Underwater PP + Surface WPO?

I’m wondering if there’s a proper way to go about having an underwater post process effect that is activated accurately to when the player’s head is under water, when the water surface is being affected by WPO for waves and such? Up until this point I’ve just clamped how intense the WPO on the Z axis has been and kept a PP volume just below the surface, but that’s more of a bandaid than a real fix in the sense that I can’t have intense ocean waves if I wanted them, and if I move into the water slowly, I can easily see the material being pushed up by the WPO before my player overlaps the PP volume, triggering the underwater visuals.

Anyone have any ideas?

You need to perform the same water wave shader math inside of your post process material. Instead of evaluating worldposition, you need to perform all of the math from a single point, the camera position.

If you are not currently, you should switch to using WorldPosition as the basis for all of your waves so that the camera position will automatically have 1:1 mapping.

Use an unbound post process volume, and plug your wave math where the Water level param is in this.