Universal/Uniform/Even Lighting Solution?

Hey everyone.

This is a topic I’ve been researching for about 3 weeks now to no avail. Here’s what I got so far.

What I need:
The ability to transition from a darkly lit room to a room with uniform lighting and then back to normal again. If you need a reason for this, pretend it’s a dream with lighted rooms that have no source and cast no shadows. Pictures might give you a better idea.


Uniformly lit room (obvious problem is ceiling not matching)

What the universal lit room should roughly look like when done (except slightly more white):

What I’ve tried:

-Making the materials/meshes unlit and cast no shadows. Unfortunately this makes it so you lose the depth of normal mapping and reflections.

-Making light sources (sun/directional light) cast no shadows. Still casts shadows on the character meshes. See below:

-Skylight and Level streaming. Single light in level 1 leading to elevator, then transition through an elevator (level 2) which unloads level 1 and loads into level 3, which has uniform lighting using skylight. The issue is that skylight has weird things happen, especially on interior ceilings. See below:

-Making the materials emissive with no light sources but the issue then is I also have to make the character have emissive materials, which going from the dark room at the start, you’re basically a light bulb.

-These are BSP brushes. I’ve tried replacing the ceiling with regular meshes to see if that was the issue. It wasn’t.

-One idea I haven’t attempted yet was to try the Emissive method again but make the player character’s material a dynamic instance so I can transition from diffuse to emissive. But with that, I will literally have to make every single material emissive. This complex is going to be pretty big, so I’d like a more universal solution. I wish there was more documentation on the game Antichamber, their lighting solution was pretty cool.

-I fiddled with the atmosphere color/indirect lighting colors as well thinking that was the problem. Didn’t seem to help, though.

I’m probably making this way more complicated than it needs to be. Will love to hear what you folks come up with, as all the forums, videos, and threads I’ve read so far don’t have the solution I’m looking for.


Actually while we’re here, one more thing in relation to lighting. Does anyone know why light bleeds through the edge of this blueprint elevator door? It’s in a streaming level of it’s own.

Everything is set to movable and lighting was built independently between the start room and elevator.
The frame is just the door frame from the starter content. The doors have thickness. Light map issue?

EDIT: Figured out the light bleed through problem. Door wasn’t thick enough.

Any help is appreciated!

Uncheck the Lower Hemisphere is Black on Skylight, that should light up the ceiling equally as the floor. Also set a flat white image into your skylight so you’ll get uniformly lit environment. Currently it’s capturing the scene and doing a top down projection with lower hemisphere being black that’s why you have shadowed areas on your character.

Thanks I’ll give that a shot!

So the Lower Hemisphere Is Black option fixed some of the weirdness going on, but what did you mean by set a flat white image into my skylight?

You mean switch captured scene to cubemap and set that white?

Yes. Create a small texture like 128x128 and make it completely white. Then save it as .hdr and import, then load it in the Skylight.

That seemed to work for the most part, thanks for that. Still kind of odd though that I still need to have a different floor and wall/ceiling materials.

Still though, I can work with that. Just more of a curiosity than anything at this point.

Again, thanks for your help.