixed! UE-82442 Clients cannot connect to Dedicated Servers using SteamSockets
Fixed! UE-83321 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-HairStrandsCore!FMulticastDelegateBase<FWeakObjectPtr>::CompactInvocationList(bool) [MulticastDelegateBase.h:171]
Fixed! UE-82368 ensure on running fracture tool on large scale meshes
Fixed! UE-66732 Warnings when building with -std=c++17
Fixed! UE-83153 Crash when pasting text into CrashReportClient on Linux
Fixed! UE-81604 Two-sided shading models are appearing very dark
Fixed! UE-83096 HTML5 Preview Mode warnings are displayed when starting the Editor
Fixed! UE-82614 Indirect lighting missing on mobile platforms
Fixed! UE-82591 Strange Lighting Emits in QA-Effects on Android Device
Fixed! UE-83347 Match3 exception during make APK on second package – The file main.obb.png already exists
Fixed! UE-82141 HTML5 preview hotkey exists in Level Editor Keyboard Shortcuts without platform
Fixed! UE-83319 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core!FRefCountedObject::Release() [RefCounting.h:84]
Fixed! UE-83086 Crash occurs when right clicking in System Overview graph of a Niagara System
Fixed! UE-83077 Dragging Emitter modules from designated sub-section causes the Editor to crash
Fixed! UE-83068 No tool tip appears when trying to move emitter modules in selection tab
Fixed! UE-83183 Check on dragging a module from Particle Spawn to Particle Update in Same Emitter and then toggling the Module’s enable/disable state
Fixed! UE-83166 System Scalability module being added to template Niagara systems and erroring
Fixed! UE-83167 Emitter is incorrectly deleted when modifying the timeline.
Fixed! UE-72557 Add multiview support for ray tracing
Fixed! UE-68185 Texture LOD support for ray tracing
Fixed! UE-82995 Driver crash when opening new material with Ray Tracing
Fixed! UE-82694 Strange flashes of color switching views in Ray Tracing
Fixed! UE-83394 Path tracing issues with NEE and uninitialized memory
Fixed! UE-83322 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!ProcessCompiledGlobalShaders(TArray<FShaderCommonCompileJob *,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > const &) [ShaderCompiler.cpp:4637]
Fixed! UE-83258 ProceduralMeshComponent shadows can’t be turned off when ray tracing.
Fixed! UE-83235 Ray tracing does too much work when all the effects are disabled.
Fixed! UE-79753 SkyLight contribution does not respect the “Affect Reflection” or “Affect Global Illumination” boolean
Fixed! UE-81022 Fix bool SetShaderValue
Fixed! UE-83064 DXC multi line error messages truncated to only the first line
Fixed! UE-82887 Unhandled Exception selecting Engine Content Static Meshes with Static Mesh Content Browser Filter active
Fixed! UE-82880 Stroke around selected object does not disappear when toggling off “Selection”
Fixed! UE-81459 Ability to retrieve the bound object from python scripting
Fixed! UE-82842 Selection End and Playback Range End appear to be on subframes
Fixed! UE-83418 Quick Binding filter is too aggressive
Fixed! UE-83310 Crash selecting ActorSequence component in the world
Fixed! UE-83257 Two BP nodes named FindBindingByTag
Fixed! UE-80569 Display Modal Slate Dialog When Saving Custom Editor Layouts
Fixed! UE-80577 Display Editor Toast When Saving Custom Editor Layouts
Fixed! UE-80575 Prevent OS Save Dialog When Saving Custom Editor Layouts
Fixed! UE-82424 Unclear resize UI for Structure variables
Fixed! UE-82006 Sun gizmo in TimeOfDay template sometimes does not appear when holding CMD + L
Fixed! UE-81865 Enabling and Disabling Content Only plugins in Blueprint Projects results in target being updated in Build Step, change from previous behavior
Fixed! UE-83104 Plugins list not sent in analytics
Fixed! UE-82962 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!CastLogError(wchar_t const *,wchar_t const *) [Casts.cpp:11]
Fixed! UE-82889 Unhandled Exception creating a new Level after opening and closing the Stats window
Fixed! UE-82762 SkeletalMesh: Delete material slot can alter LOD Material remapping
Fixed! UE-83317 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!HHitProxy::IsA(HHitProxyType *) [HitProxies.cpp:113]
Fixed! UE-83246 Visual Studio install banner overlaps with Project Location/Name fields
Fixed! UE-83216 Skeletal mesh bake material can have a wrong result
Fixed! UE-83204 (Crash) Skeletal mesh bake material can crash if there is some material ID manipulation
Fixed! UE-83202 Convert skeletalmesh to staticmesh can swap material IDs
Fixed! UE-83179 GridPathAIController says that AIController is experimental
Fixed! UE-83100 Packaged content-only project is missing UE4Game.exe
Fixed! UE-83172 Actors with masked material do not retain opacity when merged with material containing opaque material
Fixed! UE-83144 Certain texture maps generated by merge actors would be red instead of greyscale
Fixed! UE-83262 Possible to crash when generating normals in a runtime generated static mesh
Fixed! UE-83213 ImportBufferAsTexture2D crashes when image bit depth is not 8 or 16.
Fixed! UE-83080 Crash changing editor’s Locale settings (…Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/Internationalization/ICUCulture.cpp)
Fixed! UE-83364 Converting Parameters to Constants does not remove parameters from the Parameter Defaults Panel
Fixed! UE-82530 Unable to Manually Change Material Layers Values after Initial Toggle to Allow Edit
Fixed! UE-83367 plane cut tool fails to put normal and UV on partial success
Fixed! UE-83312 Crash when using the Flatten or Plane brush from DynaSculpt
Fixed! UE-83186 MeshDescription serialization crash on mesh with vertices but no triangles
Fixed! UE-83393 Crash using the Normals tool on FireThingMed static mesh asset in QAGame
Fixed! UE-82851 CollabViewer - VR Clients sees the context menu displayed twice
Fixed! UE-83286 White text render actors on mostly white backdrop makes reading text harder.
Fixed! UE-83282 TP_ArchvizBP Should be TP_AEC_ArchvisBP
Fixed! UE-83284 ArchvisGameMode BP in the root. This should be moved to a “Blueprints” folder.
Fixed! UE-83283 Archvis Template Levels are in the root. They should be in a “Levels” folder
Fixed! UE-83149 Handled ensure when running VirtualCameraSample on Windows
Fixed! UE-82979 LiveLinkRole is selectable in the Evaluate Live Link Frame Role dropdown
Fixed! UE-82948 LiveLink Window Log Spam with Warning ‘Trying to add a frame in which the world time has a value too low compare to the engine’s time’ when establishing a LiveLink connection between two machines
Fixed! UE-82928 Live Link Player Controller with Transform Role fails to transmit data with Warning: Can’t evaluate frame for ‘Root’
Fixed! UE-83261 Crash on exit from PIE during VCam session - UE4Editor_UnrealEd!UEditorEngine::TeardownPlaySession() …\engine\source\editor\unrealed\private\playlevel.cpp:816]
Fixed! UE-81801 Text 3D Actor Culling
Fixed! UE-83288 nDisplay - Openlevel crash in the cluster
Fixed! UE-83207 ndisplay-c-functions-are-set-to-final
Fixed! UE-83142 nDisplay template launched in PIE does not produce game with 6 rectangles.
Fixed! UE-82669 Virtual Prodution Template - Warning that Project File is out of date
Fixed! UE-82996 Magic Leap: Editor Crash with ML Audio
Fixed! UE-82941 Bad Screen Resolution size when Steam VR HMD Connected
Fixed! UE-83188 SteamVR: Assert after removing HMD while in PIE
Fixed! UE-83150 Project will not open when Windows Mixed Reality plugin is enabled on a machine that does not meet the minimum requirements
Fixed! UE-80171 Crash on Editor startup with Instanced Stereo enabled
Fixed! UE-83173 Enabling instance stereo causes editor to crash on launch upon restarting it
Fixed! UE-83113 SteamVR Input button is too prominent

Fixed in Preview 3

Fixed! UE-80985 Double Clicking on Virtual Bone breaks it
Fixed! UE-67058 Ensure when compressing an animation with Per Track Compression and Max Zeroing Threshold greater than Max Pos Diff Bitwise - Ensure condition failed: MaxZeroingThreshold <= MaxPosDiffBitwise
Fixed! UE-67606 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!UAnimSequence::BakeTrackCurvesToRawAnimation() [animsequence.cpp:4467]
Fixed! UE-79523 Crash when setting Anim to “None” with URO
Fixed! UE-61522 If “Additive Anim Type” isn’t “No Additive”, constant values of curves can be broken
Fixed! UE-84225 UE - Sounds may need to be imported twice in order for them to play
Fixed! UE-83481 StrategyGame has frequent static during audio playback on Android devices
Fixed! UE-83371 Editing values in ReverbMasterSubmixEffect causes crash
Fixed! UE-80125 GitHub 6203 : Steam Audio Beta 17 Update
Fixed! UE-84322 Linux: Profiling a LIVE Trace in Unreal Insights Crashes Immediately with Assertion Failed: NewColumn.ColumnId != NAME_None
Fixed! UE-52635 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject.dylib!UPackage::Save() during COTF
Fixed! UE-84240 Mesh normals are not build correctly on IFC files imports
Fixed! UE-84239 AxF: Crash UE4 with a basic import with Binary version only
Fixed! UE-84432 Package path different from path previously used in Dataprep, when path is the same
Fixed! UE-84207 zebra stripe environment oriented on wrong axis
Fixed! UE-84521 Imported .asm assets rotation is ignored when importing through Datasmith
Fixed! UE-84309 Tessellation reimport impacts only one static mesh.
Fixed! UE-84288 Dataprep editor is enabled in blank project
Fixed! UE-84456 There are 2 Variant Manager categories listed from Blueprint node when using a Blueprint Utility widget
Fixed! UE-83158 Datasmith CAD importer creates master materials that are not used by any asset
Fixed! UE-83255 Transforms are wrong when importing Wire file with Stitching Sew
Fixed! UE-83379 datasmith freezing on Alias Wire import
Fixed! UE-83157 Wrong shader setup for datasmith CAD materials
Fixed! UE-84512 Tessellation options are ignored when importing CAD file through Datasmith when DatasmithCADWorker is available
Fixed! UE-83381 Datasmith CAD importer creates unused Material instances
Fixed! UE-76958 CATProduct that are slow at importing.
Fixed! UE-78121 Unexpected material is created when importing CAD files
Fixed! UE-84390 Cinema4D import not supported on Mac platform
Fixed! UE-84404 Dataprep import error regarding path isn’t clear to explain the issue or how to fix
Fixed! UE-84267 MDL Importer crash with the Binary package - Assertion failed: DllHandle [File:Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/Windows/WindowsPlatformProcess.cpp] [Line: 117]
Fixed! UE-84233 Datasmith VRed Exporter scripts are missing from the UE4 Binary package
Fixed! UE-84372 Launch on fails for a content only project after disabling plugins
Fixed! UE-82433 Debug Editor and DebugGame freezes after Live Coding Hot Reload
Fixed! UE-84340 Editor fails to build because metahost.h is missing
Fixed! UE-84204 GitHub 6357 : Fix exception message
Fixed! UE-83463 GitHub 6355 : Fixed outdated linker comments
Fixed! UE-83461 GitHub 6353 : Template version of GetPawn
Fixed! UE-83460 GitHub 6352 : Templated GetHUD
Fixed! UE-60482 Delay nodes occasionally don’t fire the “Completed” output in a nativized build.
Fixed! UE-84550 Changing blueprint function signature does not force blueprints referencing it to compile
Fixed! UE-83354 Using the Floor or Trunc math function on a very high number results in a negative number
Fixed! UE-70220 Shaped Trace by channel traces do not return true when the starting and ending point are the same
Fixed! UE-83160 PhysX Clang Builds Broken
Fixed! UE-82814 //UE4/Main - Run Incremental EngineTest Physics_Win64Editor - Test aborted: No activity observed in last 5.00 minutes
Fixed! UE-83401 Chaos Fracture Editor is available in the Binary build, crashes if used
Fixed! UE-83154 Bloom and other flare post-process related effects cause aliasing on level lighting
Fixed! UE-84295 Crash when opening editor in Linux
Fixed! UE-83443 Without Platform Downloaded in EGL - LinuxAArch64 packaging fails with ERROR: GetBuildPlatform: No BuildPlatform found for LinuxAArch64, different from Linux option
Fixed! UE-83299 Project fails to open with glTFImporter plugin enabled on CentOS
Fixed! UE-84253 Deploying TM-Decals package to mobile devices causes a crash on launch ‘MaterialShared.cpp’
Fixed! UE-83494 Error launching TM-Shadermodels shader compile failed with requires extension GL_OES_EGL_image_external_essl3 to be enabled
Fixed! UE-83478 Action RPG is inverted/upsidedown while playing on Android devices
Fixed! UE-83473 Fatal Error launching TM-Shadermodels due to shader compiler on SHIELD K1
Fixed! UE-82844 Spawning Attenuation shapes in AEOverviewMain crashes app
Fixed! UE-82593 Cert Failure: STR 106 - UNASSIGNED-CoreValidation-DrawState-InvalidQuery
Fixed! UE-82592 Cert Failure: STR 106 - UNASSIGNED-CoreValidation-DrawState-QueryNotReset
Fixed! UE-84248 Crash on launch (Mojave Mac)
Fixed! UE-84530 Android compile fail - HairStrandsVisibility.cpp: declaration shadows a local variable
Fixed! UE-79052 Paper2D performance regression due to TArray resizing
Fixed! UE-82438 Screenspace artifacts from light functions outside of their attenuation radius
Fixed! UE-84346 4.24 Instanced Stereo Distortion Error in ComputeBufferUVDistortion
Fixed! UE-84294 Color scheme in the stack overview is confusing.
Fixed! UE-84229 Stompmalloc crash in GPUInstanceCountManager
Fixed! UE-83287 Crash serializing emitter compiled data
Fixed! UE-83358 Duplicate System nodes in System Overview on undo/redo
Fixed! UE-83167 Emitter is incorrectly deleted when modifying the timeline.
Fixed! UE-84426 //UE4/Release-4.24 - Run Incremental EngineTest Niagara_Win64Editor - ‘Texture2DGPU_RT_After Runup’ test failed due to screenshot defferences
Fixed! UE-83072 Niagara Preview Disappears After Making a Change then Undoing/Redoing it in System Settings
Fixed! UE-84485 Skeletal Mesh Reproduction example in Content Examples renders with missing particles
Fixed! UE-84251 GPU driver crash when setting RT Reflections to 2spp or higher
Fixed! UE-83064 DXC multi line error messages truncated to only the first line
Fixed! UE-83051 Flickering and stretched textures occur in VirtualCameraSample on Mac
Fixed! UE-82849 TM-VCamFocus crashes while connected to Unreal Remote 2
Fixed! UE-84449 Launching Editor with -Vulkan argument causes an Ensure
Fixed! UE-47098 Moving transform section into existing row causes UI to flicker
Fixed! UE-81736 Dragging a section at the top row above itself gets moved to the bottom row
Fixed! UE-81333 Moving a section with multiple same name tracks in sequencer causes unexpected track swapping
Fixed! UE-81156 Missing UI indication of where an Audio Section loops
Fixed! UE-84302 Crash Compiling and Saving the sequence director after playing the sequence in PIE
Fixed! UE-84264 Audio track crashes
Fixed! UE-84245 Crash right-clicking in the Sequencer Control Rig graph timeline
Fixed! UE-83422 Restore state doesn’t work in Blueprint actors when sequence is set to Allow Sequencer Edits Only
Fixed! UE-83402 Actor being moved via sequencer has inherited velocity that ignores play rate scale
Fixed! UE-83415 Crash trying to load widget animation event test level
Fixed! UE-84389 Undo toast appears when exporting from a shot created by Add Master Sequence
Fixed! UE-79878 Animation sections not visible when dragging a section down a row that has already been expanded
Fixed! UE-84561 Filmback Setting reset to default when upgrading project from 4.23 to 4.24
Fixed! UE-84438 Sections are not visible when object is pinned in sequencer
Fixed! UE-84265 Update DefaultEngine.ini file when open project settings tab.
Fixed! UE-84250 Crash re-importing font asset - Fatal error …Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/Templates/Casts.cpp] Cast of nullptr to FontFace failed
Fixed! UE-84232 Session Durations / Timestamps issues.
Fixed! UE-83456 Toasts related to Source Control do not appear on Mac
Fixed! UE-83453 New Window Left/Top Position changes every time the window is closed on a display using custom display scaling
Fixed! UE-83412 Spline Component Tangent Handles are hard to distinguish from the Spline curve
Fixed! UE-83387 Project Browser warning for including Starter Content in Mobile projects does not display correctly
Fixed! UE-83344 Wizard writes settings in wrong place
Fixed! UE-83339 Disaster Recovery can fail to recover its session when the project is opened from the Project Browser
Fixed! UE-82962 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!CastLogError(wchar_t const *,wchar_t const *) [Casts.cpp:11]
Fixed! UE-84483 CDO Constructor Error when creating and opening C++ project
Fixed! UE-84462 Deleted material slot can lead to bad materialID for generated LODs
Fixed! UE-84383 Collections submenu does not list in content browser asset context menus
Fixed! UE-80859 Loading an Editor Layout closes all open sub-editors
Fixed! UE-80569 Display Modal Slate Dialog When Saving Custom Editor Layouts
Fixed! UE-84316 Crash overtiring merge destination with asset of different type (UObjectGlobals.cpp] [Line: 2334] Objects have the same fully qualified name but different paths. New Object: StaticMesh /Game/test/Mesh.Mesh Existing Object: Material /Game/test/Mesh.Mesh)
Fixed! UE-84497 Generating lightmap UVs sets incorrect Light Map Coordinate Index
Fixed! UE-84381 Importing .glb file results in crash
Fixed! UE-83391 Landscape behaves erratically on iOS
Fixed! UE-83168 Automatic Lightmap UVS setup don’t set appropriate index
Fixed! UE-84441 Material ID error when regenerating a LOD
Fixed! UE-84243 VRPresenceActor not seen with headset or controllers in a MultiUser session
Fixed! UE-82414 nDisplay input dispatch/sync issue with latest 4.24 refactor
Fixed! UE-84358 Emoji don’t work on iOS
Fixed! UE-83413 Collaborative Viewer - Feature pack is not accessible through Add Feature or Content Pack
Fixed! UE-84422 Collaborative Viewer - Can’t add feature pack to current project
Fixed! UE-84336 Enabling World Composition does not populate Sub-levels in the Levels window
Fixed! UE-84214 Virtual Production Template - Composure Description contains typos
Fixed! UE-84192 Virtual Production Template - Typo on VCam level description “Always show Touch Interfaces”
Fixed! UE-84199 Virtual Production Template - CineCameraActor does not frame the Title and Description in all Levels.
Fixed! UE-84195 Virtual Production Template - Virtual Camera TemplateDescription , TemplateTille and SM_ColorCalibrator are tagged as “Actor Hidden In Game”
Fixed! UE-83109 Fatal Error creating a Virtual Production Template Project
Fixed! UE-84519 Virtual Production Template - Many typos in the displayed level description
Fixed! UE-84369 Virtual Production Template - Description of the Template Contain Typos
Fixed! UE-81610 SteamVR Spectator Screen appears zoomed in
Fixed! UE-84318 Automatically generate bindings for SteamVR Input
Fixed! UE-83416 TrueDepth API Included when Face Support is disabled
Fixed! UE-83191 HoloLens 1: Crash when entering PIE
Fixed! UE-83000 HoloLens 1: Crash when remoting with PIE and hands are tracked
Fixed! UE-84484 Add a warning before we stomp over SteamVR Input bindings
Fixed! UE-84397 WMR - Packaged win64 project produces error: Failed to load WMR interop library
Fixed! UE-84395 Add deprecation warnings for MotionController bindings
Fixed! UE-79475 Depth submission broken for OculusVR

Fixed in Preview 4

Fixed! UE-84331 Crash in control rig deleting bone that has been manipulated in viewport with Bone Relative Transform
Fixed! UE-84537 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-AudioMixerCore!Audio::IAudioMixerPlatformInterface::RunInternal() [AudioMixer.cpp:611]
Fixed! UE-84471 Cooked Soundwave does not play on Mac
Fixed! UE-84846 LogAudio errors when launching QAGame maps on Mac resulting in certain sounds failing to play
Fixed! UE-84970 Crash due to race condition between UObject being GC’d and AudioMixerSourceBuffer destructor
Fixed! UE-84444 Failure to launch after importing .udatasmith file. Unable to load Datasmith plugins.
Fixed! UE-84440 Can’t execute packaged game when Datasmith importer are enabled.
Fixed! UE-84194 Crash upon deleting dataprep asset that has a recompiled blue print operation
Fixed! UE-84638 Crash occurs when reloading a Dataprep asset in QAEnterprise project
Fixed! UE-84566 Handled ensure occurs when during Dataprep commit on an udatasmith file referring to PackageName.cpp
Fixed! UE-84741 Datasmith Imported Level Sequence not referencing assets correctly in scene
Fixed! UE-84734 Ensure reimporting with new file - Ensure condition failed: CachedAttachParent != nullptr [File D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Components/SceneComponent.cpp
Fixed! UE-84667 UE4 for mac crashes after importing GLB via Datasmith
Fixed! UE-84954 Kernel-IO: Revert Kernel_io 2019 sp2 to 2019 sp1
Fixed! UE-82469 Extra mesh imported from CAD file with Datasmith - possibly degenerated triangles
Fixed! UE-84629 Crash importing a CATIA file - UE4Editor-Core.dll!__report_gsfailure(unsigned __int64 stack_cookie) Line 220
Fixed! UE-84618 Materials from JT file are not assigned to static Mesh when imported with Datasmith
Fixed! UE-84616 DWG format is not imported in Datasmith
Fixed! UE-79599 Datasmith Import flipped for Autocad 2020 files
Fixed! UE-84755 CAD Translator - External references in sub folder are not supported
Fixed! UE-84624 Skip Conversion Fails for Code Project Created in Previous Engine Version
Fixed! UE-84931 Core_Sony is missing and preventing Github build from creating/opening code project
Fixed! UE-82522 Linux Debug Crash submitted from source build is not flagged as Dirty
Fixed! UE-82525 Linux Engine Mode displays incorrectly in an uploaded CrashReport from the Editor
Fixed! UE-84949 EngineModeEx is set to Unset on Mac Binary Crashes
Fixed! UE-84896 Paper2D performance regression fixes / performance optimizations
Fixed! UE-84840 Grouped sprites with material or texture changes don’t render correctly
Fixed! UE-82234 GitHub 6300 : Paper2d optimization
Fixed! UE-83370 Received invalid swap message after joining a ShooterGame server with SteamSockets
Fixed! UE-84680 ShooterGame has an image of Fornite in the UI of joining Play Together session
Fixed! UE-84658 Crash when getting a Steam encrypted app ticket
Fixed! UE-83405 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-GeometryCollectionCore!FGeometryCollectionClusteringUtility::GetLeafBones(FGeometryCollection *,int,TArray<int,TSizedDefaultAllocator<32> > &) [GeometryCollectionClusteringUtility.cpp:751]
Fixed! UE-84804 Crash on PIE in ChaosDestructionDemo Entry
Fixed! UE-84776 Crash on PIE in ChaosDestructionDemo GeometryCollectionExample map - FPhysScene_Chaos::AddObject
Fixed! UE-84735 Crash moving camera in PIE with a fractured geometry collection in the world
Fixed! UE-84649 Crash when playing in editor with a fractured geometry collection in the level
Fixed! UE-84771 Player Goes Through the Floor in ChaosDestructionDemo
Fixed! UE-81867 Crash opening ChaosDestructionDemo: Array index out of bounds
Fixed! UE-84918 Geometry Collection collisions fail to register against the world
Fixed! UE-84768 ChaosDestructionDemo crashes on PIE - NumParticles != INDEX_NONE
Fixed! UE-33824 “Enable PIX Profiling” and “Build using D3D12.xRHI” platform options do not work in Blueprint projects.
Fixed! UE-64701 DrawMaterial not drawing several instances of the same material properly
Fixed! UE-84435 Editor encounters OOM crash when interacting with Cooked Texture
Fixed! UE-44752 PIX still works after PIX Profiling is disabled on BP Projects
Fixed! UE-76878 Possible hang in MfMediaPlayer Close
Fixed! UE-84525 Crash when renaming asset to localization name
Fixed! UE-84558 Tiff texture file fails to import on linux
Fixed! UE-84963 QAGame editor freezes when PIE on Linux
Fixed! UE-83464 SunTemple level rendering with black artifacts on all objects on some iOS devices
Fixed! UE-83414 Attempting to package TVOSClient through Project Launcher results in “TVOSClient is not a valid platform name”
Fixed! UE-81199 iOS fails to package with: libwebsockets.a(pollfd.o)’ was built without full bitcode
Fixed! UE-80829 ActionRPG - GPU crash occurs on some mid-low spec iPadOS 13 while loading after tapping Start Game
Fixed! UE-80606 Crash on Mesh painting in Mobile Preview
Fixed! UE-80084 Packaging for iOS with explicitly named bundle identifier fails to find mobile provision
Fixed! UE-83489 Crash occurs when launching applications on iPhone6+
Fixed! UE-68102 Dragging in the color picker opened from parameter defaults is extremely laggy

UE-84330 Standalone Game Crash - Fatal error: [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/Materials/MaterialShared.cpp] [Line: 2090] Fatal Error Material not found

Fixed! UE-84687 Crash when a texture fails to compress during cooking
Fixed! UE-84681 [SSGI] Crash while enabling diffuse indirect denoising
Fixed! UE-54544 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FStaticMeshSceneProxy::RemoveSpeedTreeWind() [staticmeshrender.cpp:262]
Fixed! UE-84581 Infiltrator Demo Several Meshes Rubber Banding Mac Intel
Fixed! UE-80469 Changing the color of a comment box in the material editor causes a 10+ second long hitch
Fixed! UE-84582 Warning occurs running EngineTest Locally manually releasing NC pool during cleanup for ComponentPoolTest
Fixed! UE-82853 Volumetric Lightmap Resource Transition Mismatches
Fixed! UE-83479 [ActionRPG] Water materials renders muddy or untextured on iOS devices
Fixed! UE-82534 Editor crashes when launching on any project for iOS without XGE
Fixed! UE-84938 “recompileshaders all” triggers check()
Fixed! UE-84752 Enabling Fixed Frame Rate doesn’t Lock the Frame Rate
Fixed! UE-84705 Ensure entering the Blendable: SceneDepth Post Process volume when running with Vulkan
Fixed! UE-84651 Multiple warnings and an error opening QAGame - Error: [Compiler ViewfinderTool] CineCameraComponent.FilmbackSettings is not blueprint writable.
Fixed! UE-80169 Audio should repeat when the section is dragged out
Fixed! UE-84627 “Save Layout As…” does not localize the text of the Layout Description field
Fixed! UE-84899 Missing options in asset context menu in content browser after loading the default layout
Fixed! UE-81655 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Slate!SMenuAnchor::SetIsOpen(bool,bool,int) [SMenuAnchor.cpp:382]
Fixed! UE-84765 Project crashes when selecting a Disaster Recovery Session Directory
Fixed! UE-84764 Crash selecting Unhide Level and Paste when copying and pasting actors to a hidden level
Fixed! UE-80254 Both HLOD and StaticMesh Visible in Play Modes
Fixed! UE-84944 Runtime static mesh not correctly assigning materials on lower LODs when run in the editor
Fixed! UE-84455 Crash enabling cast shadows on lidar point cloud component.
Fixed! UE-84642 LiDAR Point Cloud - Crash importing twice the same asset (Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Containers/Array.h] [Line: 614] Array index out of bounds: 0 from an array of size 0)
Fixed! UE-84619 Editor crashes when trying to import a high vertex count mesh with Combine Mesh Option enabled
Fixed! UE-84615 Crash reimporting Skeletal Mesh after removing a disabled section via reduction - Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum)
Fixed! UE-84876 LiDAR Point Cloud - Crash editing a merged point cloud asset
Fixed! UE-84866 LiDAR Point Cloud - Crash deleting a persisted Lidar point cloud asset (Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing address 0x00000024 ntdll)
Fixed! UE-84863 LiDAR Point Cloud - Crash editing pc after reimport
Fixed! UE-84847 Crash when confirming a directory to import a USD file to via the USD Stage window
Fixed! UE-84509 LiDAR Point Cloud - txt files invalidated by extra empty line
Fixed! UE-84792 LiDAR Point Cloud - Exporting to .txt creates an incompatible asset
Fixed! UE-84909 LiDAR Point Cloud - Save As, Copy and Duplicate produce empty asset
Fixed! UE-84908 LiDAR Point Cloud - Incorrect Color and Intensity values when exporting as LAS
Fixed! UE-84983 LiDAR Point Cloud - Bounds are not recalculated after points are removed
Fixed! UE-27296 Real-Time Collision for Spline Mesh Not Working in Packaged Game
Fixed! UE-84535 Crash in AWaterBody::CreateTransitionMIDIfNeeded
Fixed! UE-84464 CustomBrush_Landmass_River_C references materials that have been moved to Water Plugin directory
Fixed! UE-84910 Crash after deleting/generating Landscape LODs - Fatal error: [File D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/RenderCore/Private/RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 853]
Fixed! UE-84761 Crash Assertion Failed in Landscape Mountain Project After Setting Fixed LOD to 7
Fixed! UE-84762 Crash when Generating LODs for Maps with a Landscape
Fixed! UE-84758 Adjusting collision mip levels does not adjust landscape collision
Fixed! UE-84937 Landscape seams are broken on GLES2 profile
Fixed! UE-84898 Foliage is included with static meshes when generating Landscape LODs
Fixed! UE-83268 Material colors do not update in realtime in material preview when making changes.
Fixed! UE-82527 Assertion occurs Deleting Material Layers - Assertion failed: Layers.IsValidIndex(Index) && Blends.IsValidIndex(Index-1) && LayerStates.IsValidIndex(Index) - MaterialLayersFunctions.h
Fixed! UE-84936 Crash when modifying Channel Names property for TextureObjectParameter
Fixed! UE-84925 Crash when attempting to build a runtime static mesh marked from streaming, with multiple LODs
Fixed! UE-83425 Multi-User one off Ensure when host auto connects the Host to a new default Session on the project’s default Server
Fixed! UE-84675 Concert presence actor doesn’t work in -game
Fixed! UE-84448 Move DisplayClusterRootComponent logic into DisplayClusterRootActor
Fixed! UE-84784 VirtualCamera starts to spam the log when using custom tracker
Fixed! UE-77349 LOD0 mesh are not hidden when HLOD outliner window is off
Fixed! UE-83239 Camera Actors move towards world origin during placement in VRMode with Virtual Production Utilities enabled
Fixed! UE-83152 Virtual Camera’s URemote screen freezes soon after the app is launched on the device
Fixed! UE-84620 InCamera VFX blueprints need to be updated after pawn/gamemode refactoring
Fixed! UE-78597 VR Mode Gizmo no longer Appearing
Fixed! UE-84809 Accessed None trying to read property warnings when entering VR Mode with the Virtual Production Utilities plugin enabled
Fixed! UE-83223 SteamVR Vive/VivePro Motion Controllers no longer register inputs
Fixed! UE-84914 SteamVR broken with forward renderer and MSAA
Fixed! UE-84894 unused “CommonAudioePoolSize” causing crash when parsing ini file
Fixed! UE-84817 SteamVR - Reprojection Regression
Fixed! UE-84818 Unresponsive Controller Input in Lumin Packages
Fixed! UE-84812 Integrate Vulkan MSAA target fix for Oculus
Fixed! UE-84736 Thumbstick press doesn’t bind properly on SteamVR Input

Lots of artist love. Always great to see.

Looks interesting… Can wait to try these out…

The new interface at the start for making a new project is great…

In UE4 Roadmap Done For 4.24 list :

So 4.24 release will have production ready Virtual Texturing support ? Just to know if it is better starting painting with UDIMs…

*i dont know when epic will add dxr interactive baking tool to ue4
They promised us *

When ???

FOR REAL… WHEN!!! Are we waiting for rtx 3080 TI before you give us a better way to bake our lightmaps?

Sound Amazing to me <3

  • Finally!

RayTracing GI: Final Gather looks very promising (“Xmas in November”-level promising). Getting high FPS (65-75 when full screen) with 2080ti. As strange detail, Final Gather takes only 1ms when moving camera, but 3ms if standing Still in first person example.

It looks like there is still no GPU lightmapper :frowning:

Is chaos integrated without building in this version?

I was looking for a UE4 Steam Socket implementation. Great job!

Can we still expect a 4.23.2 hotfix?

Please make better way for baking lightmaps
old lightmass has lots of errors and artifacs and dark corners and dark borders …

Can we as a community get some word on an ETA for the DXR/RTX lightmapper?

Is the new Audio Synesthesia realtime or baked? I’m hoping realtime…

Yes, it is integrated, but as soon as I put a GeoCollection in a level. Using fps it crashes. Epic have you tested it.

I asked the speaker at UE Dev Days and I hope I don’t misquote, but the jist of it was that static lighting and light baking is not a big development priority and that they are focusing on realtime gi, which is somewhat disappointing because static lighting is just a reality in the next few years at least, especially for mobile and VR.

It just blows my mind how nvidia can make a sick video seeing it in action… like they have it… epic just needs to go get it… lol…