Unloading a specific sublevel changes volumetric lightmaps

I’m using UE 4.27 and am a newbie with lighting. Unloading a specific sublevel changes volumetric lightmaps. I’ve been using lighting scenario levels to avoid this, but dealing with every case is too painful. Is there a good way to handle this?

With the specific sublevel

After unloading the specific sublevel

You can see that some VLM points disappeared after the sublevel was unloaded.

Shouldn’t the points be included in the persistent level or lighting scenario levels? Why do they disappear when the sublevel is unloaded?

Lighmass importance volume and post-process volumes were triple-checked, and they didn’t cause the lighting gaps.

Thanks for reading.

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I seem to have misunderstood that if I don’t have a lighting scenario, all VLMs will be placed in the persistent level. (If you think of a huge level, it doesn’t make sense, and each level has its own builtdata). I deleted all builtdata and created a lighting scenario level and built a lightmap with relevant sublevels visible. And it works without lighting gap.

Sometimes you may still see some lighting gaps when you unload a sublevel, even if you have combined all lightmap volumes into a single lighting scenario level. In this case, I was able to remove the gap by making sure the sublevel builtdata doesn’t exist and clearing the swarm cache. I’m not sure what I understand and am doing is the correct method to create lightmass volumes for level streaming. There may be tons of developers who have experienced the same case. I’d appreciate it if experienced developers would comment on whether I’m doing it the right way, and it would be helpful for other developers dealing with this kind of issue. Thanks.

There are still light mass gaps. I wonder how others have dealt with this. I have assigned a lighting scenario level to a group of sublevels. The assigned lighting scenario level is loaded when the player is in the specified group of sublevels. But when a particular sublevel in the group is unloaded, the light mass changes and creates a gap, even though the sublevel doesn’t have any builtdata. It seems that the existence of static mesh affects to the lightmass.
And one more thing, building the light map crashes after it’s done. I have to delete the builtdata file, which requires exiting the engine because the file is locked.
Things like this make me really respect those who work with lightmaps in UE4. How come there are almost no posts about the lightmass gap (I found one), and there is no answer? What am I doing wrong?