Uniform lighting in unreal engine

It might be the case that the post-processing settings are affecting each shot with auto-exposure. You can check it by placing a Post Process volume in the scene, setting it to be “unbound” and setting “min exposure” and “max exposure” to the same value. That way, the shots will all have the same exposure.

Hi all,

I am beginner in Unreal engine. I am trying to capture some images from unreal engine which I stitch to create a cubemap. The captured images from different camera at different orientations are quite different. It seems, they have different lighting property. See figure below to understand what I mean.

How would I remove such effects? If more details are required, I can provide.

A few things you can do:

  1. Don’t use sky atmosphere, because you want things under control. So just have directional and skylight.

  2. No fog, maybe?

  3. Crossfade the images in photoshop.

^ this. It’s probably best to disable or lock all the default Post Processing options, don’t forget bloom as well.

Hi, any reason why you don’t just capture a cubemap in UE directly? 1.6 - Scene Capture Cube | Unreal Engine Documentation

Or that, of course ( hey, busy day… )

Thank you everyone. I used unbound" and setting “min exposure” and “max exposure” to 1.0, with no fog, and bloom disabled. This solved the problem

Thank you for your suggestions. I am actually trying to capture sequence of cubemap, is that still possible using reflections?