Unity to UE4 scene converter

When will this be on the marketplace?

Hello! Where can I download or purchase a plugin ****[PLUGIN]](Search results for '' - Unreal Engine Forums) Unity to UE4 scene converter?

Hey, I made an Unreal to Unity scene converter ! It’s not perfect but it should be enough for less complex projects : Unreal to Unity Exporter

Does it support exporting from Unity to Unreal, too? That would be most helpful!

Nope as there’s others that tackled that :slight_smile:

Really? Must have missed it. Do you have a link to it?

update 2019/04/02:

Hello there.

This is not april fools, but the tool has been updated and is currently available at github under BSD license and free of charge.

Have fun.

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Has any one got this to work

Can you update tht to new versions? I have a lot of unity scenes but I cant get these to ue4.

That`s some very lit stuff, keep that up!