Unreal Engine 4.24 Preview

when their old lightmass system does not work corecltly,
static lighting and light baking must be big development priority for them

Architects are big part of unreal community
They need good quality baking tool

Always love to see new and updated stuff coming for Unreal.

VR Template seems to be broken in 4.24. I’ve created a new VR Template using 4.24, and before the editor ever launches, it crashes with an array out of bounds error. Tried it many times, and same crash every time.

Any idea how to use Chaos Cloth Editor and Hair Strand Tool? I enabled both plugins, but I see nothing new in the menus etc.

The VR template immediately crashes for me as well.

SSGI is great, but it has a very noticable ghosting effect. Is it expected to work this way? Will it be fixed?

Tried converting 3 different projects from version 4.22 and 4.23, but none of them work in 4.24. When trying to launch them, the UE4Editor process runs for a short while then just crashes.

what does it say when it crashes?

Nothing, unlike when I try the VR template, it just silently stops the process.

Can anyone record for me new modeling tool ?

Have you cleared out your DDC, and your intermediate and saved folders?
If running a source build, start it in debug mode, it will tell you when it stops. If not, check the logs, it should tell you. Normally it ends up being in relation to a certain asset…

Please add side-by-side full speed gifs for Inertial blending comparison to

The example video is terrible (I say this with love) :slight_smile:

[BUG report] Copying and pasting nodes from materials to layered materials is not working. Nodes are copied, but connections aren’t.

Edit: Doesn’t work if bigger amount of nodes is copied. Have to figure out what exactly is causing it. Maybe can be somehow connected with materials done in previous version of engine.

Will 4.24 support iOS 13?

Has the turn in place node been added? if so what is it called?


I have a bunch of bugs I’d like to report but there is no option for 4.24 yet on the bug reporter (

Could you please make it happen so we can provide you with some reports? Or could you advise another way to do it such as falling back on AnswerHub/UDN?

Maybe you could add an option on the bug reporter to report a bug about the bug reporter itself… :stuck_out_tongue:

This update is incredible!!! well done guys! The features are amazing. These two especially caught my eye:

UE4 4.24 Preview 1
Open World Updates:
Landscape Blueprint Brushes and Landmass Plugin (Beta). Up until now Landscape data could be imported and/or edited from the Landscape Editor Mode only. This new feature opens the Landscape data to Blueprints. It is now possible to assign Blueprint Brushes to the new Landscape Edit Layers. Those Brushes have a Render event that can be implemented in Blueprint that allows the user to inject landscape data (Height data and/or Weightmap data) into the Edit Layer.

Geometry Updates:
Modeling Mode (Experimental). We have implemented a new Editor Mode that allows users to create and edit static mesh assets directly in the main 3D viewport using existing Actors/Components that are placed in the world. This does not replace the Static Mesh Asset Editor, but is a separate set of tools that are focused on interactive 3D modeling.
Modeling Mode Sculpting Tools (Experimental). Sculpting Tools are a subset of the Modeling Tools Editor Mode. We know that this kind of tool is of particular interest to artists, so we wanted to give you some details! The feature is a simplified version of 3D sculpting found in DCC tools like Mudbox or ZBrush. The basic concept is the same: you click and drag on your mesh to push the vertices around.

Does anyone know a way to enter the modeling mode in-engine? I’m searching around but haven’t stumbled on it yet!


Look inside the plugin section :slight_smile: there two plugins: Mesh Modeling Toolset and Modeling Tools Editor Mode.

You need both enabled. If you just have Mesh Modeling Toolset it won’t work and if you add the second one it will automatically the other at launch.

Once the plugin is enabled and you restarded you’ll have access to a new mode inside the Modes window. Enjoy!

Cant wait to try those new features!

The update is incredible but :

1- SunActor makes the whole image white when used with the path tracer. ( It works well with lit mode). And i have noticed some strange behaviour when used with baked lighting.

2- SunSky actor + HDRI Actor when used together this happen :

  • you will need to cranck up the intensity of the hdri forba value higher than 10000 whicc will make unlit mode completely white

  • using both actors introduces 2 skylight components which is not friendly at all.