Unlit skybox get lit and lose its material


My problem is i want to make a simple skydome that i made easily in UDK, but now in UE4 it just bugged/not working just like many other things. Material is unlit, static mesh don’t receive shadows and cast shadows and somehow it still has shadows and my material is gone…

Any idea?

Hello Ashkandi,

Would you mind showing me your material set up for the sky as well as how you have it placed in your scene. Things are a bit different from UDK when setting up your sky material.


I had same problem. I unchecked ‘cast shadow’ under material assignment in static mesh properties then got fixed. Isn’t this a bug that ‘cast shadow’ flag is not ignored?

Unfortunately I need more information in order to determine whether this is a bug or not. In his picture he actually has a ‘Skylight’ that can also cast shadows, so I would need some further context as to his set up.