[UNPAID-ROYALTY] Looking for a team of Devs for new game

All good games start at the writing desk with a simple idea to make a fun and enjoyable game for Gamers to enjoy, you first think of the style of game and then the audience you want to push that too, then the rest comes along while in the journey of your thoughts.

I myself have been a gamer for over 15 years, the past 12 months I have been thoroughly enjoying FiveM, a modded GTA5 platform used for Roleplaying, a few issues this has is it was never a game rockstar intended on becoming a massive hit in the private development section so the game has its downfalls when creating a server due to it being set up as a multiplayer game in singleplayer mode which brought in Onesync to try keep everything the same for all players and can have some crappy effects after awhile.

FiveM has a large player base with some servers reaching the thousands of active members on a day to day basis.

I would like to propose a new game Specifically targeting the Roleplayers with the ability to handle multiplayer functions better then FiveM, the server I currently play on makes 20k a month minimum and can only handle a player base of 180 at any given time but has sync issues and lag issues for several reasons, I have a solid idea on the way the game should be layed out and what functions will be available in game.

I myself am currently self teaching how to use unreal Engine but have a basic understanding on map editing and slowly progressing I would like to get a few experienced Devs on board that would like to be part of a project that I can guarantee when released will become a massive hit.

Gta5 RP is out dated and its time to bring a new and improved Game Structure to the people.

Hi @BigBadWolf,

I admire your enthusiasm and entrepreneurial aspirations. Reminds me of myself in the early UE days. I’ve been recruiting for my Royalty Game Project for 3+ years, with little interest. During this time, i’ve been learning UE Blueprints to design network replicated procedural generation subsystems and acquiring Marketplace Assets to develop my game solo.

Now that I think I’m ready to put it all together, I realized my game concept is just too ambitious and i need to scale down significantly. I was warned about this ‘over ambitiousness’ many years ago, but I did not listen. I did learn a lot in the process but have lost my desire to create and overly ambitious game.

Although UE makes it a little easier to dive into game dev, it still takes a lot of work to game dev. I would highly recommend joining an existing team working on a similar project or scale yours down and get started on it solo.

@TechLord I appreciate the feedback, too be honest though I’m not fussed if this takes me 5 years + to do, there is a massive market for roleplaying games and unfortunately there is no next gen games that provide that, GTA 5 is the only one that comes close to and that’s over 8 years old and FiveM Network doesn’t have the stability for online multiplayer that GTA 5 does. im sure people will get on board overtime either by seeing the potential this game would have or being interested in bringing this kinda game to life

Well, since I cannot talk you down to something smaller in scale. haha. when you ready to start? Lets Discord.

This is the reason why I started learning UE4 a few weeks ago. I have this ambition to create a game dedicated to RP players. Create assets and features dedicated to players that want to seriously RP. Unfortunately, I am no near experienced to even attempt to join a project like that. I have a lot to learn and I am dedicated to doing so by practicing a few hours every single day until I get to that point.

If you are not looking for experienced people and you are more patient with me to mentor, guide me and let me help you with the project then just reach out. I have been playing games for 21 years. I am a content creator for over 6 years and I decided that I want to step up my game and start a new chapter in my life which is game development.

I have a really good understanding of the GTA RP community, I created an entire channel that goes over specific features and functionalities in games, explaining and analyzing them but at the current stage of my life I cannot recreate them from scratch using an engine. I was just explaining to them how they work and how they can be improved.

I was considering learning LUA and start my own server since all of the assets are already there for you to use and then I found this post. Seriously, if you are truly serious about the project and you are ok with teaching along the way then trust me I am a stubborn person who is dedicated to learn the engine within a year.

Hey friends,

Since you’re self-teaching the Unreal documentation site is a terrific place to start. And there will soon be a learning section on the UE forums so you’ll definitely have a place to talk with other learners.

Hope this helps and good luck with your future projects! :slight_smile:

Am looking for someone to help me with my game what i want a rp vibe to it based on the uk there was a game out in 2002 called the getaway i want to try an replicate that in new graphics i have my template of the map an buildings though some plug in but thats about it there is still a long way for my project to start looking like a game

I know, i am boring, repeating same stuff forever.

But some advice, for all those great RPG or whatever big game idea ppl. :
First do tiny game, so you can see how much work is required for making even smallest game.
And by doing game i mean whole game, together with options, audio, working gui.
Then polishing it, fixing bugs testing. So whole road up to release ready game.

I am repeating this over and over, not to be sarcastic or “i told you so!”,
I am doing to to save You from losing potentially months or years.
Just do that tiny game first to have idea what it will take to do your real thing later.