Unreal Dev Grants News and Updates & Nov #ue4jam Kickoff - Nov 10 @ 2PM ET - Live from Epic HQ

In 2015, we launched Unreal Dev Grants, a no strings attached initiative to award outstanding work in or for Unreal Engine 4. Dozens of great projects have been awarded, and we’re wanting to talk a little about the state of the program, give some tips for submitting your project and reveal a surprise!

Also, we’re kicking off the November #ue4jam!

Thursday, November 10 @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


**Chance Ivey - Sr Community Manager - @anonymous_user_c5ad40d01](https://twitter.com/Iveytron)
Stacey Conley- Community Manager - @Flak](http://twitter.com/Flak)

Edit: The YouTube video is here](Unreal Dev Grants Updates & Nov #ue4jam Kickoff| News | Unreal Engine - YouTube)

This sounds great. Can the form submission be addressed?

Several projects can’t successfully submit on the site, but it appears others can. The text box just turns red.

I got the same, but it´s because you wrote more than the maximun number of words.
Cut your message and you will be able to submit.

Also, I must say that when you submit the form, you see an empty green box (you receive an email telling you all was ok) but the form is a bit buggy.

Hey all, sorry the form is broken for some… The team has been alerted and are looking into it!

In the meantime, you can still email with the submission.


Thank you. We did submit to that address on Nov. 4th.

Sounds interesting. Think I’ll be watching this one

Sounds very interesting indeed:)