[UNPAID/ROYALTY] LF C++/Blueprint lead designer

We are a small group of 4 people which has started developing a dark fantasy rpg’s demo.
We actually need a lead designer who will be able to take care of the main codes.

We don’t require lot of experience but we think it’s important never stop willing to learn and being determined.
For these reasons, if you don’t have any spare time to spend or you think you could easily lose your determination, please don’t contact us.

Our buisness plan is to start crowdfunding after the complete game release and give royalties to all the developers.
Since then, we can not pay anyone, even after the demo release.
If you are interested, contact me or write here below.

Discord: RealApo#9010

Hi there @Real_Apo l_apo I’m more interested in a Skill Trade. I program blueprints, specializing in Network Replicated Construction Systems. I design and develop my subsystems modularly for use in frameworks and multiple projects.

This is my game and I’m looking for custom 3D Art and Animators. If your team possess these skills, lets discord.

In regards to your business plan, a successful Crowdfund is not guaranteed, so that’s not a solid strategy to generate revenue. How will the game generate revenue and will a Royalty be issued?

Hi @TechLord,

At the moment we don’t require (and we don’t have) 3D art and animator roles. We have enough assets. The demo is not a “beta”, it will just be as a “showcase” of the game.
If we’ll see that people like gameplay and environment, then we’ll invest more. As we don’t require experienced people to join us we can not promise revenue.
Crowdfunding is not a guarantee, of course. For this reason the title is “Unpaid/Royalty”.

If you are still interested or if you just want any detail about the sharing royalty, contact me on Discord.