Unnatural Lighting on Trees

Hello, I am new to Unreal Engine and i have been trying to make a map with trees. When I use the tree from the Blueprint demo and build its lighting. The result is an ugly unnatural looking build.

How can I make the lighting look like how it does in the blueprint example map.



Add a sky light and make the ground bigger you need the bouncing light to hit it. There is no ground for it bounce. Also check the trees light map resolution set it to at least 512.
Try speed tree it 19 a month but amazing trees. If you are asking questions like this. I recommend just playing around make a simple game then at the end you can make it pretty.

yes, thank you for your answer. Though can you please explain it a little more. I added a sky light and increased the light map resolution to 512 and this was the result.

For getting a better shadow on the ground you will also have to increase the lightmap resolution of your landscape → e.g to 4 For the lighting: just take a look at the bp office and analyse it ^^

I changed the light map resolution for the terrain and tree to 200 and it came out as a realistic shadow.

although there are seems within it that i do not know how to fix.

So my remaining questions are,

  1. how do I eliminate the seems?

  2. If I, for example, change the light map resolution on the tree to 500, would
    the shadow appear less dark colored? or do I have to increase the light map resolution of the terrain to get that result?

PS: I do not want to check on the engine because it just took 30 minutes to build the lighting.

To get rid of the seams you’ll have to use a larger landscape. 61x61. To make the shadow less dark increase the sky light value. To get the shadow to be not black don’t use white. You should use a sun bright yellow color. All shadows in real life and in games are the opposite color of the light. So yellowish sun makes blueish shadows.

For faster build time just use preview lights quality.

ok, thanks for the advice, should prove real helpful.