Unreal 4.26 Ocean Foam

So I have a beach landscape and the ocean water in the level and everything seems to be working fine, but for the love of god, I can not enable the foam. It just doesnt show up. In the videos I see, people have very tiny foam and they can change it, but for me it just isnt doing anything with the parameters. Am I missing something essantial? All I want is some simple ocean shore foam.

All help is appreciated.



Want the same!) Any examples, tutorials etc. Just a clue where to dig.

Me too. Up

This thing, how to do that? And also I see in the video that water has Velocity texture - any details on how to use that?

You have Generate Mesh Distance Fields enabled, right?

I presume so, if it’s not - I can probably enable it) Is it the first step to implement a foam to shores?

IIRC. the foam shader queries the global distance field, which needs to be enabled in your project settings. It is off by default, so that may be a significant part of the reason you’re having issues :slight_smile:

I have turned on the “Generate Mesh Distance Fields” and have checked the box under plugins “volumetrics”. nevertheless, no foam is visible, have I possibly forgotten something else?
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Same problem.

Hello new here and new to unreal engine.

Make sure “Enable Ocean Foam” is checked mark.

Under Global Scalar Parameter Values, find “Height Bias” to 1. The “Foam Macroscale” makes your foam small to big just like the below image.

It took me almost a week to find out what I was doing wrong, someone from this forum stated it was the foam height setting but never mention where the setting was. Hope you all get your foam working, now only if I can make the foam wave in and out of the beach shore.


i just tested it and yes it works but please watch this part in the video.

i think it should work a little differently. anyway a big thanks for the help!!

Where do we add fluid simulation to the stage? Frankly, I couldn’t find it​​​​​​​

I just watched the video (I’m just guessing, I hope I’m not saying anything wrong) but you can see that a new map is opened and the blueprint “BP_FluidSim_01” creates waves and foam, you can see it when it is simulated.
@bacaran the blueprint "“BP_FluidSim_01"” was already on the map, you can find the bp under the water content.

No foam(

So how could I guess what’s wrong? This water plugin is a huge thing without documentation( Any ideas? Mesh Distance field is enabled.

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Hey, thanks a lot for this. I could also enable this. The trick was to set Height Bias closer to 1.0.
Otherwise, none of the settings are useless & have no effect.

Also, play with the Foam Attachment value. It will move nicely with water waves.


Now, I managed to get the foam. But it’s all over the place. See below:
[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“data-tempid”:“temp_210456_1609347783239_756”,“title”:“Screenshot 2020-12-30 105257.png”}[/ATTACH]

Anyone knows a way to keep this only near the beach.

In Water Content folder there are example levels from the video, it includes this foam systems effect which are generates with blueprints and Rts as I checked, this is the same way I presume it should work for shores waves, but I can’t see it working on my side as I mentioned in previous post, anyone else have the same problem?

Oh cool. I will have a look at that.

Please, tell me how can I enable foam, how is in this section?

Did you check the content folder of Water plugin? Is foam works on your side in the test level? If it’s not - I presume we need somehow to ask for help of Unreal Team.