Unlit material that casts shadows

My character has an unlit material on him, and so far that’s worked great, but now I want to have him cast a shadow. I would simply change the material from unlit to lit, but the problem is that this character doesn’t have any normal maps, and isn’t very smooth naturally, so when full lighting is turned on, he has a lot of edges clearly visible. Is there any way to make a material seem to be unlit, but still cast a shadow?


You can try to do fake unlit material based on lit material.

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Unlit materials by definition do not interact with light, so they don’t cast shadows. However you can usually get what you want by using a lit material, setting BaseColor and Specular to 0, then just keep your EmissiveColor input.

I got the same problem: unlit material cast shadow and second method odesn’t work aswell. I am using 4.16.1

You freaking genius. I have no idea why your comment wasn’t marked as an answer. FYI if you have custom ground textures that are also unlit. You will need to make the texture Base Color and Emissive Color for shadows to show up.

You GENIOUS! I’m pretty new to UE4 materials (and materials in general) and I had NO IDEA you could do something like that. It still is not perfect but from there I can have the effect I looked after for A MONTH. Thank you SO MUCH!

i looked for 2 or 3 days XD very simple and so helpful