Unlit Flipbook

My problem is that I cannot remove the lightning effect from my 2D game.

I have a paper2d Character, and am using paper2d Flipbook to render its animation. The problem, is that in-game lightning makes the model much brighter than original image.

Original (Desired) Image:


As I understand I need to set these Flipbooks “Unlit”? But please explain me, how can I do that?

I only found Unlit option in Materials, but I am not using materials, my current Flow of creating a Character is:

  1. Import File.paper2dsprites which consists of sprites of the animation.
  2. Create Flipbook(s) with animations
  3. Create paper2d Character and select the desired Flipbook to be used.

At which step do I need to plug-in Materials, and how? Or can I set my Characters Unlit without the Materials step?


It appears the default MaskedUnlitSpriteMaterial in Flipbook already uses Unlit method. Then I am lost, what is the cause and solution to my issue?

Can you try to change to another material and then changing back? Also check the sprites itself to see which materials they are using.

I have changed the Floor Material to Unlit and it solved the problem. Looks like the cause was not in the Character but Floor reflecting light, while Character lying directly on the floor and getting exposed from surrounded bright floor tiles.