Unreal 4 Fatal Error

We’ve been in development on our game for around 20 weeks now, and we just updated to 4.9 a couple weeks ago, and we’ve now come across a ‘fatal error’ problem when players are joining a game. When one player hosts, occasionally when a second or third player player joins they get a message box displaying “Fatal Error” and then the game crashes, this occasionally also causes other players to crash with the same message as well. We’ve tried debugging and can’t pinpoint exactly why this issue happens, it seems to just be random at this point. I’ve included an image of the crash which as you can see doesn’t give a lot of information. Any help would be very much appreciated. I can supply a build of the game or more info if that’d help. Our team would be thankful for your help!


Any luck? I’m struggling too!

This sounds very strange, sadly I am not the expert in this area of expertise, so I cannot give you any advice on scripts and what-not but I hope you fix this error, as I have heard many complaints of similar sorts around the internet.

Can you post the crash log?