Unity to UE4 scene converter

update 2019/04/02:

Hello there.

This is not april fools, but the tool has been updated and is currently available at github under BSD license and free of charge.

Have fun.

Original message (March of 2016):

I wrote a tool for converting unity engine scene to unreal 4 scene.
It imports materials, meshes, etc.


The tool is not currently available anywhere, I’m contemplating selling that on either asset store if there’s some interest…

The clip is 30 minutes long, so feel free to skip ahead. Texture importing took forever while I was capturing the video.


Same question as Franktech, does the tool make the conversion from UE4 to Unity?
Thanks :wink:

Unofortunately, currently it is one way only.

I should be able to make another plugin for migrating content backward (meaning from UE4 to Unity), but that’ll be a bit more complicated, because I’d need to generate surface shader from UE4 nodes if I wanna do it properly.

This one can build UE4 material from unity standard shader settings.

Here’s example of auto generated material that has multiple textures:

This is super interesting :slight_smile:

Original video got deleted by youtube due to “failed processing” error. Thanks, youtube.

Video reuploaded.

Moral of the story: never upload avi to youtube, remux to mp4.

you probably will earn big money with it, or even can get a nice dev grant from Epic (if you apply)…

I bought hundreds Unity models assets and a quick way to convert them is very useful and welcome.
I hope to see him soon on some market,
Good job

How can I use this?

More info about getting the converter would be great.

hi, are you releasing the converter anot?

i need to port my game scene from unity to Unreal… i really do not want to rebuild the entire scene…

This would certainly be useful for using Probuilder.

Looks nice! You should really put it up on Gumroad or something.

Any progress with your wonderful plugin?

When will you release this plugin?

Any updates on this converter?! i would really need such a converter! Plzz??!!

Hey man,

Is there an update on this plug-in. Looks awesome =)

@NegInfinity yeah this looks very interesting indeed - see your thread over in the Unity forums too. I hope you are still planning on making it available.

I found the scene converter but I can’t successfully rebuild the json plugin for 4.16.3, anyone want to help?
I don’t know anything about c++ other than installing visual studio for compiling in ue4.

Here’s complete links,Negative Infinity – utilities
I think the unity export plugin still works but just trying to get the ue4 side of it to work.

Unity does have a FBX exporter now that lets you export entire scene hierarchy. I just tested it and it does work but the all the scene pivots are grouped as one location in order to keep object position. And instanced objects don’t get any material applied. So it’s better than nothing but neginfinity’s plugin would work even better.

I’m also very interested in this, but I can’t get it to run. Also not in the 4.12.5 version of UE as mentioned in the readme.

Well Unity’s free fbx exporter is being improved everyday, and they claimed to have fixed the issues I had. And there’s other plugin’s for unity in the store that also work.

When will this be on the marketplace?