Unlit Foliage Material dark compared to instance static mesh or static mesh

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on a small mobile game at the minute. As a test for performance, I’ve created some an unlit stylised grass material. I tried using the foliage tool to place the stylised grass in the world since it allows you to easily paint and change a number of properties on the fly (random scale in range of the size, density, brush radius). I noticed straight away however that the material appeared to be very dark, almost completely black. I had already tried rendering the grass mesh/material on a hierarchical instance static mesh and it displayed as expected. I’ve gone through the properties of the foliage static mesh asset to make sure anything related to casting shadows is disabled.

I’m not really planning in using lighting in this project (at least not for the time being), so there are no lights in the scene, considering all the materials are set to unlit, I wouldn’t have expected lack of lighting to be an issue. Is there something I’m missing or is this a bug?

Comparison of material on actor types:

Material settings:

Foliage Settings:

Project Rendering Settings: